Remodeling Milwaukee | Perfect fit

Now that we’ve got to love the miter cut on your tongue, the casing sides we’re going to go ahead and do what we like to do with our veritas planes in and just a little bit to make sure that you’re screwing perfect to make sure that when we go to therapy after our head pieces that it is as easy of a fit and fit as possible, with no hiccups caused by play wobble or anything like that. So what we do is weget a piece of casing set up nicely in fernley towards not going to move at all on us when we go to to plan it and the way we do, that is by supporting it on a leg like one of our legs or you can claim it to work station. Remodeling Milwaukee However, you feel comfortable getting that in a firm spot that I won’t move once you get a state stabilized going to take the the flat part of the plant going to get it to buy part of the blocks, for the blade isn’t sticking out, so we’re going to press that against the lighter to see through it actually isn’t. This is where most people are surprised at how untrue ethical, glade there’s usually some variations in no matter. If you don’t hold tightly want while you’re cutting it. What you see where the imperfections are, you can pick your plan and start shaving off little by little ones, usually wear shaving off about the thickness of a piece of paper, a lot of time to even less than that. I’m just make sure that we’re not acting the way at the few stacy. We can just shave little by little I switch you the perfect fit that we’re going for and then actually get it shave. It start I’m, getting it ready for fit and willing to keep in mind throughout before I forget it.

We tend to sharpen our veritas block planes with the optional veritas. Sharpening kit comes with a nice roller assembly that that’s right on one of their diamond sharpening stone all said and done it’s about 250 bucks to get a good, sharpening stone and the actual sharpening kit, which is money well spent in our eyes, and only takes a couple jobs to get back your initial investment. So awesome. Remodeling Milwaukee That being said, it’s always good to have a very sharp block plane in more aspects of the carpentry than just casing. So after after that, no no we’re going to go back to the door. He always better or casing size better play and emerging for fitment want to make sure that they fit help me with the jam. What I mean here is sometimes, after putting the door no kicking the gyms in and out will find that the pajamas are flush with the drywall meaning. When you put the application on the wall, there’s a gap between the invitation before it hits the pan, where do gyros pizza, take the casing and lined up with that in the gym. Essentially giving us know reveal and then we’ll take a pencil or something of that nature. Girl line down the back staircase in the specific part, and that’s going to be our reference point to make sure that will work Remodeling Milwaukee knocking out the drywall to make addition since last at don’t go past. That line, because we know that that line will be covered by the case once we set it to us ps4 review. So now we know where, where the casing doesn’t last will take a hammer and the compound in the drywall away.

You know you think I might not to go pass out line because I don’t lie custom, props and drywall repair. Are you really doing? Is just it meant until it gives out so I’ll be able to scrape it away, making it able to be able to sit the drywall Remodeling Milwaukee on the back side and sit tight and sam on the front side? So it’s not exactly the most ornate way to do things or you know it’s not it’s not very precision, but it’s going to do so, make sure everything fits nicely. Remodeling milwaukee. We are never going to repeat that same o same process on all four sides of the door, so I guess I’ll, take the door and down don’t forget that we’re going to go ahead and get our nails done pretty again for the casing. If it’s to a quarter, casing will use inch and a quarter 18 gauge straight finish:nails, ethan, allen to the jam and then we’ll use 2in 18 gauge, pin nails for nailing a thicker part into the to kingston the shoulder stud. If we go with a little bit, thicker kissing you thicker and wider in a quarter casing will use the inch and a quarter. 18 gauge nails, I’m not come inside Remodeling Milwaukee I’m still on the outside will go up to 15 gauge 2, inch, nails or holding that in it. It just gets a little bit tighter longer hold. We found at the two in a conditional equation of pole for the sticker. Would it works great I’m, not center woods cuz. They have lot less resistance movement, but this is what we found with the jessica board. So that being said, we’re going to double-check the case, one more time to make sure we got all the drywall out if it needs to come out, make sure that our margins are all good except the top part lines up. The inside of the writer of the bombs had a miter lines up with our top margin line. Coming mark earlier I’m going to go ahead and proceed to nail down. We always started the top making sure that the whole way down make sure there’s no dust cleaner to clean work, space and I’ll start from the top quarters and about every 10-inch to 12-inch you just making sure you’re in a little bit more.

If you see that it’s starting to crack me go and make sure also that you keep that the nail gun perpendicular to the piece of casing. Remodeling Milwaukee Reason for this is the nails that come out of nails on, aren’t perfectly round directly a square or rectangle shape, so the the wider part of that rectangle shape would go away parallel with the casing. So that is done is what stone is splitting. If you go parallel with a nail guns that would make stuff it’s a part of the nail perpendicular to the case for a lot more prone to flooding, which would like to avoid. So that being said, once you get all the unicorn nails with the jam, we’re going on switch to our are too much now either the 15 gauge for wider casing, or a quarter for 18 gauge 4 moore haven. What’s up what you’re ready for that got the nails all ready to go to start the very top about 3 inches down from the exact top and about a half-inch in from the edge on tuna quarter in about an engine from the edge on three and a quarter, Remodeling Milwaukee I just make sure that you’re hitting the exclamation of the king, stud or he’ll decide to go out too far on the three quarter casing. Sometimes the sultan domestication will have a chance to pull away from a lot more and just not as desirable and I will come, while you’re nailing that down you’re going to want to go about every 16 to 24 in. Is it supposed to do that all the way down to the bottom?

You know if you have the vacation, that’s close to partition wall like we talked about before in the door, we tend to leave the the bottom three feet of the peace closer to the partition walls on nailed, because it makes it easier to get the Remodeling Milwaukee baseboard in once you’re ready for that step and then, after the baseboard installed, you can finish up nailing the reason being so when we do the baseboard is a baseboard is nailed with the same gun that we used in nail size enzyme that we use for the outside of vacation social service in nashville way to finish it off, because we’ll try the kids away from the wall little bit still slipped in the baseboard to make sure it’s nice and snug, and will push that I came back into place and stick a nail in it, and everything goes back. The way it was looks, good everything holds good and ready. Ps4