Milwaukee Home Builder | The Initial Investment

Okay, we’re going to start off today’s episode with notable quotable from a guy known as clay Clark. Here we go. All right. All right, and all right. Thrive nation on. I do. I think I nailed it. Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and shout out to matt and slash or who else? Whoever else is a proofreading this because uh, I know that the, uh, the transcribing service is not always perfect. Matt told me about one time when it was talking about lesbian sex. You might actually have to edit that out now. Milwaukee Home Builder And I am sorry, but uh, yeah, this is um, this is going to be the second podcast that I’m recording without a keyword. I’m just waiting like keyword from Victoria by head cool buttons. I would, I would hit a cricket phone right now. So yeah, I’m getting a little awkward. So where do we get to the point today we’re going to talk about the important 12 cameras on the job site and this is a, this is a fairly new revelation for me.

I’m not something I’ve really had my eyes set on, wasn’t really on my radar, didn’t know anything about it. Maybe in my, uh, greatest moments I might have accidentally thought about it, but proceeded to do nothing about it. Um, Milwaukee Home Builder but, uh, I’m going to try to express the importance of cameras, cameras, cameras, cameras, and uh, you know, stealing some more notable quotables from Clay Clark. He says that his sister in accounting has some objection to the morality of cameras. Um, aunt marge, I’m the secretary. She doesn’t feel it’s right for businesses to record female employees. She feels her rights are being violated. And a quote, I think, I don’t know if that’s a direct quote, but we’re going to go with that. We’re going to roll with it. And I felt good about it, but basically what they’re saying is, hey, I’m doing something wrong. Um, and I don’t want you to hold me accountable.

So, uh, we can’t do this because you’re probably going to want to fire me. And well now Christmas is going to get real awkward because either you’re not going to show up or I’m not gonna show up, or they were both going to show up and stare at each other across the room and everybody’s going to notice tension in this could be elephant in the room and nobody’s gonna want to slay that proverbial elephant all because you hired a moral family members and they didn’t want to be held accountable because that’s what cameras do, is they hold people accountable. I can’t tell you how many times I have run a job, whether it’s new construction remodeling, Milwaukee Home Builder whatever, um, you know, have people working on my personal house, talked to him, confirm with them that they’re going to tell me that they’re going to show up on the job site on a certain day, at a certain time. And they just never show up. I don’t know what their deal is, why they can’t do what they say they’re gonna do. Or at least be like, hey, something came up. I can’t make it.

Because that would at least a save me the hassle of waiting for them. Or, uh, you know, save me the hassle of looking dumb, my customers when I say, hey, so and so’s going to be in the job today at this time, they’re going to start working on this. And then the customer goes to check out their handiwork after the day is over, after they put in their hard work and Domo, they said they were gonna do and they said, hey, we’re going to do it happened and you didn’t tell me differently. So now the general contractor meaning me is I’m the guy that looks like a jerk because I told him my customers one thing, but a different thing happened. And Milwaukee Home Builder ultimately the blame falls on me for not holding my subcontractors accountable or not holding my employees accountable. Um, and then ultimately not following up with the customer and slash or the job site to make sure it happens.

Okay? So the beautiful thing about cameras is you can have a live feed baby. You could see from your smartphone or your desktop computer or your laptop that you’re, you’re, um, when you’re sitting at Panera or starbucks. Um, so if you don’t necessarily have an office yet, but you’re a, you’re a diligent doers, so you’re doing what you can to make it seem like you have an office or to feel like they have an office. Either way, I’m just going to tangent here. I’m probably just burning up some time making sure we get the uh, Milwaukee Home Builder the thousand words in there because sometimes it gets a little hard to pull a thousand words and talk for 10 minutes about something that most people care nothing about and will never read all for the hopes of getting more people to go to the website for something that they’re not even like on the website for.

Anyways. What I’m getting at here is these cameras will give you a live feed so you can see who’s at the job site, what they’re doing. Um, you know, you can use it to manage the inventory on the job site. So let’s say we had an order of windows show up on Tuesday. Framers are supposed to be coming on Thursday to put them in. Now we’ll be able to have a live feed, um, to know that the windows are still there, that they got delivered. I can confirm with the that the windows are onsite without actually having to go to the site. So what it’s done, it saves you time and people haven’t noticed. Time is money. Okay? Let’s say just for easy numbers, Milwaukee Home Builder you value your time at 50 bucks an hour.

Now if it takes you a half hour drive to the job site, a half hour to drive back, you know, and I have our onsite to verify what you need is right there. We’ve got an hour and a half that’s 75 bucks one day that it saved you. Okay? One day, and let’s just say that the life of these cameras is, even if it’s one year to these suckers, Milwaukee Home Builder they’re going to get thrown in the back of your truck. They’re to be on a job site. They’re going to get, they’re going to get bang. So let’s say you pay 500 bucks to get a camera system. Um, you know, when you use that to do two different jobs sites. So we’ve got 250 bucks and cameras on each job site, now you’re going to have to get some sort of, you know, mobile hot, um, to run these cameras off the Wifi.

So that’s going to cost like, let’s say another 50 bucks. Okay. So we’re going to have two of them got to job sites, so all of a sudden done. We’ve got 350 or $300 bucks per job site is what the hard costs are. Okay. Milwaukee Home Builder And then we’re going to say that we have this staff site six months. Okay. So basically we have, the first month is going to be a 300 bucks because we had the initial investment in the cameras. Okay. So let’s do 100 bucks and then now we’ve got another five months being on the staff says we’re going to have to have a mobile hotspot for. So that’s going to be, you know, do the math, five times 50, 250 bucks. Okay. So all of a sudden done to have cameras on this site. And this includes the initial investment in the cameras.

Keep that in mind. This is something that’s gonna make you continue paying for itself over time, but essentially you’ve got $300 initial investment to 150 bucks ongoing cost to run this, you know, to run this camera with the Wifi case. We’ve got 550 bucks for this one job site to have it, you know, 24 hour surveillance, remote monitoring, the peace of mind that somebody is not going to come in and steal your stuff or if they do, you’re going to get them on camera. But also it’s going to save you from the unnecessary trips were all you’re doing is verifying that something or someone is onsite. So if you’ve got, um, over the course of six months, if you’re able to stay off the job site, do to alone, let’s just do the math. We’ve got 550 overall cost better by Stemi, Milwaukee Home Builder five bucks. We’re just saying that as a minimum cost savings of not having to show up on a job site because you didn’t have an hour and a half to do something that is going to be revenue positive.

It’s going to move the needle. It’s going to get you to where you want to go. So we’re doing 5:55 by 75 and if you think over the course of six months, you will be able to save yourself. Seven point three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three trips. This thing just paid for itself. Okay? Milwaukee Home Builder So now if we’re figuring that we’re getting a year out of these cameras, which I would argue going to get a lot more out of that because these things are actually built a pretty tough that you’re going to be able to get longer than that. And I’m going to go into further detail on this on the next episode, but we got break. So tune in in. Stay tuned.