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Hello Creek nation, welcome back to the podcast show that we’re doing that I don’t quite have a need for. Yes. So put that on the to do list. Come up with a really neat day for the really high doing and welcome back to the fourth episode that we’re doing today. We’re a little bit behind schedule. I’m closer to seven hours since I talked to you last. Um, so we’re only behind the digital by about seven or by an hour, maybe an hour and a half as bad as I thought, but I would much rather be a home now working on some checklist or system or something other than driving home from the job site.

But either way I think we’re doing good because this is just so happens to be the fourth podcast of the day and that, that’s a pretty good, pretty good day in my book. Milwaukee Home Builder

Um, unfortunately for, uh, for you guys there and thrive. I’m Victoria hasn’t quite got back to the uh, with the key word. No, this is probably my fault for kind of changing direction on somewhat short notice. So I do apologize, but in true fashion I’m going to put all the blame on somebody else not taking any of it. So let’s, let’s blame Victoria for something that I probably could have prevented. Yeah, let’s do that then I can feel better about myself when I tried to fall asleep. So without further ado, let’s get back to something of some substance and something that’s a little bit more to the point, probably not quite as interesting to talk about what you’re going to have to read about and make sure that I didn’t live in anything vulgar in there. Putting on the website. We can’t do that. So boom.

Here we go. We are going to talk about picking the right type of flooring. Here is how I came up with that. I had some time this morning and I actually came up with a post it note stuck on my dashboard for this purpose. I kind of a brainstorm the two ideas that I could just pick a random. I could talk about aimlessly, probably more the heck out of you, but get some content for the website, baby. Here we go. We’re going to talk about picking the right type of flooring. Milwaukee Home Builder I know you’re on the edge of your seat now to get right into it. Here we go.

Here’s why we want to pick the right type of flooring. You don’t want to kill your budget just to kind of do like floor. Likewise, you don’t want to overspend on your flooring when you could be getting the same caliber, caliber and it looks better for cheaper. The can’t say how many times people have gone with floor as floor just because it’s more expensive generally as a rule of thumb to go by the you get what you pay for mentors, model, whatever. That is usually a good way to go, but not always, especially not in the building trade area. There are tons of different vendors, have different manufacturers, different suppliers, however you want to call them. Basically what we’re going to deep dive into it. Smaller vendors really have somewhat of a primary focus. Their primary focus, get them better buying power types of flooring. So for instance, we’ve got a guy in town that carries a specific line of flooring, but he buys the flooring chips are this little guy

was going to get a better price on that flooring. Milwaukee Home Builder Then the big guy down the road. And the weird thing about flooring is it’s all coming from the same factory, you know, they’re going to put a different sticker on it called a different name called a different color so that you can go to different vendors and suppliers and cross-references

to conspiracy baby. They are doing this for that exact reason. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to different vendors and suppliers and gotten the exact in, I mean the exact same flooring under a different name, but two drastically different prices. It’s a pretty uh, I want to say sickening, but I guess it is what it is. The vendor can help but they don’t have as high of a demand for it is the guy up the street. So I guess it’s the nature of the business. Through your research, do your due diligence and don’t just assume you’re getting the best price. Because I can tell you something, chances are you’re probably not.

Every time you assume you’re getting a good price your box, you can take advantage of this. You might be getting a good price on that, that’s specific time, but that’s just set yourself up for failure to get taken advantage of. Every time I step my vendor has my best interest in mind, they proved me wrong and it’s unfortunate. What is the fact of the matter? It is what it is as the name of nature of the business. It’s a concept that I like to go back to trust, but verify meaning. Get three quotes on every single job you do, three different vendors and suppliers. Just because you’ve been working with Billy Bob 15 years now, it doesn’t mean he’s still giving them good pricing that it gave you a ton of business and long standing customers are notorious for this phase of getting your business three years that you’re not going to verify their pricing, so you gotta switch it up every once in a while.

It’s got to go out and get a different price and use a different contractor or vendor or supplier just to show them that they are replaceable. It sounds kind of harsh. Maybe it is either way, it’s how I get the best prices on my product. You might say, well, I’d rather pay a billy bob a little bit more so then he gets to work and I feel good about myself. Milwaukee Home Builder I’m not paying for it, so it is what it is. I got news for you above your customers are paying for it and I can guarantee you the contract or down the road lead customer is getting one of his three prices from interesting book, verifying his vendors. He is using the move and that move is getting pricey. Three different vendors on every single job you want to make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of. Okay, that makes sense. So what have you. That is, don’t just assume that your buddy that you’ve been working with for 10, 15, 20 years, however many years at your best, maybe he’s not a talker, if he used to be, maybe he’s not as ambitious to get that lower price vendor. Maybe he’s just not that into you anymore. Always, always, always get both of the prices.

You got to do it simple as that. Don’t fight it. Well, you can fight it, but you’re going to be a loser. You’re never going to be able to scale because you’re always going to be hamstrung by the small. Milwaukee Home Builder The big guys taken advantage of you. There are certain cases where peg is okay and that is no. If you’ve got a proven track record and they’ve got a proven track record of always daily deadline, always get, uh, you good product, always taking care of service calls on a timely basis. You know, all of that is definitely worth something,

but you want to make sure it’s within reason. Milwaukee Home Builder You don’t want to find yourself paying double for a floor that you can get down the road, maybe a little bit less service, but you’re paying half price. You got to put a value on the headache or value of the convenience, and once you know the value of your time, not much you can get done in that time. It’s a lot easier for you to value us there. Good Service. Try to wrap your brain around that one. Probably going to take you awhile. I got to go. I’ll be back in a little bit and explore a different area of the business.