Milwaukee Home Builder | Wood in the Bathroom

Alright Creek nation, I’m finally back, I’d love to say back with a vengeance, but. Well, I’m kinda tired. It was hot today and I had to work in the east so I’m a little bit tired from that and yeah, I’m just pointing. Sorry, not sorry. Anyways, we are going to continue optimizing Dave podcasts for the Milwaukee Home Builder.

Um, thanks again to Victoria for getting nasty. It was yesterday so that you guys don’t have to do a lot of work or also so that I no longer waste these podcasts by rambling on with no sense of purpose anyways. I think I have sufficiently made my point to not put tile. Sorry, talking right here. So I think I have sufficiently made my point to not put any sort of wood in the bathroom around the floors. Okay. I think, uh, I think if you’ve listened to the last few podcasts, just think I’m not or that I might have a few valid points. Um, either way. Um, I think, uh, I think we’re doing good. Milwaukee Home Builder So. Wow. Brain fart. I gotTa uh, I gotta stay on track here.

Let’s, um, let’s get into other types of flooring. Um, and again, I only really push tile. There are other types of flooring that can work and be okay.

Um, but I think tile is the best. So that being said, here we go. The other types of flooring that I would say would be okay in a bathroom would be a laminate floor that is a true plastic all the way through or something like a pergo that gives a, any sort of lifetime warranty on water seepage because not all laminated floors. So keep in mind that if you do go laminate, there are some that will be better than others. Some of these laminate floors aren’t even capable of withstanding wet washing over a period of time. If you’re someone that’s somewhat of a neat freak, that’s not going to be good, but also in a bathroom for obvious reasons, you can see why that would not be good. So do your research. If you’re going with a laminate floor, I know has a really good line, but make sure that you figure out the right lights for you before you buy it or have it installed. Okay. Milwaukee Home Builder Next, there are products that are referred to us, lvt or LVP would. That is a luxury vinyl plank and one your final tile.

Okay. These are acceptable. Again, I’m not going to be my first first choice if, but you know, at some point you have to take into account a budget. Not Everybody can afford, um, the uh, you know, high end titles and whatnot. So this would be another option. Okay. Um, and what it is is basically it’s like a, Milwaukee Home Builder

a vinyl floor that comes in and pieces rather than in roles like what a traditional vinyl floor would come in. Um, and it, it glued down with like, essentially I contacted you. So, um, or even some people might refer to it as like an epoxy and it essentially installed just like regular tile, except that it’s the glue and not a mortar. And then the, the grout that you would use for the luxury vinyl tile is an epoxy grout, so it’s almost like rubberized, so you won’t really have the issues of, you know, your, your growth chipping out like some people have had in the grout is improperly installed in a standard Milwaukee Home Builder

standard tile. So that being said, um, you know, your product, know the proper install if you don’t know what you’re doing, higher professional further elaborating on that standard vinyl, like the traditional style that come through a role that would also be okay too. Again, not my first choice, but I would almost advocate that over like a luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl plank, while it is better than there is still ungrounded themes and that could eventually leak. I don’t think it’s as big of a deal personally as a laminate or um, like a true wood floor. But know there is, there is still that, that issue with that. But its traditional role of vinyl floors or what have you.

There’s really not gonna be any seams. If they are, usually you do a pretty good job of seeming and or that’s the intent anyways. Um, so and, and most times if you do have to seem as you put it in a place that is not close to some place that gets a lot of water or standing water. So that’s another reason why I think it’s good. It’s not going to last as long as tile or like a laminate or even a wood floor, but it’s going to hold up better in the water prone areas. I would not personally recommend vinyl unless you are budget conscious that that’s the beauty of it is great for a budget is not so great. More wear and tear kind of damages. Pretty easy. It doesn’t last for, for real long, but it does serve a purpose in that it is cheap and it is effective and it is by and large a pretty good product. And then that’s, that’s pretty much it in terms of what I would recommend it, you know, standard flooring. There are some other types of floors out there like bamboo for instances. It’s not real common in the midwest by we’re doing, it may be more common in other parts of the country, but has a hard material. It’s almost along the lines will shrink and expand, but I honestly don’t have enough knowledge.

I’ll tell you one way or another. Um, I would refrain putting it in a bathroom until I did more research on it. And who knows, maybe it’s great for bathrooms, but I can’t say one way or another as to if it’s good or not. Milwaukee Home Builder Keep that in mind when you’re doing your, uh, what your, um, your flooring, um, you might be asking, Hey, I did a vinyl floor and luxury vinyl tile or whatever. What should I do for baseboard?

I’m going to hate myself for saying this. But if you’re going with vinyl, you almost have to go with I wouldn’t base board or something of that sort. And if you, I would highly, highly, highly, highly recommend anything I’m painting. All that was in the bathroom, which pains me to say because I love natural, natural stained wood, but the paint is going to be a better verrier against the water and moisture than a varnish. So that’s my recommendation. And I um, you know, I don’t really have a good suggestion for trim with vinyl floors, so my apologies. Milwaukee Home Builder

No, I think your best bet is just to go with go with the paint and trim or even maybe even get a plastic trim for just the bathroom. It’s not as fun to work with. I mean by, that is really terrible work with chips and whatever. It’s not the greatest, but given the circumstances I would consider using it, but that’s just the um, I would just avoid trim in the bathroom period. But either way, do what you gotTa do you know your circumstances better than I do and you can, uh, you can judge what would be best for you. And I just realized that I forgot to optimize this for Milwaukee Home Builder sure.

On building a walkie or a huge. I’m going to have to write this down. Otherwise it’s tragic either way. Have a great day. Is ever reading this or listening to us and enjoy the rest of your day. Milwaukee Home Builder I guess I was going to say night, but it may not be naming. You’re reading this so I haven’t been one. There we go. Good bye.