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What is up in the house? That was a pretty pretty uh, snoop dog eat dog reference right there. That was pretty low key, was pretty easy to miss. Was that? That was Jay Jay. Snoop Dogg dope. Alright. You’re wondering how anyone can be so talented as to live a snoop dogg references to a podcast about Milwaukee homebuilders. Okay. And I am here to tell you that it’s a great preparation, so prepared and stuff. Be able to do that. I said you’re probably at least three and a half seconds figuring out how it was going to reference snoop dog eat dog in this podcast about optimizing the keyword term Milwaukee Home Builder Well you just witnessed history, the gentlemen, because I don’t think anybody’s ever done that before. And if you can prove me wrong, I will. I will be proven wrong. So they’re right now we’ve got that off her chest. We’re going to keep out for Milwaukee home builders because that’s what it’s all about. And that was also a reference and you’re wondering how I do all this stuff such he is and that’s her reality show. Natural stuff. You should, man. Oh, that’s your God given talents. I was born with it and I’m a little bit sleepy because I’ve pulled an all nighter last night to get my workspace set up up with me. It’s 9:00 in the morning. I’ve got a long way to go and still got the whole rest of the day. That’s okay. We’ll make it. That’s why God invented coffee. He was thinking of the entreprenuers and go get her.

Okay, so that’s why coffee is invented. Little history for you. Notable quotable. Milwaukee Home Builder I’m. Oh yeah. By the way, we’re optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders. Okay. So about. Well, I’m gonna. Try not to yawn in these podcasts anymore. I know that’s probably not good, but I, I’m, I’m driving down the road and I’m looking at. I’m a panda. A home improvement truck. Didn’t even know that was a thing. So case you were wondering. Panda home improvement thing in Wisconsin. We can have our homework done by. Gosh Dang panda. How neat is that? The words of a nature walk ins from Youtube. That’s pretty neat. It’s a notable quotable by the way, and also you can tell it’s an aspen because the way it is, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, either just stop what you’re doing. Either you go to youtube and type in nature and that nature as a neat n e a g, and then the second part is it sure is in nature. Okay. You just mix those two words together. Real neat. Like okay in nature and there’s this guy that made some videos, both nature walk and he talks about how neat nature is and that’s where he got the idea of nature walk. So yeah, go ahead and check that out. As we’re talking about Milwaukee homebuilders.

Then just go ahead and enjoy your. Enjoy your diet your day. You got to experience the nature walk guy who in my opinion is pretty stinking need because he makes me laugh and I like laughing. If you don’t like laughing and you shouldn’t do this podcast. It is just joke, joke, joke, joke, joke. I think so. Anyway. Ramble, ramble. Milwaukee home builders as well. We’re optimizing for. Milwaukee Home Builder I’m up because I like building homes. Who doesn’t like building homes? If you say me as in like you raised your hand and telling me that you don’t like building homes one and maybe you shouldn’t be optimizing for in home builders. And if you say you’re not living nice sharp kid, you’re doing good. Okay. That’s what it’s all about. Just like the Hokey pokey like I was telling you. All right, well I’m going to have to take a quick break here because I got to fill up with gas so I’m going to fill up with gas and then I will be back to talk to you more in like five to 10 minutes. All right, sit tight. Alright. So I am now fueled up and ready to keep on trucking. I also have cheddar worst from

quick trip. That’s a quick trip with a k because in Wisconsin we uh, we know how to spell real good. So it’s is quick trip but uh, they have great cheddar. Worse. So that’s what I’m eating while I’m talking to you. Milwaukee Home Builder I know it’s great. Podcast etiquette to eat and talk. I told them to do while we’re optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders. Okay. So we’re just gonna eat and talk and have a grand old time. So get back to her original subject now that I’ve just rambled on and on and on about setting tile,

you’re going to want to go to like the patient. How many options do you want like a flooring warehouse store or um, you know, maybe at home depot, Lowe’s, menards, depending on what’s in your area. Um, and pick, pick your poison in terms of tile. Um, you know, if you want really great service, um, in terms of helping you pick out the right stuff, um, and helping you make sure that you don’t get some sort of really junky product. I would highly recommend going to an actual flooring specialty store. Um, that way you can get a salesperson that’ll work with you and kind of incorporate your Thailand to others of the health. Um, and not just get a store associate that, Milwaukee Home Builder that looks at you and says, here’s our tile, you know, and just leaves there be. It’s definitely not a, not the best way to pick out tile.

If you want to, you know, have a great finished product, you, you will probably pay a little bit more at one of these flooring warehouses. Um, just because you are getting the extra personalized service, I would say it’s worth every penny to pay, to be able to get that, that one on one service that’ll, that’ll help you decide what you want and send for optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders I’m going to just throw this little tidbit in there. It’s better for us. Milwaukee Home Builder it goes through one of these warehouses too because there are easier to schedule with, easier to coordinate deliveries with. They’re easier to get information with. They’re easier to do payments or you know, get payment to all around, easier to work with. And you know, in previous episodes we’ve talked about knowing what your time is worth and if there’s somebody like a flooring supply that can know, get more or do more for you, but just charge a little bit more. Nine Times out of 10 that’s going to be worth it. And those stats are just pulled straight out of my rear end. So, uh, don’t, don’t hold me, hold me accountable for that,

just know that that’s an approximate number and uh, just something that I like to say anyways and it’s definitely worth it to go there in my opinion. Uh, some people are all about the, Yup. Saving every last little penny that they can. Um, I do not subscribe to that philosophy. Um, I would rather pay a little bit more of a, get better service because it’s Milwaukee Home Builder gonna make everything flow a little bit easier. Oh, that’s just my opinion. So you do what you think is best, but that’s what I think is best. Don’t forget, we’re optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders catch you on the next episode.