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To run to talk about some more of the specifics of actually framing the deck not just getting set up for the pudding is in the foundation. Part of the the deck itself, so we’re going to be talking about it more in-depth is how to make sure that your deck is is truly squared up how to make sure that it’s it’s the right height, so the person you could want to do is determine exactly where your decks going to be and when you’re doing that on your house, havasu should have had this done prior to doing your footings. Mr. Remodeling Milwaukee We can always use a spot for this audio the beginning to we can rearrange it and start from there. So when are determining where you wanted to be, you don’t want to make sure that there’s a what we call a ledger board on the house and what a ledger board is is basically the the same material that you’re going to be using for the other deck joists themselves. It’s going to get screwed directly to your house in the end. That’s what you can attach your choice to end. You know if you’re working with a new construction house, this is going to be pretty easy cuz. Typically, it’s already done for you or you know, you’re doing it before siding.

Will it gets a little bit. Tricky is if you have to cut out siding or what-have-you on an existing house and what weather is it because you don’t want to attach your deck directly to the siding or you don’t break or whatever type of siding you have. The ledger board actually has to get attached directly to the you know what the wall sheathing you there osb, if it’s a newer house or no one by 6, when waves, older house, you know whatever it is. You want the ledger board to be attached directly to that, because it’s literally supporting over half of your deck. Remodeling Milwaukee You want to make sure that it’s getting attached to something solid. Something is not going to fall away overtime. You want to make sure that your dad is going to stay where you put your deck for a long time and on top of that, it’s actually a code in the end in wisconsin that you have to have the electric cord attached directly to the the outside shooting at the house and not to the siding. So keeping that in mind what you’re going to do is it’s figure out exactly? You know what type of siding you have you know if you have to take, if you have to add a ledger board to it and if you’re heading onto a deck, that’s already there or you going to take it down the deck and putting up a bigger one. It’s really not that big of a deal it’s just when I took stuff that you want to make sure you take a good amount of time and and and doing the process right, because they could. You can dramatically affect the longevity of your deck if it’s not done properly.

So that being said, we’re going to start with getting the actual size, and you know also the height. Some people like decks to be flushed when they walk out of their house and some people like a step down or even a few steps down, no matter what your preference is, you want to make sure that you determine exactly where your heights going to be in, in think of all the repercussions of that you know not just coming out of the patio door or door will, however, you’re getting to your deck, but what that’s going to do for you know if you have a stairway coming off the deck remodeling the walkie or you know, if there’s windows below you want to make sure that you’re not going to start going into the top of the windows or if it’s going to start blocking your view. If you have an exposed basement or you know, if you’d come down one step out of the out of the house, and then that means you don’t have to have a a stairway coming off the deck under the yard. Remodeling Milwaukee If it’ll make it, you know the one step whole host of different factors to consider, so you want to make sure you roll thru cause and effect of every decision you make, especially when determining the height and size of your deck. Another thing to consider is the further out from the house. You get the more expensive. It starts to become. A reason for this being is, if you come out more than y’all, say:10 ft you’re, not to start thinking about using to buy 12 x, 4 joists, as opposed to two by tens. So right there, you have a price increase just due to the top rated sites in material and then also you can have to have a thicker header, because it’s going to be ultimately supporting more weight. Or do you keep the same size header you have to have more posts or post means more putting you know every every part of the kind of a little bit more expensive. Typically, it’s easier or I should say cheaper to go wider than it is to go taller. So keep that in mind, and then you know if you end up hanging out past side of your house on more than one side. Remodeling Milwaukee That also is going to dramatically increase the price, because now you’re going to have multiple headers, as opposed to headers on just one side, other thing that you know kind of keep track of hours of the decking instead of having just square corners you to do it like kind of a 45 that allow what kind of cost a little bit more too, because you have to have extra post, supporting each corner or if you have multiple headers, so a lot of little things to keep in mind as they’re determining layout of your deck.

But once you finally settle on exactly how you want your deck to sit and and what do you want to look like remodeling milwaukee you going to want to mark it out on the house? You don’t suck whatever how you decide. You say you want the back to be flush with the you know, you’re into your floor. So when you walk out, you are it’s! There’s no height difference going to want to take the the thickness of your ledger board and non-typical is 9 and a quarter if you’re, using two by tens for joists or 11 a quarter if you’re using too much. So. Take that thickness, plus your deck thickness meeting the actual tech deck board itself anyway. I add those together and standard with deck boards are either 3/4 of an inch or an inch on the exact so depending on which which type you go with either be at 12 right on or 12 and a quarter either way you go, I recommend you know going at least a quarter inch lower than than the actual height you want. Remodeling Milwaukee Just because anytime, you try to go ultra-tight. You find that you know either your patio door is a perfectly level remodeling, milwaukee or you’re, going to get your ledger board right level or know what that cord swells higher than another or they shrink and it the tighter you get the the more noticeable. Any imperfections are so, especially if you’re in a first-time deck builder, for like kind of just a do-it-yourselfer, not a professional I recommend playing it safe and not getting it quite as close as you could top of the professionals out there recommend that you do go is tight because, realistically you know what you’re doing and you can get it tight and in no but little tricks to use to get it tight and keep it tight. So that being said, if you do need those little tips and tricks feel free to reach out to us at hickory, creek construction and will be more than happy to assist you in and getting everything perfect in in tight for the long haul. So not you got to your height, determined and and figure out exactly what you’re staying down you going to want to measure from the underside of your opiate threshold threshold.

Is that thing you step over every time you walk out of your patio door, any exterior door and basically seals the bottom of the door to the the door jamb dickie, bennett trash coming in and out the other, cold or heat? What have you? The purple, typically sits on either you’re finished floor and in your house, or sits on that the subfloor meaning of the osb or one by depending on head to your house. What you want do is determine the bottom side of the underside of the threshold and that’s what you’re going to use for your figure dimensions. So if you’re going with us to buy 12 you going to want to measure down 12 and 1/4 from the underside of your threshold and then add a quarter inch for your unit, wiggle room. Remodeling Milwaukee So that’s also, if you’re using one inch, decking sognare I determine that you’ll. You measure all the way down. You know the total height, whatever you determine, is proper and you’re going to make a line and in when you make that line you’re going to go over to the other side. Typically, when you do is make sure you go to each side of patio door or no extra door, whatever your you’re working with a new one on each side, and you want to double-check that the level to make sure that it’s nice and straight and also level cuz. You don’t want to start out with having to you going off of that line. The end up with up a deck. Remodeling Milwaukee That’s where level just because you want off of someone’s old framing instead of taking the time to to make sure that your friend is right on remodeling milwaukee