Milwaukee Home Builder | Putting The Mud Down

Alright, creek nation, are you ready for some excitement in day? We’re going to be a talking about optimizing for Milwaukee homebuilders. Pretty exciting. Super Fun change of pace. Since the last episode we were talking Milwaukee Home Builder. Um, okay. So maybe not much of a change of pace, but it’s exciting nonetheless and I want to thank you thrive team for just double checking this and make sure that we didn’t have any vulgar words slipping in. There are misinterpretations or you know, that sort of stuff you guys know. What you do is the. Thank you. Anyways, back to talking about tile and how exciting it is and more specifically about installing said tile and making sure that that we’re doing it right. So on the last episode we talked about doing more specifically like installing, selling it and making sure we have the right product and laying out the unrelated prior failure to get ready for install. So covered prepping the floor, vacuuming the floor and drive fitting. Now the next thing we’re going to be doing is actually installing the underlayment,

Milwaukee homebuilders. And as far as the install goes, if we’re basing this off of using a product called Dura Rock, essentially just a concrete board with maschinen basically get down to the ground and tiled over the top of. So in order to install this properly, we’re going to have to pull it all back up and I recommended links one row at a time. And if you’ve got just a small area you want to do, it’s just a piece at a time. Um, so what you’re going to do is you’re going to pull up that one piece or one row, depending on your area. And you’re gonna vacuum. And again, really, really good. You want to make sure you get all the loose dust up, that way you get the best adhesion possible. Um, if you don’t want this stuff pulling up in a few years or few months, depending how bad it is, because once this stuff starts lifting off the, uh, south Florida Osb or plywood, Milwaukee Home Builder wherever you have down, and I’m going to start to crack because when thousand and have a good base, it cracks

Milwaukee Home Builder. And so to make sure that we get a good enough adhesion, you want to make sure that you know, you get the best possible, um, clean up job on your existing floors. It could be old paint, drywall, mud, what have you. So get that all cleaned up, scraped off, flattened out. Um, and then when you’re lifting up your sheet rock, Milwaukee Home Builder you’re going to vacuum it again before you put the mud down, obviously you want to make sure you get that last bit that got on there from dry fitting and you’d actually be surprised at how much is still out there. And how much more so comes up after you’ve dried it and everything. So back in that baby out makes me back in. Make good. And notice I did not say we because sweeping it is difficult to, you know, a pick up the files and be, you know, get all of the super fine dust. So vacuum and vacuum it. Well, next thing you don’t want to do it, get your mind right. And if you have a mixed up already

that’s going to be obviously going to have to come before laying down this. What you want to do is you want to get the mud to a point that I can’t really like scoop it out with a trial where, you know, loosen outset, you can almost for it, but you don’t want it to be liquid and kind of a like a fine fine line, you know, almost like the consistency of like a or something that store where it really Lewis, but it’ll still hold a trowel shape. Nope, don’t want it. You don’t want to spread it out and have it just, you know, kind of a push out everywhere and not, not be able to hold a square edge on it. You call it, you want to be using an eighth inch by eight inch trial for this. I’m just like, you get the best possible. Um,

I don’t know the word here for it, but basically you want to make sure that, that the direct sticks down as good as possible. So when you’re doing this, do you want to make sure that you traveled the entire sheet, um, you know, or where the sheet will be once it’s installed. I’m so follow the manufacturer’s mixing instructions for, for the mud, um, and do what they say, obviously just make it a little bit runnier than you would for actually laying, laying the tile. Milwaukee Home Builder And what you’re going to do is travel, like I said, the entire sheet. You don’t want any bare spots, you don’t want any, you know, missing corners or anything of that sort. You want to make sure you get as best of contact as possible. So that being said, um, you know, even spread, you don’t want a slap that have built up modern spot that don’t have enough mud.

I want to make sure it’s as even as possible. So you get a slight of a florist, now that you’ve got that all out, you can go ahead and take this sheet of dirt rock. And when I do is, um, assessed the streets down, Milwaukee Home Builder no, just on it’s edge, the edge that will butt up next to the another sheet and just slowly lay it down, you know, away from you onto the mud. And that way you don’t have to worry about getting up and sending it back down. It’s already aligned before you, uh, before you lay down, it’d be ready to go. So that being said,

the next thing we do is what we call walking out or walking it out. We’ll start at like in the middle and we’ll just kind of walk out to the edges, um, you know, like little tiny baby steps just to make sure that the whole entire sheet, get some press flat into the mud and make sure that it all fits really well. So make sure that you, uh, Milwaukee Home Builder you walk out the entire sheet from the middle out, you don’t want to work it back in. So make sure you do that right. And then once you get that all locked down and it’s tied to the, uh, the words that are describing, you can go ahead and, uh, take, um, you know, we use a roofing nail gun to do this, but we nailed down, I’m starting in the one edge or one corner, we’d put a nail about every four inches, both vertically and horizontally.

Milwaukee, homebuilders, um, so that way we make sure it gets held down exceptionally well. You don’t, you don’t ever want this lifting, going to make sure it stays tight and stays put. And then you can go ahead and repeat that entire process for the remainder of the rock. Again, I recommend, recommend only doing one row at a time. Milwaukee Home Builder And the purpose for this is making sure that the sheets get laid down back where they were initially cut. Now, if you, if you cut the whole floor and lift up the entire whole floor, chances are your sheets are not going to go exactly back the way you laid them initially and you’re gonna get to a point where, uh, you know, she’s either too long or too short. Um, and just won’t fit where you intended it to go and you’re gonna have to start cutting it and maybe even have to cut a new piece. So the entire point of pre-cutting everything is just so that you can just go to town and not have to worry about cutting while you’re laying. Just a much easier process. Milwaukee homebuilders especially for the fact of, you know, once you, once you’ve finished and immediately start hearing, so you don’t want to mix up a bunch of mugs with the intention of setting that whole, the whole floor real quick and then getting to a point where you have to cut a sheep because 10th of the month going to start to success faster than you can cut in les.

Um, especially because also once we, um, we have a drive that we can just go ahead and trial it and know that our, Milwaukee Home Builder she’s going to fit so we don’t ever have to deal with the issue of crawling out the mud and then setting our sheet in place. And then finding out that the sheet wasn’t cut perfect. Um, and then trying to have it pull it back up, I can be really difficult, especially when using three by five sheet into Iraq. So just all around a highly recommended it exact steps we, uh, gave you that way you can have a headache free direct install. Lucky home builders.