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Creek nation, I don’t really remember which today before in a podcast, but I feel like it was yesterday. It was either way. We are killing it on the podcast game and that is the name of the game, like podcast game. I, I guess, uh, I guess that would make sense. Right? So we are optimizing for Milwaukee Home Builder. I, uh, I checked it out, I wrote it down. We are in business.

I mean business. We mean business. Milwaukee Home Builder Business is business, especially when we are home builders. Shameless, perfect transition. So without further ado, let’s get into today’s topic. Today we’re going to be talking about taking care of your vendors. Subcontractor when you’re optimizing for Milwaukee builder. A big factor in becoming a major player in Milwaukee, home builders, dean, it’s going to be having good subcontractors and vendors and one of the keys to having good subcontractors and vendors is keeping those guys happy because with the way the economy is up here in Wisconsin right now, everybody has an over abundance of work. In order to get guys to work for you, you have to pay it on time. You have to pay a fast and easy to work with this right now, simply a paying higher than the next guy isn’t going to necessarily get you, um, subcontractors or vendors. Vendors, uh, doesn’t quite apply too much there because vendors can always, almost always accommodate more contractors, subcontractors, they can only do so much work, especially when they’re a small company. So when they’ve got more work than they can handle, here’s what they do. They pick the best builders that they work for and they go with those guys and then they tell everybody else to, you know, pound sand. So if you are a home, let’s just say maybe a Milwaukee home builders, you know, she got to make sure that you’re taking care of your subcontractors and your pain, um, as fast as possible and that you’re easy to work with.

Here’s why that matters. Most small business owners in the trade are not good at managing money for people. And how that applies to you is it, do you supply them with a lot of work? And the work is easy. They can afford to hire. So let’s just call them less competent people for lack of a better term, but basically it is there for them to hire because they don’t have to Babysit as much because they can stay with pretty good certainty how the job’s going to be running, that there’s not gonna be any surprises and less babysitting means more profit or probably have your contractors contractors be met at work and if you are the soul of the heavier set, Milwaukee Home Builder you’re going to get them to do the work. They’re going to do the work for you as opposed to some guy that doesn’t know how to ride, doesn’t pan and the paying on time is huge because us for 60, 9,120 days without pay. And that is, that can be detrimental to all business. You know, it’s not even always their fault. Sometimes they could do everything right, but if they’re out, you know, a few invoices, they can’t make payroll. If they can make payroll,

how are they supposed to have guys on site for them? Not, you know, managing the money properly, but at the same time, that’s not really your business. So have you paying quick, well a job site over somebody else’s name of the game. Know this is important because right now it is almost impossible to get guys to work on stuff. We’ve been trying so hard to find more trade in different different guys to do the work because a customer right now. So take care of yourself and I mean everything you can to keep those guys happy.

Further note, when they’re happy, they’re gonna. They’re gonna be a lot easier to deal with. I know for a fact that when I am waiting on a check from a, you know, if I’m doing some subcontract work, I’m a lot harder to deal with when the general contractor owes me a lot of money. Okay? I’m not going to be willing to jump onto a job site knowing that, hey, I might not get paid. So the name of the game when you’re a Milwaukee homebuilders is taking care of your guys. You know you’re, you’re subcontracts isn’t. Other great thing about this is that when you take care of them, they’re going to take better care of you. Which means taking better care of your customers and when they take better care of your customers, you get more customers and it’s just like this excellent cycle of prosperity that everybody’s just getting more money and more customers and more profits and it’s just a win, win, win, win.

You can’t lose in that scenario when everybody’s Milwaukee Home Builder happy and that’s not always easy to come by. When you’re a one, you’re a contractor. People are always mad at something and know it’s just a negative negative industry if you like it. So make sure you keep those guys happy and they’ll give you happy. No part of keeping the contract is happy to also knowing when to fire a crappy contractor. The reason I say this because every trade pretty much overlaps a different trade. So if you’ve got, let’s say a crappy

rough carpenter, well now you’re finished. Carpenters are going to be upset because they’ve got to try to deal with these crappy, a rough carpenters and try to make a finished work look good even though that they’re getting dealt, you know, a, a poor hand, either crooked walls or was it a way out of whack or something like that. You want to make sure that you’ve got good communication between the trade and a lot of times this, all this will also help you scheduling wise because they’re going to talk to each other and they’re going to figure out what works best for them. You know, making sure that they keep your job rolling and essentially they’ll get the job for you. Milwaukee Home Builder You won’t even ask to a schedule it just make sure that they tell you what they’ve come up with and boom, you’ve got a great system.

No, it’s not necessarily always great when they’re talking and you’re not slu because you might have scheduled something else for that time, but it’s better than them hating each other. I can guarantee you that I’m so happy. Trades can really, really make your life a lot easier. Um, so make sure that you don’t take that for granted him on time, have great communication, set the expectations ahead of time of what you’re looking for. That’s also a huge. Just do what you can to go out of your way to make those guys happy. End of story. That’s all you gotta do. Just put yourself in their shoes. And how would you like to be treated if you were that subcontractor working for and Milwaukee Home Builder See what I did there.

I’m a, I’m going to go ahead and try to make the next podcast a heck of a lot more exciting. This one guy kinda dull. I didn’t really prepare for it. So, uh, I apologize, but hopefully, um, Milwaukee Home Builder there’s not many errors when you’re editing this and a days where I’ve team I’ll do better on the next one.