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So today we’re talking about actually attached surface mount posts and how you go about doing that around when doing your deck boards. So it will do that first and then then get into the service mount posts, so you’re, considering with the posts. The best thing you can do is, if you don’t have for sure idea of how you going to do it and he know kind of questionable on I’m doing it right. So you can do, is figure out somewhere that you’re going to have a cut off your deck deck boards in a scrap of deck board that you can do a test fit in and make sure that everything fits nice and finish this job well, remodeling, milwaukee! Now that way, you know you can just do some rough measurements and no it’s going to work as opposed to waste an entire day Remodeling Milwaukee to do $100 check for don, i, guess remodeling milwaukee. So what you want to do is obviously, if you’re doing at mps just go ahead and mark the tempe says you would basically holding it up next to the the post and putting a dash on each side of the post.

So you know where to cut to for death of cut. What you want to do is yeah measure the overhang. That’s that your dad court has without me know when you bump it right type of the post and what you want to do is take into account any sort of decorative skirt board that you’re going to put on, and that could be. You know if you’re going to the azek that usually have like it’s right around 1/2 inch thick by 11 a quarter wide. Can you go on to make sure you have the ball out, give or take an inch and a quarter inch and a half overhang past? Remodeling Milwaukee That I would like to go into the half just cuz. That’s what we do. You know most of our interior at work, and we do a lot of that. So it’s as easy for us to keep it consistent, interior and exterior. But if you, if you look at it and you decide you like it more overhang and less overhang whatever whatever you decide is it is it’s really just a personal preference is what it comes down to remodeling milwaukee. So that being said, let’s say you have a 3 inch overhang your tongue piece direct to the post. You just want to do the math and say if it’s easier, you know hold up a scrap piece of your score for 2, so it’s less matthew have to do so. Let’s say you bump it into the the deck order to the post. You put your skirt board up underneath tight to the the bottom of your scrap deck board and you measure the overhang in your at 3 inch off your going for an inch and a half overhang. All you really have to do is say no to an inch and a half, notch and I would recommend doing like an inch and 3/4. Just so. You’ve got some room for error in case the post is a little dinner, or what have you? It’s always easier to err on the side of caution, remodeling milwaukee!

So just keep that in mind as you’re doing it. The the best thing you can do is just do mock-ups and temporary set up, so you can hook it up the full visual on the finished product as opposed to doing it. How you think it’s going down and then realizing later you forgot to stop and try to figure out if, if you cannot fix it without tearing everything apart or if you could just put it in without having to worry about it, and nobody can see it’s just easier to do a full mock-up and not have to worry about it, remodeling milwaukee. Remodeling Milwaukee That being said, just up do your notches. However, you figure out that you don’t look between your overhanging and everything and some people actually do like to go if they’re skirt board up a flush with the top of the the deck boards, and this is a lot more. So if you’re, if you’re not doing the picture frame style deck board in a lot of the the old school guys, did it this way cuz they would just throw the deck boards on and and then trim, often and slam the skirt board right up tight to the the deck boards, but it’s not. It’s, not as common as it used to be remodeling milwaukee. So this would only work if you do, you know I dropped her or you know you have only 2 by 10 header on the, if it’s a flush better just because by the time you figure the thickness of the deck boards and the thickness of the deck joists you’re at 12 you’re at I like 12 and a quarter and typically those reports are only 11 and 1/4 finish dimensions. So just keep that in mind. You know if you want to go that route to make sure that it’ll it’ll cover before before you decide to commit to that remodeling milwaukee next thing, I want to do it. You know if you’re nauseous is he going to want to take your time piece and go iowa essentially trace it onto your. If you’re finished bored-and you know whether you put a just measure of each edge of the post and trace your temple ward based off those marks or if you just measure the center of the posts, mark that on your deck board and then trey sub the other parts off of a centers. However, you decide to get the the marks off your final piece orca or go right. They should go to another day. You want to try we’re always trying new things.

Just double-check it a few different ways before you fully commit to get that cord cuz again they can get kind of pricey it. If you start messing him up, remodeling, milwaukee and I will follow. If you get your court on lashed out in ready to keep going going to make sure that you get all your friends or one smashed out and and then you’ll be ready for I’m, actually mitering dealer and easiest way for a beginner to do this is play. The deck boards in odyssey want to cut long, so put them roughly in place where they going to be, Remodeling Milwaukee and then have them overlap each other and then once they’re overlapping, each other than you wanted. I would say you actually screw them in no temporarily, so you not using the full amount of screws of using on the finished product, but at least the view so that you can you make sure that they’re not going anywhere, and then this also works good for getting back, lined up in the same spot, each time that you, you don’t make a card or try to fit it. Just so. You know positive placement, essentially for a screw back in remodeling, milwaukee and I hope you get your board to know where they’re going down password in place temporarily and obviously they’re going to be overlapping.

Won’t give me a time for each other as soon as you get them right, where they’re going to be staying. What you can do to to make it easy on yourself to figure out the right angle, to the correct english should say:is tracing the upper deck board on to the lower one, meaning the old huerta crossover. That way. Remodeling Milwaukee You know, you know exactly where it’s going to intersect and what you do then is basically connect the long point shore point. You know basic about the outermost point of the deck to the innermost point at ahead of 45, any trace that on to the the lower deck board, based off of the lines from the upper deck board for modeling milwaukee, and that’s going to be the england as much as we like to assume that it’s going to be using. These are never exactly perfectly 45. There are typically off by just a little bit so when you’re doing it just cut close the line first, but don’t cut the line that way. You’ve got some room for adjusting the cut a little bit each time till you get it right. Type of wine, and then you know once you get that cut and you’re cut right to the line. Now you can go in and reverse the order of what you just did now. You’ll, be laying the bottom board over the top board and beat racing that angle on to the the top board, so that you can figure out that it goes well and then it’s a lot quicker. Fitting remodeling milwaukee