Remodeling Milwaukee | No Gaps
So you know what you got the shingles drawn on your deck boards and it should make it fairly easy to fit together. I want to make sure that you do check it before you start screwing, off. Words, completely I would recommend you know, cutting both angles and leaving them just a touch long, maybe 1/16 long and after cutting the minors you don’t just had a bump them together, put them in and roughly and place and maybe even put the no one’s placement screw into. Remodeling Milwaukee¬† So you know where it’s going to be final final position, actually don’t have any major gaps when working with you know some sort of like isaac, which would be a pvc composite, actually true, pvc deck and I like to make sure there’s almost zero gap. You know just for the fact of it. It’s going to move around a lot. So when you do it initially there’s a little gap, it’s only going to get worse with the the seasons. You know that he has a tendency to move around quite a bit. So I found you not the time you get in the first place, the better. It’s going to look over time, remodeling milwaukee, so we always make sure to to go, is titus as possible and then the thing with some azek decking is they. The manufacturer recommends that you put a screw in within a half inch of any seems, meaning you know. If you got a miter, you want to make sure you get a screw.
That’s within a half inch of your cut and end brother, two screws of type that way:cuz cuz. What happens? Is the pvc pvc shrinks and expands so much? But it’s not it’s not like a large horse if it’s going to obviously shrink and expand at the the point of least resistance. So if you put screws in a really close to the miter, the great thing about pvc, is it’s not going to crack, so you can get really close to that minor without any any issues there, but also it’s going to keep it from moving away from the minor cuz. It’s it’s going to be pretty tight to the miter. Saw it’ll. Save you some headache when you come back-and you know after you put it in, and it was in the middle of day and year was nice and sunny in expanded. They come back in the morning and it’s when it’s chilly. If you don’t put those screws, nice and tight to the corner, you will have gaps and it’s not like a. Remodeling Milwaukee Maybe it’s not like a possibly it’s a for sure going to have gaps that just because of the fact of how much that that punish drinks expand so be ready for that. You know, if you, even if you do put it, the faster is nice and tight to any seems, there’s still a possibility of of gapping just just because of how much the the product moves around and then that’s to be expected. Remodeling, milwaukee, keeping in mind the other thing that we do to help alleviate some of the gapping is we’ll put a screw from one day according to the other along the edge. You know, I’m, not a long point, and when we do this, we actually use the really do this with azek decking. We use the they’re called trim top screws on what it is, a stainless steel screw that has a paint matched head specifically match to the board color. So we do that you’ll, just kind of stuck on tight and keep them tight. Just one more little thing you can do to help keep your deck looking good throughout the seasons in no matter what the temperature is outside remodeling milwaukee.
The next thing that we’re going to do it you know, is it determined what you’re finished screws going to be like for your decking and the outside boards and with the picture frame they’re always going to be to always there typically different than the screw that you’re using to screw off the entire deck? What I mean with this is most times when we do a picture frame. Muse they’re called cortex screws, remodeling milwaukee, and what does he drive a screw, that’s specific to the product and it has regular threats on the the bottom 2 inches of the screws about a two, maybe two-and-a-half 3 inch screws of the bottom two and a half inches are in a standard. Coarse threads for driving out of wood in a top are reverse threads that actually are are wider than the other coarse threads and what it does when paired, with the the shape of the the screw-head it actually drills, on a perfect bowl and over the top of the screw remodeling milwaukee. And what happens is the new? You got a specific driver bit. They use to put these pits in and it’s got to stop on. You drive the the screws to a specific depth each time and then, after the screws, driven use, cortex plugs and what that is, it’s a plug that has, it was supposed to be cut out of a deck board. You know, full-size deck board in the purpose of the plug has graining on the top that matches the deck board itself. Remodeling Milwaukee So when you’re putting these plugs in as long as you matched the the grain direction of the plug with the with the deck board itself, once you tap on flat they’re, almost invisible to anybody, that’s looking at the deck in your! If it. If you really focus hard, you can see him but they’re, the basically, you know invisible tooth to the average person remodeling the walkie and even when you know, they’re, there sometimes they’re extremely hard to see and they’re they’re great product, because because of that reason, but there’s like I said, don’t want to use them just because of the extra work you know after driving a screw, you do have to go back through and how to plug into to each screw head, which it really isn’t that bad.
But you know when you’re bigger product projects quite a bit of holes or if there’s a lot of stairs sound the same screw on stairs but I’d rather take the time and do it we’re going to get the best finished product as opposed to saving time at hill qualities, expense. The other spinner you could use is those same trim. Trim trim top screws. I was talking about for the that we used on the outside miter of the deck board and the only downfall of diseases you’ll be able to see the head of the screw everywhere in the in around on the picture frame and I’m, not really a fan of that, especially because anytime, you know you’re using a zagg product chances. Are it it’s it’s a fairly high end deck because isn’t cheap, so anybody that’s using it. It’s going to want to know what a nice finish and if they can appreciate a nicer product they going to appreciate a nicer, install job as well. Remodeling milwaukee I like to go the extra extra step, and just do it the way I want it done. If it was my house, especially on these nicer jobs, were called as appreciated. There are some cases where you know the builder and or homeowner is just going for budget, and in that case we’ll use. You know something maybe like a trax line or some other type of composite decking, where you’re only really option is to pay screw everything, but it in that case, we do make it perfectly clear to the customer that that’s the look they’re getting and that’s the the finish that they’re getting and it is long as they know ahead of time they usually okay with it. It’s usually one. You have no customer that says they didn’t know that they were getting matter.
You didn’t make it clear in the first place that there was going to be visible screws, that’s when we usually run into issues I’m so either way that you go or, however, you end up doing it, it’s always going to be transparent and make sure that that there’s, no specifics that are left out in the open. You want to make sure that everything is on the table and make sure that all expectations and everything are laid out on the on the forefront. So there’s no issues on the back end, remodeling, milwaukee and then the other thing is when you’re doing the the decking going to make sure you know what what kind of screws are using for the you know, the rest of the deck that decks will main surface of the deck, and it was a couple options for this as well. You know, there’s multiple, multiple, hidden, fastener systems, some of the biggest ones, are camel that says it’s a product that they got the wrong screws that are driven and angles. I’m use a specific jig that you just dropped the screws in and use them again a specific drill bit that. Comes with the screws. So you drive it to the right depth each time and also that so that the screws starts itself in the right, writing right, angle and and way. This is usually the the way we go when we install azek decking, it’s just in my opinion, the most hidden fastener justin, the cleanest, look, remodeling milwaukee