Milwaukee Home Builder | Dealing with Disappointment

All right, thrive nation workers time well spent out the people that thrive, that’s what I’m talking to you because you’re the only ones that ever going to hear this or read this. So thank you for helping me grow my business and optimized for Milwaukee Home Builder. I couldn’t do it without you guys. That is for Dang. Sure. So

anyways, today we’re going to talk a little bit about efficiency, um, and why is it important and why sometimes it’s better to pay a little bit more, but have a little bit less

enough on your plate, let’s just put it that way. So when optimizing for Milwaukee home builder’s, got to make sure we’re efficient, I guess really just to make sure that we’re diligence, making sure that we’re doing the podcast and optimizing that Milwaukee home builders so that we get to the top of Google real quick, you know, like super fast, like a lot of competition. We’re just gonna keep cranking these suckers out. So we’re number one and then we’re going to keep cranking these suckers out. So we’re number one by a long shot and then we’ll switch to something else.

So we’re number one in, everything take over the world will probably just google listings for walking on builders, but hey, the world’s pretty cool second place trophy. I take that anyway. Speaking of our efficiencies, here’s why it’s important. So if you can get twice the amount of work done in the same amount of time, that sounds pretty good. Pretty good. Let me, uh, let me give you a couple examples, somewhat recent example. I’m going to kind of go on tangents. So bear with me. Okay. So as we’re optimizing for Milwaukee, homebuilders struck me like, Hey, joaquin homebuilders wouldn’t be writing out checks manually. They would probably be typing them up on a printer and having a computerized check registry that they can just give to the accountant so they don’t have to do it all manually and stuff. And I was like, Hey, I’m optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders.

I should probably do that. Okay. So here’s where that, where that comes into play. Okay. So for check it costs you more than if I was just to write the checks out by hand. Manually costs more, you know, just in the sheer fact of I got to have a printer, the printer is going to have to buy the pre printed check, you know, I’d have to buy anyways, but those are pretty cheap to buy like special envelopes so that uh, the address and stuff, this one hour to fill those out. Basically it’s a little bit more practice about fifty cents a check more. I’m just hard cost and a standard check. But here’s the great part, when I print off checks online through my accounting software, he keeps a log of those checks that I can access from anywhere that I have an internet connection. So why that’s great is I don’t have to sit there and try to save checkbook and turn to page back through them or figure out who I wrote the check for 4,700 bucks for and what more and more I need to deduct it on my taxes. I can just go online and be like, all right, check number 4,724 now and be like, oh, I wrote as to Thailand. Surface. Okay. So both in the number associated with that subcontractor account, I’m slipping into my account, Milwaukee Home Builder

no, versus manually writing a check, which takes longer than typing out a check and then I got to manually fill out the envelope, you know, the address and stuff, which usually means I got to try and find the invoice that I got the uh, know amounts on I got transferred that I knew an envelope

and I got to fill out my company’s return mailing address. Okay. So all that takes time. Now at the same of time I’ve just printed off for checks and put them in the envelopes and put stamps on them and they’re ready to go in the mailbox. On top of that, I don’t know if the interim and do a check log automatically balances my bank account. It’s just a win, win, win, win all the headache off my shoulders. I don’t have to pay an accountant to write out checks. I can just do it myself. And like five minutes, way quicker, way smoother, way easier, pretty self explanatory. Milwaukee Home Builder

And not only is it efficient, now you know, if I have someone working in the office and I’m in, they’re like, Hey, do you want to know what the specific check was? I can just say, hey, go on here and log into this check here. And that’s where you’re gonna. Find the info that you’re looking for.

Oh well I think I left that checkbook and this truck and Oh, if it’s not there then it might be in that center counsel and that other car or you’ll. Oh shoot, I hope I didn’t leave it on the job site. Okay. Now my checkbook is always in the same spot. It’s on the Internet. Okay. So as long as I got the check stubs, I’m good to go the checks, you know, whatever the, the pages efficient because there’s always one spot that it’s going to be. And I always know where that’s going to be and I can easily tell somebody where that’s going to be. Milwaukee Home Builder

And you can never have to worry about if the writing’s legible. That saves time right there. Times. Money, baby. You got to put a value on your time. My time is about 75 bucks an hour. Okay. I know that I can go bring the company at least 75 bucks every hour that I go and work. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the job, what I’m doing. But if I’m spending 75 bucks an hour manually right now, check let’s pretty stupid. If he asked me if I can just quit doing, don’t need to hire a secretary just to write out a check because I can do it myself real fast. Cost them any more time efficient. The fact that I’m not losing any of my valuable time, I’m not having to pay somebody to do it with their time. Just making money all the way around. And that’s what Milwaukee Home Builder would do. That’s just the name of the game. And what would they do because that’s what we’re trying to. Almost along the lines of like what would Jesus do except for not quite as awesome, really close. But

I do know one thing that’s for sure. And that is that lucky home builders would print out their checks.

Um, I keep it in a online check registry and you know, you just print it off, sign it like the envelope and stick it in and well actually unfortunately most just peel and stick and you just got to peel the Strip off the envelope and stick it right down. You was kind of anticlimactic choking. Good yummy tasting glue on your tongue. Pretty, pretty disappointing. But I’ll probably get some envelopes just like a liquid shot. No. Get a whole pack of my bedtime snacks like some envelopes in a glass of water. Milwaukee Home Builder Get my tongue, like those envelopes shut. It will even put on stickers in the corner just for time stamps on sticker books. And Sam’s like, I like sticker book. So it’s just like a wait, you. Everybody loved it and you don’t want just hampers now are you friends with. That’s how you do the whole long story. Short watch home builders are efficient and that is why we’re printing off checking and doing the Hokey pokey. Furthermore, it makes you look professional. You don’t want to be doing work for some guy that’s just manually writing out checks behind the tie in quite a bit of other technology or organization or you know, you name it. If you’re dealing with home builders to make sure that you’re dealing with someone that’s printing off the check, that’s going to be the mark of a real Milwaukee Home Builder Okay.