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Creek nation, what is going on and by Creek nation I am more specifically talking to the thrive time employees because you guys are never going to read this and slash or listen to it. Maybe not. Whatever. Hey, so today is a great day. It’s a great day. Victoria, kick the butt and she got us the new key so we’re not going to be spitting fire with no purpose. Our new keyword is Milwaukee, milwaukee, homebuilders. We are now going to be mentioning Milwaukee Home Builder and awkward point throughout this podcast and have nothing to do with what I’m talking about just so that we can optimize for Milwaukee Home Builder. Okay. And hopefully you don’t get sick in here at Milwaukee. Homebuilders real fast because she said it’s going to be hard to get to the top, so I’m going to be spitting fire on the daily


mostly a long time. So buckle up buttercup. You’re in for a long haul.

Here we go. Today on the Hickory Creek podcast, not only are we going to be mentioning Milwaukee Home Builder, that awkward point because I don’t really know how to swing that into a podcast. On a non weird way, we’re going to be talking about continuing to talk about rather what we talked about Alaska context and I’m actually going to pause this podcast, go back and listen to what I talked about. A lot of podcasts, which is like less than 12 hours ago because I have no idea what I talked about. Sit tight. I’m going to. I’m going to check that out real quick. All right. I’m back with a vengeance. We got this figured out. We ended the last podcast talking about a bird, like a northerner. Say about a well, more so Canada. I don’t know like that. He said, Oh, maybe I do have given me a interesting edge on the competition. I can talk like Canadian. Cool. Let’s, uh, let’s get back into this. So what I was talking about is not only tile floors in your bathroom, but highly baseboard. Okay. Like I said, I’m a carpenter. I love would probably more than most people should. I, uh, I dislike it a lot, but I being a carpenter would not put real wood on a bathroom floor or for baseboard trim. The only place

that I will put wood in a bathroom is the door to get in the bathroom and the cabinet in the bathroom. Okay. Or cabinet, if, uh, if you’ve got a nice big bathroom and you can have the space, but I love wood more than anybody that probably you will ever meet and I won’t put it in my bathroom and here’s why it works and it looks like crap. Okay. We have tried everything that we can do to get the one to hold up in a bathroom because I used to argue and tell people that you need to put more wood everywhere, but I can no longer do that with a clean conscience. Okay. So what I recommend to everybody, and I mean everybody that we do a bathroom model, this includes times where I am merely a subcontractor on the job. I always try to sway people away from wood in a bathroom. Did you call it my personal mission? You could call it my life goal. Do you call it whatever you want. I hate what trim in bathrooms. It never holds up. It never looks good. After about like 30 days of taking showers and getting moist and damp and wet and stuff, so just avoid that scenario altogether

and just put tile, baseboard and baby. You can match it to the floor. You can go with that fake barn barn boards looking stuff. You can go. How did you go with subway tile? You could even do like a week ago with tablets halfway up the wall. That personally my opinion is the best bet because then you’ve got protection from the water like three or four feet up the wall. Water is your worst nightmare. We live in the north so we don’t have termite problem, at least as far as I know from what I’ve read. I can’t survive the winter so they don’t tell them this far north. I don’t know that the fact, but that’s what I’ve been told by multiple people, so keep water away from your wood floors, drywall, everything you possibly can. Water is no good, but everybody just has to have water in their house. They want to take showers and flusher codes and stuff. I don’t understand it, but it seems to be catching on, so we’d have to do everything we can to prevent that from getting onto a surface that can be damaged by it. Tile on the surface will not be by water.

You may get dirty and if, if the water system there, eventually the water will soak through the grout lines because we’re out, if not actually waterproof, just like concrete. Concrete itself is not waterproof. Milwaukee Home Builder It is porous and over time it will absorb water soaked through. That’s why sometimes you can have. That is why you can have water seeping through those walls without there thing, a crack there, but there’s enough moisture for long enough it will soak through and grout and tile is no exception. So anywhere that water could pool temporarily or on a longer, more consistent basis, we call, no matter what you do, it’s just not good to have it touching water on a regular basis. So tile floors in bath, I wouldn’t even go as far as to say as kitchen because I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to replace the flooring in kitchen’s.

Um, you know, because their dishwasher sink leaks or the refrigerator leaked or the patio doors, so every time you come in from outside or whatever, it’s just not good and it’s not a popular opinion. Milwaukee Home Builder So I get a lot of pushback on it, but I don’t care. I just think it’s a bad decision to go with what anywhere there’s water. Hey, don’t forget we are optimizing for modelers. Milwaukee. I had to really think about that one. Some remodeling that Milwaukee out of habit or you could even just delete that if you want to do, but we’re optimizing for home builders. Milwaukee, hopefully I did that right. And all my keywords,

I’ll uh, I’ll have to re, uh, re look at the, Milwaukee Home Builder uh, the texture of Victoria. I’ll make sure on that. But basically we’re trying to optimize for something different now because I had a moment of epiphany and all that good stuff. All right. Back to what I was dwelling on and probably over emphasizing, but I tend not preached enough. Keep the wood out of the bathroom as much as possible. I don’t recommend going with any sort of other cabinets. If you go in there like a traditional look, go with a wood cabinet that’s going to be fine door, that’s going to be fine, which is around the door. That’s fine, but don’t go anywhere. Water is going to sit on it for call the base for too long on top of that tile. Can’t soak into the drywall and can’t get behind the tile by soaking through the ground. Milwaukee Home Builder

So just keep that. In my case you were thinking about it. Don’t put tile. Sorry. Wow. I almost sit the caustic and everything I just said don’t put base for your bathrooms if it’s not titled The story, Boom, done. That’s what I’m talking about. And uh, I am down with my 10 minutes on this podcast so I will be back for more fun after I replaced two front doors. Hopefully I’m not there till midnight, but I said I will be there until it’s done. It’s about 11:00 AM right now. And let’s go do this baby. Have a great day. Milwaukee Home Builder