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What up Joe, at this point, the guy of wonder what your client think it is by allowing me into your radio, into your headphone, in your mind, like maybe you’ve got a track record of just making more life stories and maybe I have just one more of those along your daily routine that hope dot. I know our listeners are smart and I know our listeners are binded, price driven, service driven individual, what they’re thinking. Even applied for real quiet, but once in awhile I don’t know who that was from, but I gotta imagine somebody like Bob Marley or you know, that guy that that’s pretty inspirational lyrical. Anyway, let’s get this party started. Okay, let’s get back into industry inside site that we’re going to help you roll your construction company. Okay.

You know, there’s a credit card for the world that are just wizard of the business industry as a whole. And then there’s us, uh, you know, type of guys that are kind of taken a sloppy seconds. I have to focus on one core business meeting construction and contracts contracting. Well, his oversized cranium can wrap his head around the complex systems needed to build every different type of business. Okay. Don’t know if you got all that. Clay Clark, he is a master of building business system that can be used in every single industry with the exception of petting zoos. I’m going to find him a petting zoo to work with just so that we can prove that it’s been in every industry, but until then, that’s the only industry that hasn’t been verified to work at. Milwaukee Home Builder I am giving you insights that will probably only work in construction. Maybe they’ll work and other other industries. I just don’t know that for sure and I haven’t proven it. So let’s just say you know, what happens when you assume and I don’t want to assume that these systems will work in those industries. So we’re just going to work off the premise that this is just a construction specific podcast. Now that we’re getting into this deeper, um,

the cricket sound. I’m gonna. I’m gonna work on that so we can kind of put that in here right now for the know while we’re waiting for keywords. Because I do not have keywords and hopefully all this podcasting and rambling and notable quotable bullying and all this just insanely useful knowledge that I’m stealing out of my cranium Milwaukee Home Builder

isn’t for not and hopefully it has a purpose and hopefully that purpose has not caused you guys thrive. More specifically math, a guy that I affectionately referred to as golf ball. Hopefully it is not going to cause you people too much extra work and if it does licenseor apologies and I owe you dinner next time I come to the thrive conference. Anyways, now that we’ve wasted four minutes of recording, let’s get into this.

So this is going to be kind of piggybacking on our last topic, which was picking the right floors and you know what? Come to think of it. I never really got into fixing or my floors. I just got off on a tangent. So screw this piggybacking thing. Let’s get back into picking the right floor is okay. Here is why you want to pick the right floor. Pricing aside, we want to make sure that we get the right floor for the right application. You know, some people say, I don’t care why you say I want carpet in my bathroom and I say I don’t want to work on your house because that’s going to reflect poorly on my business. Milwaukee Home Builder You know, I don’t know if it’s a thing down in Oklahoma, but up here in Wisconsin it was a boom, let’s call it in the seventies and the eighties to carpet your bathroom. You, I don’t necessarily have any moral, no, no objections to this boat. You know,

I don’t know what the proper word is for big word, word thing myself feels. But let me tell you that I do have some hype called he’ll hygiene issues with it. Um, you know, I don’t know if you know this, but every guy has perfect aim when he’s to relieve his bladder of especially not in the morning. You do not want the residue getting into your carpet because that’s just gross. My man Milwaukee Home Builder. I know, I know. So why did people carpet their bathrooms? It blows my mind and I have gagged on more than one occasion taking carpet out of bathrooms. It is disgusting. There is so much mold. So much stitch built into that that I have actually paid to have the carpets cleaned before we take them out because it is disgusting. So why would you want carpet in your bathroom?

That being said, I would not recommend putting wood floors in your bathroom either. No. I get some pushback on this because some people just love the look of wood floors. Well, let me tell you something would would move when it gets hot, when it gets cold, what moves when it absorbs moisture? What most would it releases? Milwaukee Home Builder Moisture and bathroom. Our tutorial for having moisture enough. I know that’s a mind blowing concept. Most people can grasp it. So what we’re doing here isn’t worried. Lightning. The public. Okay. I’m trying to get you to make good life choices because I know I can make for that myself. Okay. I have never made a poor life choice. Okay. Let’s just get that clear. But there are other people out there. Believe it or not, our prisons are filled with people and have made poor life choices and I can.

I can only imagine. Just hard to tell because they’re in prison, but I would imagine that those people are probably the same people that will put carpet in their bathroom. I can’t say for sure. I don’t know. Can’t put words in her mouth. I don’t really care to be totally honest with you, but we don’t want to put what floors the bathrooms either and here’s why. Toilets. Milwaukee Home Builder I know I just lose some of your mind that I offended a lot of plumbers because there has never been a leaky toilet installed. Never. And I know countless remodelers that would disagree with this because way too often we have to cut up the sub floor, the floor underneath your hardwood floor. The floor that actually supports your toilet. Didn’t meant to cut it out. Patch new stuff in because it’s so long that it brought it out. Okay. No, this is not good people. You do not want product floor under your toilet and an older kid is going to happen with title. You got more of a barrier. Tiles, not gonna rock. Okay. Raj, is there the possibility of it more? That baby is going to hold the moisture on the bottom of your toilet. Twenty four slash seven. Three 65 is going to condensate. That is going to just wick moisture into the floor. The floor is going to absorb it, hold

it, and when untreated would hold moisture it. Boom. Now it’s Bob. I got to go. We’re going to keep. I’m going to do another podcast. Just need a little break from New People. Milwaukee Home Builder Yes, you people and I will be back shortly for another mindblowing concept. Maybe will offend some people in the process as well.