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Clear going to talk about the rest of the trip, so pretty much covered the the baseboard and the doors that says some pretty easy stuff I want to talk about ordering casing for windows and then also if we need extension as well, so first thing to turman. If your window does need extension, jambs or if the james came with the window, etc, how you go about doing this, is it take a look see where the the drywall is unlocked on the wall of the window that you’re working on? If the drywall is is even with the the wood of the window, you could to go if the drywall sticks out past the the wood of the window or what we like to call the sash extension jambs and then is early. Usually we just taken bumper tape, measure window itself and measure out to the drywall, Remodeling Milwaukee use that as the the depth gauge for our extension jambs, pretty simple and straightforward. Usually, if the window is installed improperly, they’ll be no multiple different depths or sometimes I can even do the framing itself didn’t stay in place and shifted around over time, which does happen. Your measurements may vary as much as a quarter, inch candy more in extreme cases, but typically everything’s within an eighth engine and it’s easier to manage.

So that being said, you going to want that tickle, the measurements measure of each corner and get your death so really a bump into the window, and it says you know for 1/8 will go for 2:16. Just so that you don’t stick out past the drywall cuz I can be almost as much of a pain. Is it being too short once you have that measurement typically doing this can vary from window to window, but will measure the what’s called the ro, which is simply a rough opening to play rough opening is a half-inch bigger than the window itself. So if your Remodeling Milwaukee windows 36 and a half wide year, rov 37 in so it’s pretty simple top and bottom pieces, omashu the ro subtract 3/8 of an inch and then I will subtract an engine 70s simply because you have the top and bottom jam that go the total with side to side and then decide james with bump into the top and bottom jams, remodeling milwaukee. That being said, it’s just the thickness of the jams doubled up, so we usually use 3/4 jam. So if you’re not using anything but 3/4 yell to do some math on that. So it’s the three quarters of an inch * 2, which is an inch and a half plus three eighths, of an inch that we’re going in a smaller than the actual are also the the high tomorrow. Now we got that measurement you can take whatever materials in for extension, jambs on a lot of people use kind. Just they have pine windows, just keep the same remodeling milwaukee and then also a lot of people will go with me on some sort of poplar or maple or oak, depending on what the trim in the rest of the house.

Is it just a match? Remodeling milwaukee, just kind of do some research to see what the other people have done, that that you like and someone’s done, something that you like, but it’s not the same as the rest, your house right answering 100% wrong answer is everybody’s mitch at mixing. Imagine and he can come up with some pretty creative things, remodeling milwaukee, so now we’re at the measured and cut and everything we can go ahead and assemble them easier to measure casing once the monster jams are assembled in in you can attach it. Remodeling Milwaukee You know like together a few different ways. The most the best way to be found is actually using a rough stapler is what we call it. It’s basically just a half inch, crown, stapler and staple gun. That’s usually inch and a half long staples for staple just tends to suck everything way tighter and hold together better remodeling milwaukee, but in the past we’ve used everything from screws to finish on quarter inch staples anytime. Sometimes you just got to use what you have to get the job done.

That’s what we intend to do text symbol. We usually put it in place and then with a level, and the reason for the level is is more so a straightedge is opposed to actually plumbing. It always try to take the the james and let him up with the window make sure that the other reveal stay the same cuz. If the windows in there just a little bit off, you don’t want to have a perfectly plum jam. It’ll make the window look terrible, whereas if you but the jam with the window, it’s going to look straight unless there’s something right next to it, that that is perfectly straight or talked a different way. It’s going to look better then, had the jams been installed level in the window, not sometimes we don’t have a lot of control with who sets the windows. If we set the windows, we make sure they’re, always nice and plump, but you don’t always get to choose and yourself. So just keep that in mind as you’re going about this, but after everything now you’re ready to start casing, the window or I should say ordering casing for the window. Remodeling milwaukee and what you’re going to do is figure out what size your your casing is in and what I mean by that is. What, with did you go with the tuna quarter? 3 and 1/4, whatever size you go with, is going to determine how much too big you’re going to cut the pieces. So, for instance, if we use tuna quarter casing will measure the inside dimensions of the window and add it in exact measurement cuz.

It is just rough cutting and then, if we going with three and a quarter casing will cut everything 10 inches bigger than well inside them. So, for example, if you’re inside dimensions are safe, 34 by 58 will cut quarter, casing will cut it 44 by 58 by 68 matter, I’m, pretty simple, they’re remodeling milwaukee pussy can I get those measurements. Would you like to has the word cutting a tremendous service ordering it free cut, the miters on the two outside pieces cuz? We always start with the the bottom piece and work our way around the window from there, but we’ll go into that deeper one sweetie. Once we get to how to case a window so far for just measuring purposes will take the inside dimensions at 10 for the the three quarter casing, and once you have that you’ll just are all together and instead of being an inches turn into pee, and then do that for all the windows you have once you get the all the windows measured you going to want to do the same thing we did with all the other trim is at 10%, pretty simple, not for the too complicated that that just gives us enough room for error between material miss, cuts, etc, remodeling, milwaukee,