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So today, we’re going to talk about owosso real estate also is in the state of oklahoma. It is north of tulsa oklahoma and it’s growing very quickly. It has a target or walmart. So what more could you need? It also has restaurants, many restaurants, including one of my favorite, which is bricktown brewery, which has many selections every Remodeling Milwaukee on top from oklahoma owasso, is growing quickly because you can get more for your money as far as land goes and as far as a type of house you build per square footage, it’s much less than midtown tulsa, as well as a lot of people. Love owasso is only about a 20-minute drive from tulsa, which makes it very easy to commute back and forth. If you worked in tulsa, but they’re also job options mini job options in owasso and between tulsa and owasso. They have a huge school that ranges from pre-k to seniors, not sure how long that school’s been around that it’s been around for a long time. Their football team actually won.

State I believe this year, I watch the game and it was quite entertaining. Let’s see what else you need to know about also has a lot of empty land surrounding it, which is nice, because you feel like you’re in the country I like to feel like I’m in the country away from the busy world out there, the hustle and bustle of life, all the traffic I enjoy being outside of that during the day, I’m fine being inside of it i, don’t mind the traffic i, don’t mind the hustle and bustle. So while so is a great option, if you don’t mind the commute, if you don’t mind feeling like you’re in the country a little bit, if you want land, you have more than 5 acres, even 2 acres. You can find quite a bit of land chunks of land acreage all over surrounding owasso, excluding inside of owasso. Are there some very nice neighborhoods? Also, if you want to be in a neighborhood, they have small lot sizes to go all the way up to 10, acre lots and some of them, which is very nice. You can have your own garden. You can have maybe even your own cows tractors, depending on what your lifestyle is. I feel like a boss:oh is a great fit for a lot of families. Growing families with children Remodeling Milwaukee for tiring people, empty nesters I feel like it’s a great option. Owasso is not that far from skiatook, which has a lake like skytech, which is very pretty it’s not far from grand lake, which a lot of people like to go to. Let’s see what else about owassoso today when I continue our talk on how to install stairways or exactly what we’re doing on my country. So last after we talked about how to properly measure what points to use for measuring and now we’re going to do now, we have them explain to you how to the proper angle for the requirements. Distance from don’t read the next message:legendary scissors exceptions to the system;exceptions like that one there is tested for in a handicap, stepping southern going to cover 95% of stairways. You run into so she’s a pretty good blankets of koalas.

That being said, the rise and the runs, and so when you get the ride, it’s going to be play prince from shred to the top of the next red. At the hospital with their ways to friday is the actual step itself when you’re walking up the stairs, remodeling milwaukee and what you want to do. If you want to measure at least three different heights-and you know at least three different spots, because there is a margin of error that carpenter allowed when building stairways. So you want to make sure that you’re getting the most accurate interpretation of the see actual height of the horizon remodeling milwaukee. So what do you have that height again, since our is it’s going to be within 7 to 8 in seven and a half to get one at 75807? Quite a bit more than just three I would recommend remodeling milwaukee after writing down and a little bit so sure to do is supposed to have a sister for that goes vertical.

Will you check if you came over, so you want to make sure that you checking account at overhang because of the run. The run itself is going to be the total length of the tribe minus the overhang they’re, going to measure out from the lungs into one riser measure out to the front of the tread and a lot of times it’s going to be around 5:10 quarter and you going to want to measure the amount of overhang and that’s going to be about inch and a quarter. If you have a 10 and a quarter inch thread, the runs going to be 9 in so can we go about getting that both of those numbers, if you don’t forget, have to redo all your measurements? Next step is going to be kind of tricky. What you going to do is take your square and i. Typically, do these measurements, Remodeling Milwaukee the inside of the framing square, to take a look at your framing square, there’s going to be measurements on the outside and on the inside I like to do the measurements on use the measurements on the inside cuz it’ll, give you the longest you’re lying on. Your stringer has been barking at all. So that being said here, so we do the framing square using up, especially if possible, remodeling milwaukee wasting nail too short, because you need to cut off 3 remodeling milwaukee. So that being said, we’re going to take the other framing square and laid on the stringer and you going to thicken edge of the stringer framing square. But you didn’t want to do it.

Take a pencil and bromine framing square fda and uses the edge of the frame square that creep along point end of your the best point of your finger, be the same age as, where you mind up the framing square, to take air rise and run emoji. What to do with you, sappington play. Tell me:do streamers want to make sure that we have some sort of deal elisabeth amount of your stairs after carpet, or what have you sober going to do is at one point on your fighter that you just marked as the previous we’re going to want to measure down two and a half inches, and the reason for this is that’s going to be. The difference reveal when you’ll be measured earlier or whatever it was to the header, where the the fingers going to sit I’m going to use now, remodeling milwaukee, so bored quick trick to measure out that that folder deal without actually having to lay down in the wall. So what I’m saying is you measure down two and a half inches to a point that intersects with your design that you drew on the stringer with a framing square and then you’re going to either have a friend pulled the tape measure that intersection or you can just using that as our marking reference point, we’re going to make sure that the semester starts in that intersection right, they’re, never going to measure all Remodeling Milwaukee the way at the other end, the number that we came up with the next episode will look for how we are finishing up that then measurements and how to cut the string yourself

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