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Today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the stairway, railings and stringers, that’s what I’m saying so:let’s go ahead and get started, so you have another type of real you going to need types of stairways, 10 *, the top and straight all, the way to the bottom. What. We call a list of multiple landing, such as down three steps. Remodeling Milwaukee Turn right down:three steps:3-foot by 3-foot, landing big summer, small on the more common types of things we see is what we call the u-shaped or you go down halfway between 4th and adobe. Look up big landing in the stairway turn 180 degrees to go back down the stairs. The other way. That’s a pretty common. The one tap into much detail with this, where the some of the stairs have I more like that I went shaped like a triangle instead of a rectangle or square and the beast are there just a little bit more tricky to explain so we’ll just have to go in there and be greater detail at those on a different episode so happy and said:let’s get into just the easiest one or the type of stairway, remodeling milwaukee, so take a look at it determine if there’s any car drilled and handrails first thing, I mentioned a straight section of handrail with balusters and things of that nature, so I’m looking for is basically you know. You know where the floor meets the stairway. If there’s anywhere that a child could just keep walking and softball straight down the stairway.

You know it’s, it’s usually pretty obvious and most jobs. They have some sort of clown. Temporary handrail put up that it makes it really obvious. So when we see that’s, what we’ll do is take a look at it. You just your tape, measure on it and and determined. You know how many post will need how long, how many balusters you need, what we do Remodeling Milwaukee it everywhere. There’s a corner. You have an open railing on two sides:there’s obviously going to be a spot that ties into a wall and I’m going to be a corner where the two straight section of meat, so we need to post there and then we’ll need to post at the other end where the streets exercising too. You know nothing about the running, so long. Keep in mind that this is not a one-size-fits-all description about this remodeling milwaukee heaven sent. This saw this example. We were going to go with the north street to open inside, but also give you a little bit of variation in terms of how to go about it. So we look at the stairway to go to the first floor into the basement. On the first floor, we’ve got an open railing on two sides:one direction is east, piedmont, x, +, 3 piece and it take to make an l or around the stairway and I will just need to go, get set up for that. So then going downstairs.

There is a pretend angle, angle, rail, that is specific speed. So that being said, what you going to do with, where you’re going to have your posts and how many you going to need in and basically and the rail when there’s no wall for the the realtor to die into so in this case, will need three posts, so need to guard rails and will need one on the angle handrail going down the basement, stairs I figured out. What we need to do is figure out if we’re doing falls stringers, Remodeling Milwaukee how much of those were going to need-and that being said or going to want to do, is double check. Your you total run length, meaning that the distance from the top nosing all the way down to the the bottom nosing call miguel want to add 10 * 2 feet are so standard. Length of a false string is usually are a total of 16 ft and that’s what we see the most. If. You have a 8 foot basement 8-foot ceilings in the basement. I’ll take him put stringers if more than likely going to be plenty long enough for you to run your tooth fall stringers up each side of the stairway, remodeling milwaukee, keeping in mind, there’s a few different types of stringers that we see a lot.

Different types are usually 3/4 inch thick by 10, inches, wide or nine and a half, depending on the manufacturer, ar veneered, some sort of cancer going to go with us talk, maple stringer i, want by 10 with that people can hear so the way that we’re going to measure these can be a little tricky. Remodeling Milwaukee The way we get our length we’re going to tennessee animal things in 7. All the way down, barely touches the debate more while resting on all the nosing about stairs okay and we’re going to take the tape measure to measure all the way back up to the top to wear the stringer is going to rest on stair header total angle. Did you follow me? The last riser of the particle board weather from the basement floor on the angle all the way up to where that stringer is going to hit the header which indictment cases out of 10. The last riser is going to be mailed directly to set header.

So basically amazing from the basement floor to where the the top of the first floor so important to the three quarter, inch osb, the hatter comes with it more confusing than it is. But once you start measuring you’ll understand what I mean it’s not going to be an exact measurement, just a rough patch in place. So if you’re loaded Remodeling Milwaukee long, that’s fine, there’s going to be a little bit of guessing in there because there’s! No! The messages are so when in doubt, just a little bit I could do it and then you’ll be okay Milwaukee, you know the next up. We’re going to get into is going to be easy. How to determine what angle to cut your the ends of your stringers at tune in tomorrow to find out how we do that

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