Remodeling Milwaukee | Rebuild the Deck

So how much you got your two lines or how are you determine his best to to measure down that amount you’re going to want to continue that line? You know all the way, the entire width of your deck. One way you can do that, as is without a level and making sure that you keep it nice and straight go around that. Siding are or what have you that you need to cut out, remodeling, milwaukee and another thing you can do to use a laser I know, there’s a lot of guys that are phantom lasers. We haven’t had much luck with them. Having use them whole lot, so I can’t say one way or another whether it’s a good good fit, but I have seen guys do it. So there’s that option as well:remodeling, milwaukee and i. What you can do is is effusion a laser meat market on market in each end, the entire, with and snap the line with a with a chalk line to go the whole. With that way. You don’t worry about trying to get a trace of her if we straight line or anything like that, you can just snap align and you know it straight off the lot easier. Like quicker. That way, you don’t you gotta, get a straight point of reference to go off of when you’re cutting here, cutting your siding out, remodeling milwaukee, and when you do the the bottom line now you’re also going to transfer line to the top as well. You don’t want just to cut off the bottom of siding cuz you will have to canadian tire entirety of the siding is going to be holding up you from getting the the ledger board tight to the but the outside of the house. So how many total height mark market top marks-and you know snapple line, do whatever you got to do to get that nice and parallel what to do that you’ll go to the end of your deck, whatever that maybe and get use of some sort of you know square or speed square whatever you want to do. You know, if use a level for this, this portion, anyone just mark the edge of your deck.

You know where you going to stop with the the framing. We can stop at the decking. Remodeling Milwaukee All that that way, you can cut out the entire portion of the poseidon that needs to be removed. What you use to get the siding out can vary depending your your level of skill with the wiz different tools. If I would personally doing it, I would use a a circular saw you at the crib. Correct I would probably do a couple test spots, maybe cut out a section, so I can see exactly what I need to go to so I’m, not cutting into the the house itself. Oreo cutting, not cutting enough to where I got to make a few passes. So just a little lot and I’m testing to see exactly how deep you need to go another tool, you could use a video on some sort of saw zall. You know what a multi to do it, but I’ll. Take you forever. If you got any amount to a large amount owed to cut out and I’m sure, you can come up with a few different few other options with those are the ones I would recommend. So once you actually get that in all mapped out and-and you want to start cutting it out, just do your best to make sure that you’re staying nice and tight belt line and not really sweating too far. You know if you’re, not real comfortable tools, just go slow. Take your time. Cuz, what’s going to happen is if you very from that line, you’re going to see that down the road, that’s not going to go away.

So if you want to make sure you take your time, do it right make sure you’re not and I’ll Remodeling Milwaukee have enough some sort of washboard mine that that there is up and down quite a bit, remodeling milwaukee and you know I wasn’t doing it to you, if he starts varying from deviating from the line feel free to back up and start over cuz. The last thing you want is to know what a really crappy finished product if you’re uncomfortable the tool, you can start with the bottom line, because you’re not going to see that quite as frequently as the the top line or even though you know make a test run, you snap an extra line somewhere in the middle, so you can practice making your cut. That way, you you know what what you’re up against and what your skill level is it without actually affecting the finished product, remodeling milwaukee-and you know if you, if you go to cut the middle and you’re like a while this is bad. Maybe I should call professional. That’s not always a bad idea, either I’m, just no no one to hire professional, don’t always try to be a hero and do everything yourself. That’s not always the best route. So once you get that figured out, you know you get that I’ll cut out. You want to pop that all off and and figure out what kind of exterior you you’re dealing with and shouldn’t be too too difficult to get that allowed special. If you cut it out and keep in mind, this is only for houses with some sort of wood, siding metal, siding or anything like that, and if you, if you do, have metal siding you’re going to make use some sort of grinder, not actually the circular saw I would not recommend using a circular saw for this portion, and you know if you have vinyl siding, there’s going to be a little bit more work involved. Cuz vinyl, you have to unwrap what they call j channel around everything.

So what you do with vinyl siding is actually take the siding off, and then they make it to let’s kind of like a hook tool you can use to unhook the the bottom edge of the siding. Can you put up so you can pull off the nails out of the top of the peace below it? It’s really not that hard. You know most Remodeling Milwaukee places like home depot menards. Any of those places will have the tool for removing it, and it’s usually 7 to $20 depending on the retailer, and it’s it’s really bad. The best way to remove vinyl, siding and-and you don’t want to just make sure you take your time when you’re taking that off, especially if it’s an older house or you don’t know the color or if it’s faded and I’ll cuz, those are vinyl, get some more brutal against in the last thing you want to do is his cracks on your vinyl and not have any way of repairing it or having to repair it with yoki savannah, let’s not some faded. So keep that in mind as your dismantling your portion of your pieces and just take your time, remodeling milwaukee, and once you get that that vinyl office or any type of siding office, get your get your ledger board cut and get it ready for the insulation. If you have to splice it I recommend starting your splice is cutting it cutting each and square and then starting on the end, where you want the deck to end keeping in mind, you know, if you, if you can use a some sort of skirt board, you want to make sure you hold the the ledger board, at least back from the deciding you know where you cut it at least the thickness of your life, your skirt board, maybe at least but when you go to do your ledger board. Don’t after you cut it, don’t go to install it right away. There still a couple more steps that want to make sure you follow before we get going home and then start attaching ledger boards and if you’re doing this on a house that has a brick siding or some sort of stone, you’re going to run to love it more difficult being in the codes kind of change, depending on where you’re at in terms of vino in the us or in the state.

So that’s the best bet is to you check with your local building inspector and see what Remodeling Milwaukee they’re expecting from you in terms of how you’re going to attach the deck in and what not most times we found that you have to do actually what’s considered a floating deck, so the deck itself won’t be actually attached to the house. Just for the fact of the ledger. Board won’t be very solid when it’s only attached the brick cuz, the brick, actually kind of sits away from the house a little bit. It’s not directly tied to the house, usually there’s some sort of air gap in there and so keep that mind as your working through the the process. But the best thing that we recommend of a deck that’s going out of brick home, is to build of what we call a free-standing tagging. If you build a free-standing deck, you can usually attach it to the home just to let you know, keep it kind of stable and keep it or do you want it, but it has to have its own and I’ll support structure. You can’t use the house as support so you’ll. Just need extra posts in the headers and what not, but if you’re doing to yourself, the overall cost won’t won’t won’t go up to greatly. You know if your contractor doing it for a customer, can you do me expecting to pay a minimum? You know I should say it should be charging a minimum. An extra 1500 bucks to you know, depending on the the whip and in the total amount of headers and posts and whatnot. So just do your math and figure out what the what the proper amount would be. The charge remodeling milwaukee