Remodeling Milwaukee | Measurements Laid Out

Today, we’re going to talk about how to properly hang a set of cabinets, pretty simple civil process, especially if you have tips from professionals brisingr need is you know, I was thinking about your your cabinet layout base with you about the blueprint of how the cabinets were designed and how they’re supposed to be installed. You know what a level we use a variety of levels newer from 16 inch to 6 foot based upon, like the spans, the cabinets and everything going to want some cabinet screws to use both the two and a half inch kevin screws and 3/8 cabinet screw screw screw into the wall and then bring the cabinets together. Remodeling Milwaukee We use anything from inch and a half all the way up to the the two and a half from time to time just depends on new style, with sand panel thickness, isn’t and what not remodeling milwaukee. So that being said, the first thing you want to do is I want to pick a corner. That’s you know what the rest of the kitchen’s based off of more or less most times, there’s a there’s going to be a cabinet that you know goes type against the corner on the back and try to get the corner on the right or left side then, and then usually, you’ll have a cabinet that bumps into at least one side of that a lot of times. We can the phones in the both sides, remodeling milwaukee and the reason we’re going to set that that corner one first. Remodeling Milwaukee Is it to heck of a lot easier to set that cabinet when there’s nothing on either side of it, as opposed to set in the other ones first and in trying to watch that cabinet between the wall and the other cabinets which is doesn’t work out too well. So that being said, once you have your your starting point, mine you going to going to measure up off the floor to the proper height to the bottom of your cabinets, kitchen cabinets at 54, inches off the the finished floor.

What I mean is sometimes we’ll set cabinets before you know that the kitchen floors are in if it’s like a floating floor or something so we are just do the math to make sure we know what the finished height of the flores family base are measurements off of that just another simple little stuff that we like to do to go the extra mile for a customer’s remodeling milwaukee. So the next thing we’re going to do is we take a level and, and the reason I say, leveling out a laser is once you use a level and end in a pencil and the lines on the wall. Remodeling Milwaukee You know you don’t have to worry about somebody bump in the the pencil line on the drywall, and you have to worry about taking a half hour to set the laser the right height, some guys swear by it. We haven’t made the conversion yet I’m, not saying we won’t, but it just isn’t on our top priority is to switch the lasers for modeling milwaukee. That being said, which can do is you can take a level and line it up with your 54 inch mark? Any going to want to draw an ice level line straight across that the 54 inch height, keep in mind we’re going to scriptfleet to the wall. So if you’re not doing a tile backsplash, it will be a couple of screw holes. I just a little touch up screw holes to patch after the fact, and you can get a away from that by having a buddy help, you hold it on the anna level 9 years true, but your phone is just way easier to berkeley to the wall so that the cabinet has something to rest on as you’re trying to get a screw into a stud. So moving on you going to you, don’t want to take that clean of some sort either a2 by 4. You know we did a lot of time to use closet material. We talk leading, it’s spelled one by two and we screw that right to the wall. You know and make sure you get into the stud pretty good you want to. You don’t want that phone off the wall when you got up I have a cabin on there. So just keep that in mind. Is your cuz you’re screwing your play, don some of the cabinets can be upwards of 100 lb, so one screw will do when you start as long as you get time, some good bite on the screw, remodeling milwaukee. The next thing that you’re going to want to take a look at it is:where are the studs i? Suppose you could do that, should do that before your screw cleat to the wall? What we usually do is take a 3/16 drill bit and find a place above the line that is going to be covered by a cabinets and we just drill a few test holes. Remodeling Milwaukee You know about an inch apart, sometimes 3/4, to figure out where the studs are. How they really have to do is drill in about a half inch, 3/4 and then you’ll know if you break through the drywall and there’s metro bridges falls, falls the rest of the way that you’re not on a stud. So if you drill through that, haven’t recorders and it’s hitting something solid in your shaving, a drill, you know you’re on a stud. So that’s what that’s what we do any way that you find it is going to be okay, just as long as you’re sure it’s there I would caution against the use of stud finders, especially when hanging cabinets. We just haven’t, had very good luck with those and it’s not not fun. When you’re, when you’re holding the cabinet up struggling to hold it and then the s, really you put in didn’t hit anything because your stud finder, salty, just my personal opinion, whatever you think, is best feel free to use that remodeling milwaukee.

So the next step is that once you find the find, the studs is going to be mark out 16 on your studs and then draw those all in the wall and then double-check them done just sometimes each there they’ll put a random stud in a wall for drywall backer to the front of their side or the. What have you so just because most. There are 6 inches apart does not mean every set 6 inches parts of it’s always double-check. Remodeling Milwaukee It started before you drill the cabinet for screws. The studs marked out and double check your ready to transfer the the studs to the cabinet for pre-drilling, and what that is is even a mark on the back of the cabinet for where you want the screws to go cuz, it’s a heck of a lot easier to screw. You put screws in it if they’re pre-drill that you’re not trying to drill through the cabinet and drill through drywall and stud. So what you going to do is take a look at the cabinet. If it’s pumping into a wall double check to make sure that there’s no no overhang in the front of the cabinet the face frame a lot of times, you know there’s at least a quarter inch or half inch overhang on the front just for a drywall taping, the inside corners that they built it out and you’re not going to be able to get tied in there without hitting the bag. First. So yeah. We always like to see at least 1/2 half inch lift on the front remodeling milwaukee.

So are you really going to do it? That is hold your tape measure I’m past the back of the cabinet, whatever the the total overhang is just so that it automatically doesn’t math for you and you’re going to come in there mark out the distance from the wall to each. It’s, pretty simple, easy to get mistaken and measure from the wrong side of the double triple check. Everything after you’ve got it marked before you grill it. Remodeling Milwaukee What’s you have it all double check triple check in when you’re ready to start putting it up? What you going to do is take away, i, want an eighth and built drill bit or 9/32 closer to come in sizes we use for the screws we use this. What you’re looking to do is make it so that the screw has just enough light in the cabinet to keep it from falling out as your lifting it, but that the cat that the screw will easily go in and out without much effort. You don’t want that cabinet fighting. You I had to try to drive that screw in and if you don’t want it, you don’t want to screw biting into the cabinet. While you’re trying to buy new the stud cuz, it will actually push the cabinet away from the stud and then it makes it really difficult to get the cabinet type to the wall. Slepian said will use the adventure 9/64 remodeling milwaukee