Milwaukee Home Builder | Hitting Our Numbers

Alright, creek nation, here we are again on this beautiful 80 degree day. The Sun is shining or optimized, homebuilders and keep the dashboard. They can’t get any better. If I can find it out myself, well maybe. Yeah, maybe we were doing something with a purpose and that’s all that matters without a purpose then. Well, not really going anywhere. Milwaukee Home Builder We’re going places. One of the top of Google. That’s what we’re doing. We’re going to the tablet Milwaukee home builders being number one of anybody to be thanks to you drive employees. Thank you for helping me. 19th adventure known as search engine optimization.

I think we got three keywords, so now I’ve got like another minute, then we’ll be hitting our numbers. I think we’re doing pretty good myself. Anyways, today we’re at kind of bounced back into, you know, cutting stair stringers. Milwaukee Home Builder I know it’s super exciting. Last time and Kinda went off on a tangent last episode about being efficient. That will probably bounce back into that at some point here. Passionate about anybody in their right mind would want to optimize for certain Milwaukee home builders. They probably feel the same. So back to cutting stringers. Last episode we figured out how to get to is gonna want to use one tool? I didn’t mention that you’re want to get it. Honestly, I don’t even know what they’re called specifically. We just call them a framing square. Not even know how to describe this slide over the, uh, the edge of a framing square and that’s got a little turn.

Turn a little screw to clamp it onto the, uh, the edge of the framing square. You can duplicate your rise and run over and over and over and get a nice consistent, accurate trends or surfing or whatever you are, whatever we’re calling it today. All I know is that we’re optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders. That is a. I know that for a fact because that’s we’re trying to get to the top of Google and is Milwaukee homebuilders and did some content on the website and go look like profession. No, everything’s going to be good and everyone’s gonna be happy and kids are going to sing and rejoice and have world peace and no hungry children and everyone’s going to have clean water and all because we optimized for Milwaukee home builders. I know it’s quite the correlation there. And I, Milwaukee Home Builder uh, I’m as expressed as you are with that kind of took a turn in a weird direction. So we’re gonna kind of bounce back into stair stringers here. So basically we’re gonna want to do is take your, uh, your frame score and you gotta look at it and you’re going to realize that, hey, on the outside edge, there’s numbers and hay on the inside edge, there’s number two. Okay? We’re going to focus on the inside edge numbers. That’s what means the most to us. Okay?

And then we’re going to, we’re going to take the numbers that we came up with for rise and run, you know, the run up to you, whatever you decide you want to do, the, uh, the rise is determined by the height of the stairs that you gotta work in there. Um, so with that being said, you’re going to take one edge of that inside and that’s going to use that for your rise and the other edge. There’s going to be your run and it’s going to make a kind of a lopsided triangle if you’re using the edge of the board as one of the size of your triangle, Milwaukee Home Builder basically that’s going to give you your. No, not cut for stairs. Pretty simple. It sounds way harder than it is. It’s really not that difficult, but usually people need to be walked through at a time or two where they catch on. That being said, let’s try to go slow with this and while we’re going to optimize for Milwaukee home builders, I think there’s five or six, I’m not sure. I’ll throw another one in at the end here just to make sure we got our sick. But anyways, so while we’re, while we’re doing all this,

we’re going to want to make sure that we’re as accurate as possible with these. It’s a lot easier to do when you’re, uh, using either an lvl or lsl stair stringer as opposed to just the regular two by 12, one because the lvl or Lsl is a consistent, Milwaukee Home Builder they’re manmade, they’re got a square edge which makes it easier to line stuff up and it’s just way easier

in my opinion. Um, but more specifically because if you have a two by 12 and that’s got, um, you know, like an exceptionally large round over on one edge. It’s gonna make a little bit more difficult to,

you know, a line up your, your framing square with the, uh, feminists were nuts to 100 cuts, right? Um, but one thing that’s not difficult about that is just thrown in here that we’re optimizing for Milwaukee Home Builder.

Um, hang on, I’m trying to get to the top of the Google. It’s with that in the category of Milwaukee homebuilders. So since we got that out of the way, we can finish out the two and a half minutes and in good success to fashion know either way. Okay. So we’re talking about the stringer cuts. The uh, biggest thing you want to focus on is okay, one side of the framing squares, two inches thick and one side is an inch and a half thing. Okay? That matters because it’s going to make it easier to line up your, your steps in succession knowing that there’s a definite dimension on the outside there. And here’s why. Okay, so you’re going to start at one end. Milwaukee Home Builder And then if you’re using an lvl or Lsl, it doesn’t matter which end, you can pretty much start wherever because you don’t have to worry about cracks. Um, you want to make sure that you’re cutting off enough,

get a good clean end, but you don’t have to worry about any cracked end like you would with a two by two by 12 that you sometimes lose. Have two feet up, just one end. So either way, just make sure you got a good clean end, which didn’t do, is going to throw your first triangle. Okay? And if you’ve got an lvl or Lsl, I would just go as high as you can to Milwaukee Home Builder

board without having to not fall off the no bumping into it. Whatever you want to call that. I’m at a loss for actual terminology today. So bear with me. So that being said, enjoy your first triangle, okay? You know if you’re holding in your hand from the right side, if you’re looking at through the right side is suicide and the left side, it’s an inch and a half side.

You’re going to want to slide. You’re assuming that you’re starting on the right side of the board. You’re going to want to slide the framing square to the left. And now we’re going to look at the dimensions on the outside of a framing square, not the inside ones for right this second, what you’re going to do is look at where your outside measurements. Milwaukee Home Builder So let’s say the right address on the inside is your urine, so you’ve 10 inches. The left side is your rise. So they bought a seven and a half. Okay? As you’re sliding to the left, that outside measurement will line up with the, uh, the one ends up your triangle that you drew, um, and since the Internet half side is on the left,

outside measurements will be 11 and a half, and then that will automatically line up your triangle so that your, uh, your stairs are set at the right dimensions and set evenly. Um, and it’s one of those things that’s kind of hard to explain without showing you, Milwaukee Home Builder

but it’ll save a lot of time and it’ll get you a better finished product. Because what can happen is if you’re not lining up your rise and rise the right point, you can actually affect the actual rise and runs. The dimensions aren’t going to be dead, not the accurate. Since you’re a little bit off on your, you know, depth and width, Milwaukee home builders.