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So now that you are I know to make sure that everything is perfect as perfect as you can make it right away, we’re going to bounce back to footings a little bit and we’re hoping that you listen to this all the way through before you before you started your deck remodeling milwaukee, just for the fact of I forgot to mention a very critical point and I apologize for not catching a sooner, but when you’re setting your your footings noise if you’re pouring the concrete is, is when this is important, not quite as much with the diamond. Because there’s a lot more room for error and I will touch back to. Why that that’s the case when you said your footings, you want to make sure that they are flush with your grade. Remodeling Milwaukee Then what that means. Is you want to make sure that when you put the dirt, you finished like level dirt and where it’s going to be want to make sure the the concrete footing is his right at that or maybe just below the surface, because you don’t want to have them down to low, where you have to have a the dirt, either piled up height of the post, which is actually not accepted as code? It is the third cannot be touching any any part of the the green treated material of the posts, or you know you would have a situation where the dips down right by the post, just because he didn’t fill it up kind of. On the contrary, you don’t want to have the deck where you see the top 6 inches of your footing just looks kind of funny, and it’s definitely better that way, then being too low in terms of the structural standpoint, remodeling the walkie and essentially because there’s no risk of the you know the post getting too wet do to you know too much dirt and wood chips or whatever too much moisture on it and causing it to never get a chance to try out completely.

So the best thing to do is, if you don’t know, quite where you’re your grades going to be here. If you need kind of an experience and I would highly recommend consulting a professional, even if you have to pay him in a hundred twenty bucks just to come out and tell you what height they should be at if you’re doing to yourself or always err on the side of caution, it’s better to have it too high and you can figure out how to how to dress it up and maybe do a little box around it to make it look nice. Remodeling Milwaukee If you have to there’s a few ways to make it look better, if you go that way, it’s not really easy to. You know if you get caught with the inspector noticing it’s too low, it’s a real pain in the butt to try to extend that hire, and you know you all to support the deck in and try to cut off the bottom of a post. While it’s already installed its, it can be done, but it’s not a not a fun task and not something I would want you to have to go through remodeling milwaukee. So do it again to make sure it’s done at the right height, but if you’re not not 100% positive, just her on the side of caution and go high and we’ll figure out how to dress it up later. That being said, nelly, I’m going to get back to where we’re going, I’ll tell you how to how to work with the diamond pierce. If you decide to go that route as opposed to doing footings, remodeling milwaukee, is you don’t have to pour the footings? It’s not concrete it in. If you don’t have to dig the holes, you can do it after the final grading is already done. You know it’s great for adding onto a deck or replacing a deck.

You know multiple different scenarios if they really serve a great purpose. Remodeling milwaukee, they’re, pretty user-friendly i, had actually almost say that they’re they’re, easier for first-time deck builders than using footings know if you’re doing that the total progress project, but they both things that make a real nice and easy in, and they also have the things that make them not so quite not quite so nice and easy, but I personally like using them just for the for the fact of do you only have to have the debt the entire deck inspected once where is it to do footings with a poured concrete? You have to drill the hole, get it inspected for the concrete, get it inspected and then fill the deck and get it inspected. So that’s three separate times you got to have your inspector out and inspectors come out for free, so I guess more, so it’s built into the permit price. So it’s not that it costs anything. It’s just the time that you you lose. Remodeling Milwaukee You know with all those steps and most of the time you’re each time you go out to do a step from the footings. You’re, not you don’t have a full day, so you have to try to kind of work other things in your day that that aren’t going to fill up an entire day. So you know if you’re drilling the holes yourself you’re going to have a half a day, and you know if your contractor doing this, you got to figure in you know. If it’s your time or your guys time, you know if it’s just you and you run your own business, you can fill up a half a day, pretty easy, and then you don’t have to worry about it. Remodeling milwaukee! But now, if you have to worry about, you got a half a day and then you know some guys will like to go home early if they get the chance or you got to try to find another job for them to go to.

If they need the hours and run the risk of them are going to find a place to go, get there 40 hours, remodeling, milwaukee or a possibility, you can do is say hey. This is the what you got to do today. Finish it up, you can’t if you can head home and I’ll pay you for your 8 hour day,. That is an obvious. You got to charge more for the text because you’re you have to charge for a whole week in the industry’s call don trip charge. How much work is getting done. You know how much the actual work itself costs that you have a minimum charge I’m. Basically there the cost at it. If you-and this will cost, you encourage a business owner to send guys out to a project-and you know that varies by industry in a varies by company and some companies don’t even charge it, but one way or another. You got to cover the cost of operating. So keep all that in mind as you’re selecting your new putting style or was the concrete poured concrete, or if it’s going to be there concrete diamond, piers, samora nice things about the diamond, pierces they’re about a hundred fifty bucks, a piece which really isn’t bad when you consider the the cost of a I drilled. Remodeling Milwaukee Putting you know pour concrete if it’s going to be about 2 to 3 hundred bucks, I’ll send done by time. You figure, you know if you, whether you drill the holes or you pay somebody else to drill the holes. What time do the concrete there and it’ll labor of you filling the holes with concrete or somebody else doing it? He usually comes about to two to three hundred bucks obviously depends on the size of the hole and how many holes are there. If there’s few were holes, you’re going to get charged more horrible, just because again you the cover that trip charge and justify the trip out there. For as if there’s a lot of holes lot of times, you can get essentially quantity, discount, milwaukee, remodeling and it’s more justifiable to do a job with the concrete holes. If you’ve got a lot of holes just because, then you can you order a cement truck instead of actually mixing the two concrete johann site yourself manual, either with a electric mixer or any sort of going about that almost to a factors of running a business. Essentially, a lot of this stuff won’t apply to you i.

Do it yourself hers, but at least you can understand. Where is contractors are coming from when you do get clothes from us, remodeling milwaukee, but back to our the diamond piers, the real nice thing about those? Is they pretty much build a deck on them and then drive the the pierce? And you don’t know what to build the entire deck and then and then do it just because from time to time as you’re driving the rods they they will hit rocks, and you have to turn the on the pier a little bit to miss the the rock. Remodeling Milwaukee So you can actually drive it all the way in kind of, but once you do, it you’ll understand lil bit more and if I wasn’t clear on what a diamond. Is. Actually, it’s like a cube with clip corner on the top, where the posts it’s in the eclipse like concave corner on the bottom, that actually sit in the dirt and it’s got four holes. It kind of angle eric that angela deposing on sides that way when you set um you’re, using like a biscuit for a little over 4 foot rods. Are you driving to the jackhammer and they kind of criss cross each other? And that’s what actually supports a deck? It’s a lot of engineering and it’s pretty interesting stuff in terms of how they work and how well they working definitely convenient. So send me what you going to do when you doing a diamond. You’re going to loosely build a deck on top of it and by that I mean and set your outside joist in your header, depending on which way you do that as well. But it’s going to set up the other rough outside frame and you rebuild the the post right on top of that and after you can I get that rough frame. Do enough, um your posts down and drive the piers. That way, you know if something does happen where the the garage kid rock or something-and you can’t drive it straight through you got the option to take the pressure off the post, either with a floor jack or he has something just enough to take off. Most of the pressure fuel can pull the garage back out a little bit and then turn the computer itself and try driving it in a different angle, and usually all the takes is one one little adjustment in your home free but there’s, obviously the the inconvenience of hitting rocks and and not being able to to move. Remodeling Milwaukee So just one of the things, a factor as you’re deciding on which, while you’re going to go, remodeling milwaukee