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Alright Creek nation, we are back back with a vengeance back with an attitude back from outer space, back from whatever you want back gone, fishing sign. We are back and we’re back in action. It is hotter than blue blazes out saying, I’m not really sure what that means, but I know I’ve heard it more than once, so I’m repeating it and they have it. It’s hotter than blue blazes. Maybe that’s even the right thing, but we are optimizing for Milwaukee home builders and we’re doing this and we’re going to do as well. Pretty sure we need like a thousand pages of content so you’re going to be in for free and this is going to be an exciting topic and you’re going to love reading it and hearing about it and eat, sleep. Breathe Milwaukee Home Builder

for the next probably two months, three months, a year. We’re going to just be killing it on its content. We’ve got to do a lot. I want to be topping google. I want to be number one. I want to grow the business and you guys are helping me, so I’m gonna do my part and I’m going to grind. So these podcasts, no matter how boring they are and if you’ve got some suggestions on how to make them better or more interesting or something that would just make your life way easier, just email me at Mike and Hickory Creek Inc. Com and I will go ahead and I will make those changes if it means less work for you guys and not that much more work for me. It’s a lot more work than that’s going to be a tough one to swallow. So this is already a lot of workout for Milwaukee Home Builder. All my opposition, I’m pretty sure it’s definitely a, they’re on the same page as in terms of optimizing Coming up first in google and they haven’t gotten the revIew game down though, which is good news for me.

Uh, I’ve got about 50 reviews at this point and then the closest I think I saw was a home builder category. So let’s thank our lucky stars on that one. Hey. anyways, if you’re reading this and you haven’t already left a revIew, I would greatly appreciate the review from anyone and everyone just got to go to hickory creating instruction. That’s una uk dj. You can just go ahead and click the five degree. Ended up. Hopefully it’ll help you guys out because. Well then you’ve got a couple more to then review game. It doesn’t get yelled at and if we can coaching meeting, forgot not getting enough reviews, so anyone and everyone that you just don’t leave requests. There were to be greatly appreciated. Okay, good. John, abby, abby, racial, all mad. I even know how many of those people I can name and thrive, but anybody use the come into contact with no kind of bump into them and say, hey, if you left a review yet for hickory, if you have it, that would be appreciated. If they’re listening to this, you’re not as. You can follow the same direction because they’re doing it. Really want to be. I don’t want to be cool. That’s the review a hickory creek.

Cool. Anyways, let’s get back into the, uh, the podcast thing. I think today we’re going to go ahead and talk about setting style. No, you are super pumped about setting style because he just absolutely hammered or whoever’s listening to it or reading this with podcasts about the title and why you put tile in math. Milwaukee Home Builder You’re listening to the order that you haven’t gotten yet. Are you in for three though? There’s some killer podcasts. Let me tell you both.

That’s the case I didn’t tell you before. We’re optimizing and that’s because we all want to be number one. I go home. Okay. I feel like that’s a pretty lucrative market and I’m playing in. Victoria also thought it was a pretty lucrative market. You haven’t noticed. Those two are quite the same. The duo. They know what to optimize critique, but is lucrative place to my accident now because he’s so big. Making money. Okay. He is so smart with all these systems and stuff. Yeah. I’m pretty sure to an accident. He just looked just as the excellent business deals because he has such a fantastic, hardworking guy and if you’re reading this working as you already know what I’m talking about, your bike shop and get to the point and basically what I’m doing it. I’m just like procrastinating, but talking about this. Well, I just, yeah, I just liked crest thomas’. Milwaukee Home Builder she’ll kind of ramble on and fit the gobbly gook and then I’m going to tell you about setting tile. Okay? Who doesn’t love that? A child who doesn’t love learning about setting tile? If you’ve got an answer besides no one, you’re wrong. Okay? Because everybody loves, cared about setting tile setting. Extremely exciting. You’re going to love hearing about it. Okay? So

one of the first things you want to do when you’re setting tile, you have to determine what materials are going to be using in your home builders. No optimization category. Okay? So what’s you’re going to optimizing for home builders? If you’re going to want to be able to pick out what title you want first ahead of time, you don’t know what kind of tile you’re picking out. Um, it can totally change the entire install process and if you don’t believe me, oh, are you in for a treat because this is about to get exciting. Milwaukee Home Builder Okay? And by exciting I mean, oh, you’re going to be on the edge of your seat, I would tell you, because it is. So what you’re gonna do first is to sign your contract or listening to this. I, uh, I would say consult your customer before choosing a file for them. Sometimes they don’t like to definitely make sure you sell with them. Let them know what kind of style you’re going to be awkward. That’d be said. Here we go, joe large format tile.

Okay? You’re going to need a special kind of mud for setting that tile in My blood. I mean by that I mean the mushy stuff that you scrape out on the floor and sit down with that, holds it. There are busy. Milwaukee Home Builder As long as you get a good bond that for further notice, that is what we’re going to be returned to as mud. Okay? You’re going to get your mud and you’re gonna. Mix it up reAl nice and good. But you got to make sure that it’s the right type of motor before you start making it up the right type of mud. Well you just wasted a whole lot of time and you’re going to be pretty upset when you got to rip up your child in a year or two because everything’s popping and cracking and stuff. So just take the time ahead of time, planning out your title, get the rIght stuff. Okay. Simple as that.


Now that we know that they got our tile, we also got to remember to optimize from walking home builders. The home builders were pretty much just been fired for no reason. Okay. I thought you were. Okay. So make sure you have your purpose, both settings file and you want to make sure you remember that you’re uploading the keyword such as good Milwaukee Home Builder. That’s a pretty neat. Has deeper search optimization term if you ask the shirt. Okay. And those are pretty neat to plan out your time to actually get the right material for said tile both in the. That’d be. It says I will be back in about one. Depends how long after I’ve never reported it and that you pick up again reading for this newest, but I wasn’t going to be gone for about 15 seconds. So without further ado, I will be back.