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We are going to talk about how easy it would probably be to get your kids to school in owasso. Hypothetically speaking, would life in owasso be easier buying real estate ds? Only if use property bounce getting your school, your kids to school on time, which I did not do today? I did try we’re only an hour and 48 minutes late. Technically, it was intentional, Remodeling Milwaukee because I knew I had a 10 meeting get dressed, take their time getting to school, but still it was hell getting them to school because they like to fight and disobey I’m exhausted, and it’s only 9:48 in the morning so I think in owosso it would be easier. His life might be slower, paced, baby. Was for kids, but maybe I should homeschool in owasso, but instead I’m rushing to a meeting doing my last voice memo and attempting to eat some leftover sandwiches from starbucks from the kids gotham life is freaking. Awesome, we’re very excited about real estate in owasso backside to list some homes sally from war, word of mouth advertisement market via social media. We have billboards up and running for property bounce. Probably do some radio we did.

The women show if they were women, show in owasso i, wonder we’re going to do the home and garden show property. Bounce is the best great customer service, matterport camera, which does the virtual tour man take still shots the same time and I have officially made borchers. It’s going to be awesome, it is awesome, but it’s going to be even more awesome in owasso. You are just so excited about owasso. Let’s see what else do we need in owasso we still really likes christmas tree farm. A lot I think that’s my favorite part about owasso. Never petsmart too I know that for sure I’ve been there Remodeling Milwaukee before very important to buyer cat food pet necessities for your owasso animals. It’s another pro. There is not a college in owosso which I’m passing by oral roberts university right now, but maybe one day it’s going fast enough to her baby one day, I will have a college in owasso. Are there plumbing at plumbing in owasso to have city water and i? Believe it’s clean, that’s very important to have lots of gas stations, lots of gems lots of churches, pasta, restaurants, coffee places, washer has a great school close to skiatook lake, not horribly far from grand lake also has beautiful.

Trees has beautiful. Landscaping has a lot of landscape contractors out there. That’s in great builders in bills, on your new property that you’re going to buy from property, bounce or list list your property with property mountains. You won’t regret it you’ll save your home equity. Don’t forget it all. They do have a sonic, owasso and mcalister’s I’m, not sure if they have a first watch, that’s not necessary there. Other breakfast places. Don’t think that was yours. Did you have a walmart I think they have a casino not yet, at least if they do, it might be a small one, but not not a big one. What else today nail salons guys we have to have nail salons, it’s a must:it’s a must for most mostly run some men. Do you like to get manicures and pedicures which they need desperately like to get their nails done or source liquor stores are important to for Remodeling Milwaukee those who, like to drink spirits every once in awhile or a lot, some people that, like to drink a lot wings, places by chicken wings prepared chicken wings in owasso, have a subway I bet. They even have a storage facility for your extra furniture and decor that you don’t need or you need to use while you’re, moving or transitioning into your new house or you can store your stuff in the storage facility.

If you have too much stuff in your current home that you have listed with property bounce, you could use one of their storage facilities. I actually helped staging house in owasso and got her house ready to Remodeling Milwaukee sell last summer. It was quite fun and property bounce can kind of guy 12 can guide you on what your steps are. Two listing and selling your home in owosso for sure we know what to do with the hold your hand. While we guide you through the amazingly seamless process of listing your home in owasso i. Don’t think they have a river, a big river in owasso as I look at the arkansas river I’m, pretty sure they don’t, but I bet they have a smoke shop. If you smoke, you might need a smoke shop, I personally don’t smoke, but people still do it’s kind of weird. They do have buses i, don’t think they have a margaritaville bus like we do in tulsa, which is I’ve, never been on it, but I’m sure it’s cool if swimming pools in owasso, they have playgrounds that parks. It’s just really everything you need and a future city to live in. It’s not too big. It’s not too small has quite a large range of amenities. It does not have a top flight i, topped off whatever that place is called, which is a lot of fun. They don’t have one of those. Let’s see they do have store budget boxes, which is like a storage thing that looks like a railroad car I think it is actually railroad car you store your stuff in it. Did you have those? They have a lot of birds and cats and dogs, a common animal for families? It’s just a great place to live. It’s going to be on monday, it’s going to be high 80. Today it was absolutely beautiful. Yesterday it was in the 70s I believe and it was gorgeous, which is not good for the hair. That’s okay will live. Leslie can’t complain. It’s a great.

These kind of mistake. I think that’s going to go away soon, but owosso is a beautiful place to live. I think you should visit it I think you should call property bounce and have them show you some Remodeling Milwaukee properties and helpless. Your current property in owasso I hope you guys have an amazing day and we will chat soon and hopefully on another topic. Besides owasso it. What I’m tired of talking about nope, also bye, bye