Well if you’re reading this, I think it is safe to assume you are either in the market for a new roof or your friday night isn’t exactly as exciting as you had hoped. Either way you can brace yourself for a very informative read. At Hickory Creek Construction Inc. we are here to provide the great Americans of Southeastern Wisconsin not only a great finished product but also the knowledge and piece of mind to know they made the right choice of contractor. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “are they talking about me? Am I the great American they speak of?” To that we say, of course you are!! With that being said, let’s dive into the details a little more. 

When I say you are who we are looking for you might say well my roof is brand new, I don’t need your services right now, and that’s perfectly OK! Instead of us giving you a great new roof you can let your friends know that when they need a roof you know a guy! Nothing will bring two people together faster than being able to refer an honest, quality, dependable contractor. All jokes aside, in today’s day and age, you never really know who the guy (or gal) is that’s pulling into your driveway, so being able to have a reference of a trustworthy contractor is one heck of a bargaining chip! All of that to say, we would love your business if you’re in the market for a new roof, a repair on your existing roof, or even just an honest assessment of how much life your roof still has left. So if you’re anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact us page or simply give us a call! We would be more than happy to give a free, timely estimate, or help you and any of your friends and family solve all of your roofing questions or issues. 

Now if you’re like the majority of homeowners you probably look up at your roof and think to yourself, “yep I’ve definitely got a roof up there”, all while thinking, “how the heck do I know if its good, bad or ugly?”. That’s where this little paragraph you’re reading can come in handy. Roofs are a fairly straight forward part of the home when it comes to judging wear and tear. One of the first signs that you need to consider calling us would be missing shingles. If you look up and see a shingle that has either blown off or simply cracked off due to age and sun damage it’s a good time to consider getting quotes. Missing shingles can be caused by a couple different things one being high winds, another being animal damage, old age can also cause shingles to fall off. The good news is if you are only missing one or two shingles there’s a good chance your roof won’t begin leaking immediately, due to the way roofs are put down there is a small amount of a redundancy factor built into them, that way one or two small things won’t cause a catastrophic failure. However, if left for months or years water will begin to work its way into and under the exposed nails and seams which will in time cause your roof to go from a simple fix to a major undertaking. All of this can be avoided by filling out the contact us page or simply giving us a call!

I’m sure if you’re still reading this that you’re getting serious about this whole roofing thing and are beginning to think, “ok these guys seem ok but how can I really know if they are going to be the best option?”. Well let’s try to set your mind at ease with a few snippets of how we feel we’re your very best option! Right off the bat it will be good to know that we will beat any competitors price. There is obviously a catch with this offer and it is that the competitors have to be offering a comparable product. If they are grabbing the cheapest lowest line brand of shingles from the good ol’ Home-cheapo we won’t be able to compete with their prices but we will be more than happy to redo the roof once those shingles fail in 5-6 years! Another reason why you can have peace of mind with us is, we offer extended roof warranties with every roof we do! This warranty will give you peace of mind for years to come! Another way we can be the best company to serve you is (please read this next line  in your best car salesman’s voice) we offer financing as low as 0% to qualified buyers! Roofs can be an unexpected expense so having the option to finance can bring a little sigh of relief to the budget. I’m going to take a moment to break up this paragraph and mention that this has been one of the hardest to write.

The reason being is we don’t like to sit back and toot our horn telling you how great we are. Typically we like to let our work and service speak for itself but this is our attempt to reach out to those of you who don’t know anyone that we have had the pleasure of working with. Now that you know some of our inner feelings lets get back to business. While we have no doubt in our minds that the roof you receive will be the best possible we are aware how wonderful peace of mind is when working with a new contractor. We have teamed up with the shingle manufacture Owens Corning and as a preferred installer for them we can offer warranties that not only cover the shingles themselves but they also cover our work. What I’m getting at is, lets say your worst nightmare comes true and we do a terrible job, the roof leaks, shingles are installed upside down we forgot to nail half of them and on top of it all we’re going out of business. (this scenario would never happen but just play along for a minute.) Owens Corning has vetted us thoroughly and backs us 100% so if the event laid out in the last line comes to fruition, Owens Corning will fix everything at no cost to you. Now that’s peace of mind if I’ve ever heard of it. You can hire us with absolute certainty that the job will be done right the first time and if it’s not then it will be taken care of by one of the largest shingle manufacturers in the nation.