Remodeling Milwaukee | Don’t Just Patch it

So today we’re going to talk about the importance of doing stuff right, the first time as opposed to I’m trying to take take a shortcut or if something goes wrong and I’m fixing it right. The first time, instead of 10 to do a quick, simple fix, easy fix, cheap fix it, because, if you’re not proud, it’s going to end up costing you more in the long run as opposed to just starting over and doing it right or I’m. Just doing it right now in the very first place. So when the first reasons is that you want to go for right from the start is then you can have peace of mind when you go to sleep at night, knowing that you’re not going to have an issue with this is real. That’s going to cause major issues. If it fails, it’s a roofing or plumbing or electrical there’s, Remodeling Milwaukee nothing worse than you know, laying in bed at night and going man i, hope, that’s right and I hope i. Hope it’s not going to burn their house down. I hope. If this storm I forget the storm, that I don’t get a phone call and then any phone call you get when it’s raining, you just always think that it’s going to be that that person, cuz they’re at their roof is leaking as opposed to taking the time doing it right and just having the peace of mind that hey I know. This is right and I known that it’s not going to leak in this rain shower remodeling, milwaukee and I know that I did everything I could to make sure it’s done right. So something does go wrong. It’s if we’re going to fix it right and we’re not going to let you know, blame blame anybody here. You know the thing to is when, when you do stuff like hannah, you know shawty you’re, just kind of rick it up to to make it work.

When somebody calls you no say you working for a general contractor and he goes hey the roof that you install them at this house is leaking. You can say well, i, did this this this and this you know it’s always a possibility of a leak in your roof, and you know, even if you’re, the best rough around stuff happens every once in awhile, you get a better for you whatever it is stuck in happen, but you can. You can know that you did everything you could to do it right so you’re not on the phone. So when he says that it’s Remodeling Milwaukee leaking, you can tell me exactly how stuffs done, jennifer and sensitive subject. General contractors will say it will if it’s an easy fix, I can fix it. How did you do it? You can walk him through the the step, and you know one. If you do a real shot to leanne in quick trying to catch something together, you might not know the exact process you took because you’re just kind of flying by the seat of your pants and then so when he goes to see it go to go to fix it. For you, I try to help you out, give you an idea of what’s what’s happening. Maybe he’ll see the the shoddy work that you did and probably not want to use you again or be you. You won’t be able to tell him like exactly how it was done and taken apart. So it’s not going to be an easy fix that somebody else could quick just button up for you if you have a good like working relationship with Remodeling Milwaukee them, remodeling milwaukee. So that’s one of the main reasons why you’d want to do it right, the first time? Just because when it’s done right and you didn’t, you have a consistent way of doing it, it’s a lot easier to tell someone over the phone how something could be fixed or deconstructed or can even if it’s not your fault, but your your product. Her work will be. You know affected by somebody else’s mistake, or you know, by a weather mishap, and if you can’t be there and then you want to just tell him hey.

This is how you do it neon follow the the way it was taken apart and then you’ll be good to go as opposed to you know, just kind of winging it, and it’s going to be hard for them to to redo it. The reason is, you don’t say it. Something goes wrong and you try to kind of just quick fix it, and you know you don’t really know for sure if it was done right, but you think it’s going to hold and I could be any number thing from plumbing to electrical to carpentry to anything. Work, no love! It’s one of those. Were you like kind of hope, nobody notices it cuz you’re a little embarrassed by the word that you did on it or you hope it doesn’t get much stress cuz. He not too confident that it’s going to hold. You know who one of those type of deals. It’s going to end up, costing you more to go back in and fix it. The third time on the one that kind of quick fix didn’t do the trick, and you know if it hurts your bottom line. You know those of the dollars that are out of your pocket, but it also hurts your your image in your reputation. Warren buffett’s added. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 30 seconds to ruin it and that’s really kind of what he saying is that when somebody sees an entire house, that’s really nice, but they they noticed. One thing is wrong:you could have you’re the best house in the world, but all it takes is that one little issue for them to go all day then took a shortcut, and this is done really shoddily I’m, probably not going to use them for modeling milwaukee.

So keep that in mind anytime, you know, have the option to to cut a corner or do it right and the other thing with it is why people don’t look at stuff new in terms of that you’re. Looking at how much a job going to cost you most guys just look at fixed expenses, like say, let’s say:you’re a plumber and you’ve got and all your supplies that lets say you get paid 50 grand for the job. Your labor is 25 grand and your materials are 25 grand. They don’t look at it as okay. So if we do this right, the first time, you know how labor cost is going to be here for about an hour they having the job. So you got 250 hours figured in and doing something right is going to take me on 50 hours. You know for want to ask and and kind of going through a quick, Remodeling Milwaukee it’s going to take 40 hours sooner. You save 10 hours and it sounds real good, but yet to cut a corner to do you have to take into consideration okay now, if I have to send somebody back to the repair that the tasks that you say, 10 hours on it’s going to cost you more than 10 hours, because you’re going to have to schedule with the general contractor customer or give or take with that could be more could be less depending on your relationship with them in and how he’s there to work with know if you have to work around customers living there or if it’s going to still be a vacant building. So just call dad wanted, 2 hours of time heating up and then now that you got that you’re going to have another hour of talking to you guys if you’re, not the one, that’s going out and doing the repair. You’ve got yo gotti going to take a half hour to an hour and took splain the issue to explain where it is you’ll, get it setup. So now he’s going to be off doing that job or whatever it could be. A one-hour repair could be a 10-hour, repairing uh depending on the task. Remodeling Milwaukee So not only you losing the time that he’s there, it’s costing you money, you know what to send them there, but also you’re losing the time that he could be in a different job and making you also time that you could be getting stuff done in a different job. So really every hour that he’s not on a job. That’s turning a profit! It’s costing you two hours in reality and do some people debate that, but even if you just figure, it’s only cost you 1 hour by the time you pay is his drive time and all that you’re going to be well over the 10 hours that you saved to to repair something that could have been done right.

The first time still stayed with him, then yeah and the profitable time frame. Nothing is too, you know when you do go back and do those repairs. Let’s say it was something unavoidable. You know:you’ll manufacture, defect whatever and let’s say you was faulty need. Your supply house is giving you a new parts but not taking care of your labor, and you decide that you’re just going to jb weld it or try to use some other infomercial quick fix, rather than cutting out the faulty part starting fresh and then doing it all right again, Remodeling Milwaukee the second time he eventually, then, that quick fix j-b weld whatever is going to fail again and now you’re going to have the labor of the quick fix, but also the labor of fixing, your quick fix, which is usually going to entail, fixing it the way you should have the first time so that no matter how you look at it just kind of depends on itself and it causes more headaches and takes more time and money than it would have to just do it right in the first place, remodeling milwaukee. So it’s kind of a few reasons why? Why I think you should do it right in the first place, but the biggest reason being just that’s a reputation, Remodeling Milwaukee and you don’t want it getting around that you’re doing a great work and I found it. There’s plenty of people out there that are more than willing to pay full price for a good job that they have good peace of mind that it’s done right and they never have to worry about it. That you shouldn’t have to cut your quality to get a job. I’m, never feel guilty for doing a good job and charging what you’re worth its she’s, not a good formula for a business remodeling milwaukee