Milwaukee Home Builder | Back With a Vengeance

Creek nation, we are back to back with a vengeance back from Birmingham or something like that. Bethlehem, you name it. We’ve been there, done that. So we’re here today talking about optimizing for Milwaukee Home Builder and uh, we’re going to be talking about the actual setting up floor tile now that we got the, um, the rock or the underlayment all laid out and nailed down too. I want to mention before we get too far is as you’re laying out your dirt rock, it might, you might have some mud that was up between the joints and that’s okay. I’m just want to take a putty knife, okay.

Or travel with some sort that’s smooth and just scrape is flat. Um, that way you don’t have a high spot when you’re going to set your title, so it makes you a smooth all those out right away. Um, another thing to take note of before we can start laying out or tile, you want to make sure that you met all your joints. And what that means is basically on any of the joints that are, um, what we would call the long edge. So if you’re using a three by five sheet on the five foot side, you want to take some mesh tape and you’ll basically want to tape that like a, like a drywall joint. I’m just put down what the tape stuff to the, uh, the direct itself because it’s usually got, um, you know, attack you side to it, peggy side down it, and then take like a six inch trial and I’m just my drive the over that scene because what happened is the manufacturer puts a, almost like a dimple in the edge of that, uh, that the board. So when you go to that way, it’ll bring it flush as a joint. So without the, without my taping those themes, you’re gonna end up with a, a low spot and you want to just make sure that you get those flush ahead of time and it prevents cracking is, it helps bring everything together as one continuous service. The other thing that you want to do is take on the, what we call the butt, the butt joints. Um, which would be the three foot side on the three by five sheet. It’s just take, um, you know, some mud again with a six inch trial and this trial over that theme as well. You don’t need tape on, on these zen for the fact that there’s typically a mesh that overhang on each end.

No from the board itself prevents you from needing to add any message to it. So that being said, just make sure you tape your joints is a crucial step. Milwaukee Home Builder You want to make sure that you don’t have any issues with tracking down the road. Lucky home builders. So that being said, once that’s dry and any of the dirt, you can obviously walk on right away because he has a on it to do with cold walking it out. I’m going to nail it down. What’s more or less prevented from moving around until it’s totally hard end and dry. So when you’re doing that, the tape and the butt joints, chances are you’ll be able to walk on it and a couple of hours. I’m still not going to hurt you. You’re just going to get sunset or mud on your, um, on your shoe. No big deal. Um, so that’d been said once that’s dry enough to walk on a, we can actually start laying out the tile floor and here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re doing this. Um, if you’re going with a tile that’s longer than it is wide, so rectangle, instead of a square, you wanted to determine which way you want it to run first. Um, so for instance, on a, a long, skinny bathroom, if we’re gone with a, like a wood plank tile, something that’s like four inches by 24 inches or anything of that nature, we will do the, uh,

going to the long side is going perpendicular to the long side of the bathroom. Milwaukee Home Builder And that’s, that sounds a little confusing. But basically what you’re going for is it’s gonna, you know, make the width of the bathroom feel wider because you use the life going side to side. If you put the towel is going a long way with the bathroom and just make the bathroom feel long and skinny. Don’t know why this happened, but I know it’s, it does kind of like the saying was a clothing that vertical stress or Fleming and horizontal stripes are fattening. It’s the same concept with tile. It just something with your, your mind is just playing tricks on you. Almost like an optical illusion. I don’t know why, why way? I just know it does. So we go with it. Um, and this is just a rule of thumb to if you decide that you hate it going that way, you go ahead and run it any which way you like, that’s just what we do and why we do it. No lucky homebuilders. So another thing to take into account and finding, I’m somewhat of a center for the room. This is less important for say, um, something that we’re doing. We got, well we call it a brick pattern, that, that has more than one offset. So essentially if you look at a brick house and you a look at the actual bricks that are used, it’s just the traditional style brick.

They just alternate back and forth, back and forth. That’s what we call a brick join. There’s different versions of this for tiles, there’s the Habsburg joint, which is your standard brick join. Milwaukee Home Builder There’s third brick joint, which is instead of going in half, you just go on third. So every sort of a tile that’s sort of the new, the new start of a tile is there’s also a fourth. Basically those are for a really long skinny tiles that you don’t want to just do a half and a little bit more of a random look to the floor, almost like a, like a true and Flores or you don’t just have set

offsets all over the place. Milwaukee Home Builder It depends on the person as the floors for everybody’s got their own preference. So figure what you or your customer likes best and go with that. That way you can’t be wrong. Um, the best, the best thing you can do though is make sure that you have a picture that you can show people or be a good drawer at a time because most people we found can’t visualize any, anything in terms of, you know, the cab into flooring or removing walls, that sort of stuff. So we found that to be able to just show them pictures and stuff because people can relate to pictures, they can’t always relate to ideas and that can make it really difficult unless you’ve got a, a trick like, like pictures and whatnot.

Milwaukee Home Builder the, uh, there’s another trick that you can do as well, um, in terms of helping people visualize and that is, um, you know, doing what we call it, doing on the, on the floor, basically setting the tile in, spacing it out the way that you’re recommending so that they can visually see it before you actually started setting or cutting anything. Um, it’s just a little tricks that we learned over the years that it also helps with laying out and making sure you’ve got the right dimensions and everything. Um, so always, always just try to do everything you can to give them the most accurate portrayal of what the finished product is going to be like before you. Can you even start that way. Everybody knows the expectations. Everybody knows what it’s going to look like when it’s done and nobody’s, nobody’s upset with the final product. Milwaukee Home Builder, um, because nobody, nobody like tearing out a Florida, they just said, I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely easier to tear out a brand new floor that hasn’t fully been in for years. It was installed properly. So there’s a whole bunch of different things. But anyways, that’s the gist of it. That’s how we go about doing a brick pattern and how we decide which way it’s going to go.