Milwaukee Home Builder | Putting The Siding On the House

Alright, here we are again for some more exciting podcasting optimizing for now lucky home builders. You’re going to be the number one company in that is, that is the goal. So we get there. So today we are going to go in a little bit different direction than in the last podcast because it was talking about Thailand so much before we get pretty bored of it. So we’re going to go into um Milwaukee Home Builder Oh shoot. What should we go into? How about replacing Cedar Siding? Sounds like it’s somewhat exciting thing topic that we could talk about here today. Um, Cedar siding is, is pretty common in Wisconsin, um, mostly common in older homes. Not, not quite as common as it used to be because we have a lot more durable products that give you a similar look.

Cedar Looks Nice for a few years and then it just starts to deteriorate. Very high maintenance. Um, if you don’t take very good care of it, it just starts to rot and crack and requires a lot of fixing as opposed to similar or other similar products. It’s just a very high maintenance product and I would argue that it’s not even as good of a product as some of the other, a comparably priced products on the market these days. Um, so that being said, due to cedars nature, it does often require a lot of repair. We get calls from dangers all the time that needs a seated theater repaired before they can paint that on the job that they’re on. We get a call from homeowners, you name it, anybody that’s got a, any sort of interaction with cedar siding, we get a call from and, uh, we get to help them fix their house or business or wherever the cedar siding is residing.

So without further ado, let’s dive into this exciting topic and you can go about learning how to play some theaters. Um, one thing that you’ll notice when you’re doing cedar is rental. Um, Milwaukee Home Builder and you know, you can always see the novels or not, I should say it’s not a perfectly smooth product. Usually the rough side is out to give it the trademark cedar rough sawn look. Um, but also if you get up close to cedar siding, lap siding, you’ll notice that all the nail heads are exposed, and this is really good for some, we have to replace any of the boards because it gives us access to the fasteners when most times, anytime you were working with a, a $4 side and you have to gain access to the faster through a different route.

So this is the one nice thing about replacing cedar siding. As you can see, the faster that you have to take out to be able to get the, uh, the boards out that you’re wanting to replace, the first thing you want to do is determine what boards need to be replaced. And you know, sometimes there’ll be like the painters will show you, hey, we need this replaced. Or you know, Milwaukee Home Builder there’s a bunch of different ways to determine what needs to be sick. And sometimes it’s told to you and sometimes you got to figure it out on your own. But there’s ways to go about it. And you want to make sure that you figured out ahead of time so you’re not chasing your tail. Every time you pull a piece off, you find another one that’s got to be replaced. So do your diligence ahead of time to make sure that you can get the, you know, the full scope of work before you start.

Um, so now that you’ve got to like figure it out, what’s your, they take the piece that you want to replace and maybe it’s multiple pieces and the thick part of the siding is always installed down. And then a tapers do like a center up at the top, you know, like a ramp almost. So would you want to do with the PSF needed? Free Place? Obviously you can take the nails out of there, you can do it from the top. Milwaukee Home Builder We use the law to basically take the nails out and try them out. Now the, so the nails that you found through the face also go through the very top of the peaceful one. So essentially each piece is being nailed twice, but you only actually pounding a nail into the stick part. And then just through the placement of the nail, it goes into a, the lower the peaceful lowered as well, just due to the nature of the lap.

Um, so that being said, you’re going to make sure that you get the piece or the nails out of the piece directly above the piece that you’re wanting to remove Milwaukee homebuilders the reason for that is so that you can, uh, you know, basically the piece that you’re wanting to remove directly down and out without causing damage to the piece above it. By frying, you know, real harder. The similar ways that we found that that work to remove the nails of the pc you’re not wanting for remove completely is just very slightly. I’m putting a pry bar underneath that piece and prying it up just a quarter inch or so. Um, Milwaukee Home Builder he gets a nail to start to pry out. And then once you get it right up just that little bit, you can go ahead and push that back down and the head of the nail should stick up, should still be sticking up without, you know, the piece.

So essentially now you’ll be able to put a pry bar on it and probably that piece out. One thing to keep in mind that if you do go that route is you want to make sure that you put some sort of protective, like scrap order a sham or something, something to make sure that you’re not going to just put a big dent in the setting that you’re trying to save with the bars are kind of proud the nail and I recommend trying directly horizontal. So basically making sure that all the pressure that you’re putting on is directly on the thickest part of the siding because what can happen if you try to pry on that towards the center of that piece is you can actually crack that piece that you’re trying to save because there’s not always, you know, backing all the way up the whole backside of that. Um, Milwaukee Home Builder and it depends on who installed it, but I would just recommend making sure you, uh, support that piece properly by just praying on the, on the thickest part. That way you don’t have run the risk of it cracking.

So that being said, we got to continue our optimization for Milwaukee home builders and furthering them. We’re going to ramble on about some siding for a little bit more because Oh, that’s the name of the game and I’m trying to win the game, I guess is the right terminology, but either way. Um, once you get those, those nails cried out, you know, some of them won’t exactly come out. So what you can do is take some sort of saw with a metal cutting blades. We’ve used a softball in the past, which you just gotTa make sure you’re really careful when you’re doing this. Um, we’ve also used a tool with a metal cutting blade on it to get up in there and cut the nail. Basically what you’d have to do is, by the way, that you know, citing away that you’re trying to keep just enough that you can get a blade of some sort of Milwaukee Home Builder underneath, you know, keep in mind that you don’t want to pry not enough to where you’re going to end up if you’re using like a saws all that you’re gonna end up cutting the bottom of that, the board that you’re keeping on the backside.

Um, you know, I don’t know if it’s making sense, but I’m basically want to just make sure that when you cut the nails, there’s no risk of damaging the phd trying to keep with the blade, you know, accidentally cutting it or deflecting off the nail and bouncing in and chipping away the support you’re trying to keep. So to be mindful of what you’re doing while you’re doing it. And, Milwaukee Home Builder uh, that’s, uh, that’s the biggest part is just to be aware of, of what you’re actually doing. Home builders.