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Creek nation, I’m back, I know you, uh, anxiously awaiting the return of me at the return of just the insane amount of knowledge I have accrued sprayed that applies to almost nothing. Maybe just maybe you will find one itty bitty piece of it. Useful to apply it to your daily life. Okay. Maybe I don’t have a baby, but I gotta I gotta I gotta just bet my life on that. Maybe somebody got to hold that help. It’ll be me. I’m going to. I’m going to be that one that’s holding out that hope. Okay. So during the break, here’s what I did. Let me tell you what I did. Are you ready for this? What I did was I checked all forms of communication that I have with Ms Dot Victoria, the implement business coach. She is a phenomenal coach. She has worked wonders with my company already despite me being a part of the company.

Okay. So just take that into account and maybe take some burden, but I still don’t have that. So we are just spitting fire. We are on fire and I am just thrilled with knowledge, knowledge, bomb knowledge. Bomb. I mean is a good thing. We are only doing test bombs right now in the desert because if these were actually hitting someone in the forehead, their mind would explode. Okay, these are mind blowing content concepts and I take that back. They’re not. They are common sense concepts that nobody wants to say and nobody wants to actually implement as well. It takes effort and ever Kinda can get hard. Sometimes. Diligence is right up there in that category with effort. Well yeah, you know how that goes. You can wish in one hand and do something else and the other, you know like Philadelphia Cow Dung and see which one going gonna fill up faster. You know, there’s something to that there. A pretty big moral of that story. I don’t know it, but I heard some smarts. They have one, so we’re just going to court and all of that. Kay. Okay. So we’re back kind of like men in black. Back from space. Yeah. There’s that little dog or things that I couldn’t even think of. The next word is all you got was that little snippet, but I think you get the idea. We’re back, we’re about to blow some minds. Milwaukee Home Builder

Well, you know, in theory, if these were going to lay in the mind of somebody who cared and somebody who would implement it, it would blow their mind, chances are you’re going to be test bomb that nobody’s ever going to hear and slash or read and you know, it Kinda. Some people might be like, Hey Mike’s, it’s probably a waste of your time. You all that. Nobody’s ever going to read it. You’ve got all this amazing dish and nobody’s probably going to read it, and if they do, chances are they’re probably not going to go with you because you’re just talking in circles. And this guy named Chris would that would, he would call me and he would tell me that it is just wrong and clay scam and I would be like, Hey Chris Mckenzie guy. You know what I’m saying? Okay. Because Chris Mckenzie, he’s one of those guys that would carpet his bathroom. You see how I tied that in there? It was almost like it was intentional. Okay. It was kind of like a lucky draw, you know what I mean? I didn’t really have that planned out, but it just kinda worked out real good. Back to that blind squirrel finds a nut idea. Um, and yeah, so back to knowledge bombs dropping in the desert. Milwaukee Home Builder

Here we go. So

I don’t really know why people insist on having wood floors in their bathroom. Okay. I would, let me say this. I would definitely recommend putting wood floors in your bathroom over carpeting your bathroom. Okay, let’s just get that out there. I would highly recommend doing wood floors over carpeting, but also there’s always a. But everybody loves the bus. Who doesn’t like a good buck? Okay. So that being said, here’s the bus. The bus is. Well let’s just see how many times we can say but, but, but I just think I said, but 14 times in a row I didn’t quite keep track so it could have been. Laura could have been less, but there it is again. But I did say, but quite a bit. And here we are now lowering the intelligence of anybody who is listening and slash or Milwaukee Home Builder

reading this. Okay. So now that we have gotten over our obsession with the, but here’s what I’m saying, just because wood floors are better than carpet floors in a bathroom doesn’t mean they’re a good idea. Boom. I just blew someone’s mind and I probably upset quite a few people with that. Nobody wants to admit that. Everybody just loves to think of the world is rainbows and Unicorn part. But the fact of the matter is the world isn’t Unicorns and rainbows or. Well, shoot, you get the picture. You know what I was trying to say, don’t judge me. This isn’t as easy as it looks. I just make it look easy or maybe I don’t. I don’t know either way. Uh, it can be hard sometimes. Okay. Especially when you don’t have a specific keyword you’re working with either way. Here we are the but is wood floors are definitely not my top choice to put in a bathroom. Boom, end of story. Okay. I would advise someone if they are going to do a new floor in their bathroom to go with tile, ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, any sort of tile stone, anything of that nature. Long before going with wood. Okay. Kyle does not rot. Weird. Okay. Concept mind blown. Right? You know those, uh, all that cool stuff. I’m over in Italy, Rome, that sort of stuff. You know, those things made out of marble. Okay. Had it not been for earthquakes, those bad boys would still be up and Milwaukee Home Builder

in one piece. Okay. Well, I mean I guess that doesn’t account for, you know, maybe something like world war are people that might want to destroy it. Whatever. Either way you can still see the remnants of structures built hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Okay. If there’s any wood that was used in that, um, let me tell you, it’s no longer there. Alright. What wasn’t taken away and cleaned up after the earthquakes that destroyed it wouldn’t be long rotted by now. Milwaukee Home Builder Okay.

Kind of a weird concept. Not many people liked to come to terms with, but wood floors in a bathroom are a bad idea. Okay. They’re just gonna inhibit mold and moving and they are never going to look as good as they did the first day they were installed. I know nobody wants to hear that, but it’s the fact of the matter is, and I am willing to throw out the inconvenient truth. Okay, so now let’s say you’ve got a bathroom and you’re going with tile. Why stop with tiling the floor? We do so many jobs where they, they, they just had tile the floor, which is great. That is awesome. That is the way to go. But then they go ahead and they put wood trim in along the floors. I’m a carpenter. I love wood trim as much as the next guy. Probably more Milwaukee Home Builder.

Actually, I love wood trim, but I will never put wood trim in my bathroom unless I want it to rot and mold and look like crap. Okay. End of story. Maybe sometime down the road they’ll come out with this crazy awesome wood varnish for. Would that will make it never rot? I’m still waiting on that, but I, uh, I’m not gonna. Hold my breath on. It would rot. No. Back of life. When it gets wet, it swells up when it, when it dries out and shrinks down, it looks like crap. Okay. That is the fact of life bone. Okay, and the story, so when I come back, hopefully I’ll have a keyword, but also I’m going to go ahead and get into just briefly, tile, baseboard, foam, mindblowing, wrap your head around it, do some thinking. I’ll talk to you later. See you later. Creek nation. Have a good night. Okay Milwaukee Home Builder.