Milwaukee Home Builder | Cleaning Up and Moving Along

Alright Creek nation, here we find ourselves in another exciting edition episode or recording, however you want to refer to it of this podcast, this podcast we are optimizing for Milwaukee home builders. Super exciting. Fun. Milwaukee Home Builder Alright, so previous episode we’re talking about essentially the process of setting tile and in what you need to go through and figure out before you can even get the tile and then where to buy the tile from. So what, uh, where we kinda left off was um, making sure that you know, the proper material to use and um, you know, kind of left off on asking contractors for tips to make sure that everything gets set correctly.

So that being said, now you kind of don’t know about that. Um, what do you want to do is get all the materials if you don’t have a very big vehicle or if you don’t have that much or if you have a lot, I would recommend getting it delivered. But if you, if you don’t have that much or if you have a truck, um, feel free to pick it up. It’s just tile and then set in mortar and all that is typically pretty heavy, so I always have it delivered just because of the convenience factor mostly. Anyways, Milwaukee Home Builder so one way or another get that stuff to your house and we’re going to essentially assume that we’re trialing a decent sized bathroom floor. Okay.

So what you want to do is determine what kind of underlayment you’re using. Um, I recommend either a schluter product for it was like a standard derogate and if we’re not bumping into any other types of floors, like if we’re not trying to match the height, it’s like say a wood floor or something of that sort. Um, or anything I will like, my default is always going to be quarter inch door rock. And the reason for that is the finished height with most products is three quarters of an inch. And for you know, carpet that works out perfect for most wood floors, that’s the perfect height as well. So we always just recommend the quarter inch rock unless we need to go thinner or thicker and it’s the best price as well.

So that’s what I recommend, especially if you’ve never done it, done it before, it’s pretty user friendly product. They have, um, you know, hardy backer to, that’s, that’s also a good product. It’s a little bit different, little bit different to work with, but still a good product if I’m usually more expensive, that’s the main reason why we don’t use it and haven’t used it on any, uh, major level. Milwaukee home builders, that’s the biggest reason just because it’s pricey. So if price doesn’t matter, um, by all means use it. But if price doesn’t matter, I would also suggest that excluder underlayment product, uh, instead of direct suitors, got the best system out there that we found in the most readily available. Um, you know, you can find it at a lot of local distributors. Um, Milwaukee Home Builder you know, I shouldn’t say you can find some of their products at local distributors, but usually to get everything you need to do an entire bathroom floor and shower if it requires special ordering. So just keep that in mind in terms of which product you go with it. If you’re going to go with Schluter, just make sure you plan it out ahead of time and find out, uh, a local supplier, Milwaukee homebuilders, and

to, uh, you know, further go over that. The shooter is usually the easiest to install as well. They’ve got a really user friendly installation procedure and they’ve got great information on our website. I highly recommend them. They’re just usually pricey in that with um, construction as much of a price price conscious. I’m industry and you’re always battling against the guy that’s been in your lower. I’m using a product like the rocket is going to be just as good in terms of durability and longevity. It’s just not going to be easy to install and it’s going to be a lot more messy. Milwaukee homebuilders. Um, so that being said, whatever product you decide, Milwaukee Home Builder they’re all going to require somewhat of a similar layout period or layout style. Basically, you’re going to want to do what we call dry fitting first and drive getting in. Basically, you, uh, you lay the entire floor, all of the underlayment out first without attaching it to anything mean no adhesive, no nails, no, no nothing. I’m basically just lay it all on the floor dry. Um, so that you can properly fit it ahead of time. We just found that this is the best route for us, especially when using direct, um, for a few reasons.

So if you’re, if you’re going that route, what we do with the Dura rock as we, as we drive for everything, um, lay it all down and then well, uh, pull it up one sheet at a time or maybe even one row at a time, depending on the size of the bathroom or kitchen, whatever we’re doing. That kind of determines how much will pull up at once. Um, but basically what we’ll do is pull it up a few pieces of rose, whatever at a time, making sure not to do too much and we’ll vacuum the area that it gets laid in and we’ll vacuum it really, really, really well because you want to make sure the floor is prepped. And I guess a step that I didn’t mention that it is very important is you want to make sure that you prep the floor ahead of time and we’ll in the floors means is you want to scrape up any, um, old glue, drywall, um, Chung high spots. You want to make sure if there’s a high, you grind it down or sand it down or whatever, Milwaukee Home Builder however you decide to get it flat, I’m going to make sure that everything’s essentially perfectly ready in flat for the tile, dereck and stuff. So in doing so you will also, you know, sweep up and I would recommend vacuuming up afterwards. That way when you go to do your Iraq, you’ve already gotten the bulk of all the dust and stuff and it won’t be as bad to clean up while you’re going along. I’m the more just to get up, the longer your floor’s gonna last and a better adhesion, you’re going to get Milwaukee homebuilders. So that being said,

what you’re going to want to do is get it all prepped and get it back in. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can get away with sweeping it really good, but I would not recommend, I would not recommend that, um, just because some rooms are better than others and you’re not always going to be able to get everything with a broom. So I would say go with a vacuum if at all possible Milwaukee homebuilders and once you do that then you can start laying out your, you know, drive bidding, your, your underlayment and one thing to do with as your dry fitting it is made sure that you start with something straight, Milwaukee Home Builder you know, snap a few lines or something of that sort to essentially make sure you’re laying it properly so you don’t end up putting it a little bit of an angle and having a weird cut to find a straight all and you know, pull some measurements and snap some lines. I’ve done more in depth tricks on how to lay stuff out in past episodes. So this doesn’t make much. Then we have, we have gone into greater depth in this, so just go ahead and search for those and they’ll help you out a little bit. Milwaukee homebuilders.