Milwaukee Home Builder | Bringing Recommendations

Alright Creek nation, we are back, it’s Kinda hot today so it doesn’t really have anything to do with what we’re going to talk about. Um, we’re going to talk about optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders and a, that’s not, that’s not even what we’re talking about, but that’s what we’re going to be doing here is optimizing for Milwaukee home builders. What we’re gonna be talking about how to properly set tile. Okay. Um, and then the previous episode we talked about getting the right title and are not necessarily getting the right but, but more a picking what title you want because that’s gonna determine the materials you need to buy. Milwaukee Home Builder So once you actually have your title picked out, we can determine if we need a large format. Hi, Allison said or mud, we can terminate if we need glass. Um, Yup. Mud. Or if we need, if we need gray, there’s a whole whole bunch of different, you know, different types of thin set mortar. So knowing your, your actual title is going to be able to help us determine what mud and incessant yet. Okay. So that being said, talk to the supplier wherever you got your title from and ask them what the right motor is. If you are buying from a, like, say a home depot, menards, Lowe’s, or any of those, those, uh, options I would consult, um, you know, that the manufacturer’s website or if you could directly call them, that would be good too.

Um, unfortunately at, at home depot there in those other suppliers, there are a lot of trainees that are anxious to make a difference, um, and don’t necessarily know when to always ask someone a little bit higher up. Um, and you know, Milwaukee Home Builder there, there is a lot of, of great and very knowledgeable people that work at home depot, but it’s not always guaranteed that you’re going to get one of those.

So I would, I would not recommend taking the advice of a new hire or somebody young. I’m probably going to get a lot of pushback and hate on this, but don’t, don’t take the word of somebody that’s May or may not look like they know what they’re talking about. Like if there’s a, a 20 year old girl working there and she tells you which the tissues she may be, you know, grew up in a house where her dad is a, you know, sets tile for a living our work, you know, maybe she knows more about tile and send setting than, Milwaukee Home Builder than most contractors out there. But the fact of the matter is they’re far more likely that she’s working there to get through college or something of that sort. So nothing against the, uh, the females that worked or young females that work there. Um, but I’m just going off of a likelihood of, of knowledge.

Um, and same thing actually goes for, you know, young guys. I know when I worked at home depot is one of the few people that actually had trade experience. Um, and I was working there because the trace, you know, there wasn’t a whole lot of work going on so it was a good place for me to fit because I knew what I was doing, you know, in the trades aspect. But a lot of the people I work with are just going off of the computer training that Home Depot gives you for recommendation. So I didn’t trust most of the people that are giving me advice unless they, um, you know, have some sort of, some sort of backing that they could point to like a Milwaukee Home Builder um, I was in the trades for this long, I’m or I’ve been working here this long or, or what have you.

They have to. They have to be able to give me reasons for why they’re suggesting a certain product. Milwaukee Home Builder and um, you know, maybe that’s a better way to say what I, what I previously said about asking a young female that works in that department. If they recommend something, ask them, you know, why they recommend that product over something else or what specifically makes that product good. Um, because I, you know, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I have a bias towards women are as sexist or if someone’s young, they don’t know what they’re talking about. I just know that people don’t always admit when they don’t know stuff. So that’s a, that was probably for wording on my part, but basically you want, you want them to tell you why it’s a good product and not just because the bank says so because the bags are not always right.

You know, if the manufacturer recommends it and it’ll be good on the, on the, the bank, chances are it will be good, but the product that you’re installing might not always be on the bag. And that might be because the manufacturer doesn’t recommend you to use the two materials together or it might just because it’s got missed, you know. Milwaukee Home Builder So if you’re looking for a specific install product or what have you, and it doesn’t, they don’t have, um, you know, let’s say you’re setting ceramic in the bag doesn’t specifically say, that doesn’t mean you can’t use set ceramic, it just means it’s not on the bag. So if you’re asking someone at home depot that doesn’t necessarily have tile setting experience, um, you know, they’re going to say, well, it’s not recommended for ceramics. It’s not on here because that’s what they’re taught. And it’s not necessarily wrong.

But knowing what I know, being in the trades, how long I have, a lot of times it’s gonna be great and might even be the best product for it, but it just wasn’t specifically designed for that. So it’s not what they’re pushing for that. Um, just just my two cents in and, you know, it doesn’t hurt to ask an industry professional to. I know, especially right now a lot of trades are so busy that they’ll be happy to recommend, you know, like tips and tricks on installing or stuff like that. Milwaukee Home Builder Even if they’re not going to do the job and that’s just because they, they’re good people and they want, they don’t want you to get a bad job and they don’t want you to get screwed over by a contract that doesn’t know what they’re doing. But also if you’re doing it yourself, it means you’re not going with their competition.

And then they. And then essentially, like since the day he gave you the recommendation and you know, in their minds and actually has proven with advertising that if I give you a recommendation on how to do something that you can do yourself, um, you know, something that I could easily charge you for, you’re going to be a lot more likely to come to me when there’s something that you can’t handle, you know, let’s say you’re telling a bathroom and I give you some recommendations on how to tile a bathroom. Um, you know, even though I could have just said no, this, let a professional do it, you know, that kind of builds like a more or less than a relationship between you and I. and then you know, let’s say you buy a house in the whole kitchen needs to be retitled. Milwaukee Home Builder You say, all right, I did the bathroom. Turned out okay, but I can’t handle this whole kitchen or I don’t have time or whatever the reason is. Okay. So now you’re probably going to call someone that you’ve built a relationship with because it’s not always easy to find good. Yeah.

Contractors. And it’s not always easy to find, um, what contractor that’s even gonna be able to do your work. So if you’ve already got a relationship with me, the contractor and I helped you in the past and there was nothing for me to gain the authority, you know, like a deposit in the trust bank, we call it basically, you know, Milwaukee Home Builder I’m trustworthy because I helped you when there was nothing in it for me. Um, and that’s actually proven by research. So I would say, uh, definitely a definitely good to go with a contractor as a contractor. Um, what you can do or if they’re willing to give you some pointers on, on, on a product or project you’re looking to work on. No Aki homebuilders. And so that being said,

just call around, we’re thing they can say is no. Um, I can tell you that most times they’re not going to go out of their way to, to lead you in the wrong direction. I would like to hope so anyways. But either way, if you get ahold of three or four different contractors and they give you similar advice, you know, it’s probably good advice, but if there’s one in there that gives you advice that’s completely different than the other ones, chances are it’s bad advice or not necessarily a route you want to take because there’s multiple different ways to always tell, you know, set tile. But there’s a, I don’t know what the right wording is, Milwaukee Home Builder but basically by and large contractors agree on the basic principles of setting tile they know you want to use since that and, you know, some sort of dirt rock underlayment and a travel. Okay, now somebody is telling you to use a butter knife or a kitchen specialist spread it. Okay? They, uh, they’re no longer credible. And that’s the type of stuff that I’m trying to get across Milwaukee homebuilders.