Remodeling Milwaukee | No Shortcuts

Now that we’ve got the plane hitting the top, we measure from point to point on the two sides of the casing. You can go a little bit more experience and more than that too no trim trim the size and he will fit properly for a little bit less just because we expect before we even start cutting. So you know when, typically when you’re cutting that that might around the casing, you you want expect that it’s just going to be a straight 45. You know exact all the way around, but there’s a multitude of factors that they can I make it not always be an exact 45. Most times we end up cutting it at in a 45 and a half or somewhere in that range. Remodeling Milwaukee You know if we will even get down into the third quarters of a degree to get it to fit properly in and tight, so what we always do as you know, the eighth inch long and then just set it on top. You know, let it let it rest there, and sometimes you got to hold it to keep it from tipping off. So we’ll do the whole set the head up there and in-center it so meaning it’s going to be a little bit too long.

So you want to center the head between the two sides to make sure that the profiles lineup is closest to can keep in mind that they won’t let up exact, since it is a little bit long see if the angles are offer how far off they are so I’m doing this setting it on the inside hit before the outside. But it’s all those factors, kind of mean a different thing. So what you going to do is take a look at that and which sides further off from from fitting tightly. You have two left sides got a bigger, gap. Fitting with the left side. First, the right has got a bigger. Gap will start the right at 4, or so what is start with? Remodeling Milwaukee What whatever is going to be harder to make that fight? Just for the fact of you don’t want to burn up all of the extra length you have fitting. It’s not that far off your dad to fit right and then have to try to mess with fitting the the worst outside. So I was kind of looking at which side squad.

Do you want to go back to the song and typically do it or try to train people? Do is recreate the gap against the blade the pee pad when it was up against the side that might sound a little bit confusing, but basically you’re just trying to you saw when you were fighting with you. If you can put the saw blade deal just have to where is the southwest side of houston over just is a tiny bit just enough to cut the shortest point and then, if you’re going to be on your way on your way to getting off a perfect miter miter joint. Remodeling Milwaukee So that being said, go ahead and try to get your, you don’t match the thing that you saw and once you kind of have that you can racist saw blade up just just enough to slide your piece of casing over and when doing that, you want to slide it over just a tiny bit. You know if, even if you don’t take off quite enough, the first time can raise it up and do it again just so that you don’t end up taking off a quarter inch when you only want to take off 16th,. It sounds simple, but I’ve done it time and time again, where you just take out just a little bit too much. Did you end up just trying it back under these because it did end up being too short? What’s the determine how how much of a cut you’re going to take off ebay still want a cop just enough to make that new angle. True, all the way through you know, you don’t want to the miter and 46 or 45 and a half on the next. You want to take off just enough to make that the same angle, all the way through when you’re doing this cut. Do you want to just go nice and slow because the less you taking off of the keys to the trimming, the more the play has a tendency to as we called wobble or you know, creative stepped cut. Take your time cut nice and slow. It’s not a race, you know, if you’d rather take it a little bit extra time now, while you cut through it rather than two or three or four more trips, your cuts all chipped out, and it looks really bad remodeling milwaukee and now, once you once you get your car back to the saw and the mind that you’re doing one at a time.

You don’t want to try to try to fit both pieces at the same time, because you just get frustrated and it’s not going to work out in your favor because you want to you know, say though that might is off. I only did the fuzz. You don’t want to keep that miter on the saw, so you can just barely fine-tune it rather than trying to to refine that angle when you’re starting from no nothing so I can come up. 45 sounds confusing, but it really isn’t remodeling milwaukee, so I’ve got the piece called you need to go back to the the head and then try to fit the size. You know we usually step on a stool. Remodeling Milwaukee You know no more than what you’re working on and up going to repeat the steps that we started off with looking looking to center the the piece you don’t get, the molding for the the profile lines to match up as best as I can, with her with each other in each side and and then once you get that far you going to read, take a look at at the pieces, you’re working with and see, if see, if that right side that you were here cutting lines up any better now than before, you cut it with any luck, it’s going to fit really good or or maybe you can perfect, but either way you don’t see what you’re working with.

So, let’s say you have just a basic over and do at that point is it’s reassess the situation is, is it worth running back to the saw or something that we could find tune with, say the block plane and save yourself? A trip back to the saw, though, if you want to look at, is what’s the other side look like if the other side, you know as good as it better is it another thing that we could find tune with the block plane or is that when we need to go back to the saw you have a lot to cut off will start working on the left side, because we can fine-tune the right side with the block plane. So it’s no sense in no going back to the saw so the right side matter or on the side, with the saw blade, remodeling milwaukee and we’re going to do the same steps just barely enough to so once you do that. You know make sure that you are what is an easy as you’re cutting through and did a nice fresh cut, never going to take it back to the the sides inside out there again and see what we got say. We were looking pretty good. So what will do now is just fine tuna with a block plane. Sometimes that means putting a level on it. Remodeling Milwaukee Sometimes that means putting a front push pretty hard with the nail gun and put a nail in it and think it can suck a tight together. So once we once we adjusted with a block plane and get it to where we’re happy with it and where there’s no gaps and and ready to fit tight. That head off, you know and put some trim and molding wood glue miter. We usually go with the putting it on the the casing size just so that will more working with the head. It’s not dripping all around in your running off big deal to put on the head. First, some people like it that way. We just stopped for the site’s first, so go ahead and push the glue in there. So we don’t have any white spot on your woodwork. That’s not something you want so once it’s all good to go, we’ll just use our instant quarter pins and up in that right to the gym and also take infant quarter pins and they all straight down from the head into the site. Keep that miter, nice and snug until the glue dries just once the glue dries, then you got nothing to worry about the blues. What actually hold some items together? The nails pretty much just hold it there until the glue dries panda and that’s pretty much it for putting on casing and hanging a door thanks for listening room. Remember, don’t forget the google ramada milwaukee