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They were talking about how to frame your basement I’m starting to the blank slate and refinishing. A basement. If you want to do first, is start out with a basic plan of what you’re going to want and then guidelines to to go off of shopping with a a licensed architect. Is it a bad idea if you’re handy was the measuring tape and some good paper you might be able to go to loan design? However, I would recommend getting an actual architect to draw you scale plans if you can plan on hiring a contractor to do the workers versus doing self so going forward, Remodeling Milwaukee we’re going to kind of work out the plan to make sure that you are. You have the end in mind before you start going to want to measure with pretty good accurate. How far apart are the walls are where your furnaces, any major components that can’t be easily moved, put the poles and posts and beams and ended up, doing know that I’m drawing that you have or have made that way, there’s no surprises.

When you go to start framing and say, hey I’m, going to put a wall here, but can’t there’s a beam and then it also helps in making sure that you don’t end up in a really really awkward spot in the room, little bit of a heads up as to how to design the basement around them. So. Now that you’ve got that out of the way a lot of people try to you know for sure do of a rec room in the basement when building a basement, just a bigger room that you need to put pool table a tv, projector tv need anything of that nature, just a general area. Remodeling Milwaukee So keep that in mind as you’re finishing your basement and I’ll be thinking resale. On top of that, you know, another big-ticket item is:is a bar out of people like bars, even if it’s dry bars no plumbing in them, not a bad thing to have for resale again. The next second thing in the basement is a lot of times. People don’t think of eating the egress window, but you do need to know as an escape route in case of a fire don’t like that, have to think about that. But it is a reality, so just make sure you have a day off for that and other than that, you know sometimes study in the basement or even though, like an office, so workout room.

Anything of that nature, because does you know a good use of the extra space so keep all that in mind as you’re doing your layout, sir? If you, if you talk with an architect, will have more good insight on that topic. So now that you kind of got the basics, you want to go ahead and you don’t proceed with the layouts and get the best idea of what you want and how you’re going to go about it and everything so doing that. After that, you give you a lot you’re going to want to end up ordering your lumber in making sure that you have enough materials to do the job without having to run to your local home depot 14 x, before the job is through. So can we try to plan ahead with? Remodeling Milwaukee

That is the measure all of the perimeter walls? Actually, all the walls in general, you don’t say that the total lineal feet of walls is250 20% of that, so the total would actually be 240, and that number will be your new mono phone top plates and bottom plates. You have, if you know the top plate, is just a regular 16 foot spf lumber to buy for the bottom plate, adjust the green treated before so that doesn’t ride over time. You know what the total moisture in the coming out of concrete, for if there is a I’ll, let you know when water and up turn up your basement, the green treated is designed to to hold up to that and west, and all that. So it’s not let you know that number looking to go ahead and start counting the number of two-by-fours, the vertical ones until the way I do. That is your head up here. Remodeling Milwaukee If your total lineal foot again add to 20% for the waist and then take that number of feet times it by 12, cuz I’ll give you the most amount of inches that the of wall space you have and then once you have, that number of inches you can go ahead and divided by 16 reason being is the standard center spacing for two by fours in a wall? Is 16 in. I’ll give you the amount of two-by-fours you need now we don’t take that number and just go with it. We actually had more two-by-fours to it being his number from one to use, so you want to plan for having access it and not shorting yourself, cuz, it’s easier to return 4052 by for it to go back to home depot, to pick up more progress and motivation to keep rolling, so I would say it is cheaper to buy too many and referral. That is too short yourself and waste time and labor, and everything just going to pick up more, especially when you were there in the first place loading him up, it would have taken you a couple extra minutes to load up more delivered even better. So just keep that in mind that I have too many than not enough even after we take that 16 in her that the that total annual inches number divided by 16 or stuck caliper sticking to add more on top of that reason being is all door. Opening., extra two-by-fours, all the outside corners and inside corners get active outdoors in a yard cutting out for two by fours for blocking drywall back room. Remodeling Milwaukee

It’s pretty impressive! How many two-by-fours you can turn up in a basement and it just doesn’t seem like it will take as many as it actually does. So that being said, how your day going in town, every door opening and for every door, opening I had two two by fours and then for every inside or outside corner I had one sometimes two two by fours depends on how much extra one on that job. If it’s a really large job, I tend not to at quite as many just because it adds up in a hurry in the end of one, direction, 200, studs vs. Small basement, we might end up in 20 or 30, but again, if i, if you’re not worried about having too many always always better to have way more than you need, as opposed to not enough. So that’s that’s pretty much the the formula for getting the the walls and self measured out calculated. The the next thing here want to measure out calculators. You know if you need any soffits done or drop ceilings for you, no plumbing in your life. That’s, going to cause you to not have a flat ceiling aura around the metal ones. Typically, we just snap straight line and 2 by 12 floor joists, actually something much straighter or some people use a half inch sheet of plywood with someone. I want my two for backer, so you have something solid to go to little flavor of how the hell they like to do that are personal touch. So you know for every exposed side of the i-beam you’re going to need to know a foot 2 by 12, so I can go ahead and measure out how much it was I being you’re going to have on the finished out of the basement and take that at all together and again at 20% for waste or youngest measurement bed boards. Typically, there’s not a ton of that to my phone needed, so you can actually just order. The lengthy meeting are closed and I need a 10-foot section of 2 by 12. I would have to order a 12-foot because those larger wider portend, a half cracked ends, and it just doesn’t give her. The finished product I like to hear on the side of caution and get more than I need longer. Boards and I need so just cut off a lot more play, not that much more costly, so in the long run, I think it’s for the better way to go Remodeling Milwaukee