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Good Morning Craig Dixon is still the fourth of July. It has not changed yet in 30 seconds since we finished reporting the last podcast. Oh Gosh, what a beautiful day. The brisk 72 degrees. Oh, I would say. I don’t know why I say brisk because if it’s this temperature all day I’d be a happy camper, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a hot on health with the weather Milwaukee Home Builder

for the afternoon festivities and celebrations. So we are, uh, we’re heading into work on a parade of homes job for a another builder that we do subcontracting work for. I’m going to tell you why it’s a beautiful day to work. First off, because everybody is a beautiful day to work, sort of your, your Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays every other day to day to work. My opinion, I don’t think it’s a bad day, but we also have to optimize for Milwaukee home builders. Okay. This one is going out to our sponsors that Milwaukee home builders, they don’t pay us any money and they’re not even a real thing, but say Milwaukee Home Builder faster. We’re going to get to the top of Google in the past. We’re going to win that. That’s what it’s all about. You know, can’t quite make that into the Hokey pokey. But anyways, walking home builders, so forth, baby, it is a great day to be alive. It is America’s birthday and while she’s getting kind of old, but usage and well, she’s looking good. The only a row wrinkles that we have, our vendor, his fault, you know, California’s fault line and with any luck they’ll just crack off and California will sink and will save any of the good people. But Let, let the of the grab you one just with California. Good. Well I’ll be happy anyways.

Not to get into a negative dangerous tunnel down there. We’re going to get back on the positive and the up and up. But so today among many other days, it’s a great day to work and here’s why. No one else is going to be there. Why is this good? Milwaukee Home Builder Do I hate people? Am I antisocial? Well, I mean, to some extent there’s some merit to both of those, but I, uh, I can’t go through a work day without being bothered because everybody just, you know, when, when, when is the parade of homes house especially, you got 14 different trades and they’re trying to get, you know, eight months where the work done in three because nobody can ever figure out how to set a realistic deadline and start dating,

you know, the right amount of time to get stuff done. But that’s neither here nor there. So what I’m getting at is if you’re like me and you’re a business owner and you’re still working in your business more than you’d like to admit because you haven’t been able to create the system yet, essentially lead the business work for you, which we’re in the process of. That’s also part of this, uh, search engine optimization, no bull process to make it so we can step back and work on the business, not in the business. But that’s not quite the case yet. So since I’m still working on job sites, it’s nice for me to work early and holidays and weekends because nobody else does that kind of stuff. So you can go hours without having to talk to anybody else. Okay. And the reason this is great is you can get into what we call a flow state

and clay Clark kind of talks about this in his book, the art of getting things done, but it makes it easy to, you know, just get lost in what you’re working on. You’ll forget about time and forget about where you’re at and you can just kind of get into a grind and hustle that, um, more or less just a wow. Milwaukee Home Builder I got really distracted driving down a major, major road here and there are people at 6:00 in the morning setting up blankets for the parade later.

Kind of interesting. I did not expect this. So I apologize for losing my train of thought. And, uh, yeah. Without further ado, let’s get back to what we’re talking about. Flow states when you were just in the moment and you were just working and not being distracted by somebody asking stupid questions or somebody saying, hey, you gotta talk about this, or hey, what do you think about this? Or Hey, do you need something? Or I feel like that you can just get in a flow, put your phone on, do not disturb, you can just do the hustle. Okay. Milwaukee Home Builder And just get stuff done. It’s beautiful. Wonderful. So working on holidays and weekends allows me to do this on a, on a more consistent basis than if I were to, you know, work normal hours. The other thing I’ve noticed is getting there early, getting to a job site by like five or sometimes even earlier than five really really helps to get things done because most contractors don’t start til seven.

Um, there’s a lot that don’t even start until eight or nine, which is great for us because then we can have a, a four hours of uninterrupted work. No, just get stuff done. But there is some contracts, you know, every once in a while I got a job site where they’ll start at six or a little bit earlier. But what’s beautiful is these guys are on the same page as you. It just want to get stuff done. They don’t want to sit and chat. They don’t want to talk about your weekend. They don’t care about you, they just care about getting stuff done and basically you don’t have to worry about them bothering you unless they actually really need something. And that’s fine. You know, if somebody’s really actually need something and he can’t wait, I am more than happy to help. But if you just want to ask you what I’m doing later, you can pound sand buddy.

You can also optimize for Milwaukee Home Builder But basically, unless it’s got something that’s going to affect me in the here and now don’t talk to me, that’s all I gotta say something that has to be solved there and then fine. If it’s not, don’t write me a note or shoot me a text, shoot me an email and I’ll get to it on my time. Quit wasting my time. Milwaukee Home Builder Chances are you don’t want to pay what I think my time is worth. So in that case, unless you get some writing checks or hand out $100 bills, leave me alone. No, I hate to. I hate to be so negative on the fourth of July. But man, somebody got to say these things while they’re optimizing for mockey home builders.

Okay. Somebody’s got to say the uncomfortable truth about this sort of stuff. Oh, Milwaukee Home Builder I just saw a sign that my childhood doctor is running for Congress. That’s kind of interesting. I, uh, I never would have imagined that. I wonder what her political career started. That’s kind of cool. Anyways, I appreciate you listening to the, uh, the podcast or reading these words of Babel even though nobody probably is. Well, if you’re reading this or listening to it, chances are you work for thrive. And I thank you for that too. Especially a grenade is mad because he’s a good guy. Maybe it’s not. I’m sure Matt probably still works there because I don’t think he’s going anywhere. So a mega high five next time you see him and shake his hand and Kong Golf Ball. That’s my nickname for Matt has golf ball. He’s a good guy. Good guy. Anyways, evergreen did creek nation. I will talk to you later.