Milwaukee Home Builder | Clear Your Loss

Alright, Hickory creek nation, welcome back to the next episode of our podcast. If this is what you chose to do with my sincere apologies, but we will try to make this as enjoyable as we can for you. We’re going to go ahead and first start off with a shout out to the, uh, the thrive team, the poor, poor ladies and fellows that have sort of read through all this garbage, uh, to optimize it for Google. I am sorry. And I will, uh, try to be less boring than I have in the past. But yeah, there’s not going to be a whole lot of interesting stuff, I’m sure. So just bear with me. So today what we’re going to be talking about is, um, you know, how to properly clear your loss in terms of building a new house. A lot of people, what they’ll do is they’ll go out and they’ll find their, uh, their dream chunk of land and they’re going to be like, Yep, this is where we want to put our house.

What do we do next? Um, there’s a lot of weekend warriors that are just going to go out and get themselves a brand new home, light chain saw. Um, they’re just, they’re going to go out there and they’re gonna start chopping away, chopping up and stacking in and doing all sorts of cool stuff like that and being macho and really think they’re doing themselves a service and saving time and money. And I’ve got bad news. If you’ve got a stick sickly grown law, you’re doing yourself a major, major disservice. Milwaukee Home Builder And I’m going to get into that in just a second. Before I do that, I also wanted to apologize to the thrive nation. I’m meaning the SEO managers, but I guess I’m not sure your exact title, but I’m Victoria. Has that gotten me a key word yet for our new optimizing or. So, um, unfortunately for you, this podcast and other podcasts that I, uh, record between now and when she just seemed like he would, um, I think she’s going to ask you to insert keywords and that’s not real cool.

So, uh, go ahead and give her some grief for that is probably my fault, but that’s okay. Milwaukee Home Builder She, she probably needs some grief or something anyways. Um, so just go ahead and give her some grief anyways, back to what we’re actually talking about stuff that’s going to move the needle and get us to where we’re going. Clearing a lot. Um, and actually what you’re gonna do is it’s actually clear a lot, a little play on words there. We get that catch that, maybe reread it again and see if it makes sense, but either way it’s going to be a lot of work.

There’s a, some pretty cool attachments nowadays for um, for skid steers, meaning like a bobcat or something of that sort. There’s all sorts of different name, a wheel loader. Everybody’s got a different name for a different part of the country. Basically what it is, is a little, a machine that you see most landscapers using moved her small, pretty portable, who’s have four wheels that are fixed and they usually have on real cool and they’re trying to turn just because there’s no turning wheels. Milwaukee Home Builder And I’m basically what I’m getting at is it’s a very convenient tool that can save you a lot of time and there’s two ways that this can save you time. One is going to be more time saving than the other. So we’re going to go with the most time saving route possible. Um, so we’re just gonna go with the most efficient, efficient way to clear a lot first and then we’ll, uh, you know, kind of back pedal and go into the, uh, the not so efficient ways to go about clearing your lot.

So the first thing that I’m going to go over is this essentially tool that just mounts directly to the front of a skid loader. Milwaukee Home Builder And what it does is this bad boy, not only does it cut down the trees that you want gone, but it also shift them and shred them into Mulch as you’re going along. So basically you can take these really thick trees that are inconveniently growing where you just so happen to want your house. Um, and it will cut them, I believe it will go up to like, I’m a 20 inch diameter tree. Maybe that’s a little bit exaggerating, but either way I know it’s for sure. At least 13 inches and about 13 inches is pretty big. So this thing actually cut it. You cut it flush with the ground and then essentially it’s got this big rotating drum or some of them have like a meat grinder feature to them.

There’s a few different types, but either way you don’t want to get your foot caught in this thing because it’s not going to end good. It is just a bad bad, like A. Oh Gosh. I don’t know if we can swear, but it’s this thing as bad as it’s going to be a thing that most of us guys are just going to go googly eyed over and impact or wives let us rent it for the weekend. Milwaukee Home Builder Or if you’ve got a really cool life, you might even be able to buy one of these suckers and it’s going to end up being happy for the rest of your days. Mostly because you had an awesome life anyways to what we’re talking about. Um, so essentially what it does is it saves you the hassle of putting the, uh, the trees and shrubs, um, you know, pulling it, stacking it, you know, if you’re cutting down trees and shrubs, chances are you’re going to have to then recut it after you drop it down onto the ground and then you’re going to have to move it.

What this thing does is it cuts it down. You already determined you don’t want it. I’m going to just shred it into mulch and that’s gonna do two things. One is going to save you a lot of time, lot of effort to defendant, do a, basically you’re gonna. Be able to use that as a culture or fertilizer for your dirt. Just make it up in there, the landscape roll, stack it with a dirt pile, whatever. It’s just gonna. Be a win win situation, going to save you time in good figure dirt can be good for growing. I’m not really a bad scenario with it.

Let’s say you did want to keep one of your trees for no splitting and burning at a later date. Milwaukee Home Builder Then this isn’t going to be your tool, but you can still always cut that tree down before you come through with this bad boy. Okay, so that’s just kind of a move there. Do you want to make sure that you get it all figured out and figure out what you want out of your lot? If anything, if you don’t want anything, then we’re going to bring this record and if we’re just going to clear your lot in one fell swoop, it’ll do when a couple of hours what would take somebody’s hand stacking, hand cutting and burning and slash or chipping and shredding. Probably better part of a week. Now you are going to have to rent it for bias if you have to rent the skidster to put it on.

And then also read the attachment. You’re probably looking at, you know, the thousand to $1,500 bucks for a weekend. Um, you know, but my, uh, my retort to that is figure out what your time is worth. Do the math. If you can maybe put a higher value on your time than what I just figured out, then I’d say it’s worth it. If you’re going to go out and bond with your kids, like cutting up woods and just looking over your shoulder every five minutes, cut their finger off or their foot off or anything like that. That’s you. You want to do what you think is best, but I know what I would do. So the second way to go about clearing your lot, which is better than just clearing it by hand in hand stacking it would be to get a skid loader with a grapple bucket.

Grapple bucket is essentially a bucket that goes on the front of the skid loader. It would be entirely useful. I take that back entirely useless or scooping dirt or anything of that nature. Um, it has made to, you know, get into brush piles, grab logs, has got two clause on it that clamps down on whatever you’re picking up. Um, so it is, it is 100 percent designed to grab brush and logs. So this is going to be more helpful than, you know, picking up your lugs by hand and moving them because you’re gonna have to cut them into three foot chunks. I have personally witnessed a friend of mine picking up an entire tree with this grapple bucket and we’re talking a pretty, pretty full grown free it. Uh, it’s, it’s pretty impressive. So if you decided you wanted to keep some of these logs to build some furniture, Milwaukee Home Builder build a tree house, do whatever, do whatever you think you want to do with it, that’d be the way to go for you on stuff.

We’re going to be better than cutting up by hand and trying to move it by hand with bullets, police and lynchings and stuff. Um, but it’s still gonna take more time than if you were going to just shredded in one fell swoop. Lastly, we’re going to just briefly touch on a clearing this lot by hand. Something I’ve done in the past before I was, as some may call it enlightened. I’m basically what you’re doing is you’re going through and you’re picking any three that you want to save the same process that you would do head. You’re gone a different route. Basically you’re gonna go through and pick what you want on and what’s going to get saved. Milwaukee Home Builder I’m market start cutting. Um, and you’re going to try to cut out all the thin brush first and just pull that by hand out of the way you can get at some of your bigger stuff. Um, and what we like to try to do is if we’ve got a big enough lot, will try to describe a tree completely and then cut it up when it’s on the ground because it’s your beats the heck out of trying to climb in a bucket or trying to climb the tree and cut Francis little by little, but it also based renting a bucket truck and lobbing off four foot sections at a time.

So just keep that in mind, but I just, I wouldn’t recommend doing that by hand. Causing time headache a of a risk for danger. Recommended what to, to live as you wish.