Remodeling Milwaukee | Remodel the bathroom

Everybody how’s it going on today we’re going to be talking about milwaukee remodeling, basically, a product that we’ve undertaken to do I do remodeling the right way, not just fly by the seat of our pants and provide the best service possible. Remodeling Milwaukee I’m couple things were going to talk about are going to be kind of questions you might have. If you yourself are going to be going into remodeling your basement bathroom whatever to my how to use on how to actually perform the bathroom modeling itself. What some of the latest trends are we’re going to address some of people’s biggest concerns, one going around or taking out a remodel on their home they’re, going to we’re going to talk about the biggest inconveniences when remodeling your home I must connect an italian to the biggest concerns in the world’s going to go into why we think at hickory. Creek construction are the way to go when you want something under take out a remodeling project at your home, so we’re going to talk about it will be. Do you have the questions for the common questions people have when remodeling. So the first question that we have on our list today is:what’s it going to cost me when I want to remodel my bathroom there’s, there’s kind of a lot of us when we determine pricing per project, one of the biggest things, as you know, what your selections going to be. Are you going to go very high and be looking to do it on a budget? What what are you looking to get out of the remodeling? That’s going to determine the factor on you know not only labor cost, but but also material cost, so but another thing going to look at it as like the the size and scope of the job. You know if you want to just quick, replace some shower tile instead of having a fiberglass around we’re going to go with them and some nice large format tile to the updated into this century. How much you do yourself is going to determine some of the pricing as well.

Remodeling Milwaukee So, for instance, we have some homeowners that, like to do all their own demo or do all of their own painting. You know the simple, simple tasks that aren’t going to affect the outcome of the job, and you know in terms of quality and time frame, so go in a little bit deeper into us elections. You know, there’s certain products that we can steer you towards and away from their going to greatly increase or decrease your cost on. One of those being is the style tile if you are anything with a very square edge on a tile where everything has to be 100% perfectly flush and there’s no margin for error or things very tight, tape close enough very precise, that’s going to drive up the cost because of the labor to install does higher and also the the cost of materials is significantly higher than say normal, porcelain or ceramic tile. You know they. Basically, when you’re looking at, if you’re looking to do floor tile, we can kind of thinking the range of new 06 to $7 a square foot long. It was going to cost to buy the material and get it installed. Give you kind of a baseline to start with and then shower. Tile can be greatly more than that. If you fancy with mitch’s and in shower bands with decorative bands, but you could also be looking in for a good starting point, you know for a simple shower. You could start at 7:50 to $9 a square foot and then obviously up from there, depending on your selections. As far as the size and scope of the job, you know, there’s multiple multiple levels of bath, remodeling say, for instance, something sometimes we just go in and replace a floor, put some food from the owner or even just do new tile trimmer on the floor. To finish it off. That would be anywhere from $1,000 up to $3,000, depending on how many square feet are. The floor is a remodel project that way, but sometimes will go in and they want to be taken down to the studs, rearrange the bathroom and move the shower and toilet and dad had to remove balls too either increase the size of the bathroom or just increase the functionality of the bathroom. Remodeling Milwaukee So that’s going to greatly determine how how expensive it is when undertaking a project and then, as far as the how much you do it is going to affect it is you know some cost. I guess comes from your the demo, it’s not to say that the biggest cost when remodeling a bathroom but just any any trips that we have to make from the dumpster to the bathroom this time and time is obviously money. So if you can alleviate some of those trips for us, it’s going to save you save you some money. Obviously the bigger the project. Immortal save, if you do the demo yourself so with that being said, I kind of takes this right into how long will it take. This is one of the biggest questions we can ask when working with a new customer. The some of the biggest determining factors of project timeline is how much taxes are going to have to the house. Is it going to be, you know from 8 to 3. Everyday is the only time you can allow us into the house, or is it going to be kind of come and go as we please it’s easier for us to schedule one easier access to the house if either way works for us, but no matter what it’s going to come down to, how much we can get in and out and how easily you know if the changes as well as throughout the process is going to change the timeline of course.

So if we’re going in-and you guys are like really love the way it’s coming out here-something we can think about until we saw this coming together, we really want to add subtract this, and you know every every little thing adds up so whether it’s now we got to wait on the to come in because you guys wanted to go a little bit above and beyond what we were doing, thought I’m guessing you ideas near perspective, changed now that you can see the the project progressing so that they can.

Remodeling Milwaukee They can have extra time, but also, if you pick your selections out in the beginning and stick to him, we can obviously give you a lot better time line and then we’re going to stick to it. Some some x factor people forget to think about. Is you know if we’re remodeling a bathroom? How far is it from the place where we’re going to have to cut her tyler make the most majority of a mess to the expo bathroom? Is it going to be from one side of the house to the other? If that’s the case, it’s going to take a little bit longer. Each each step of the process is going to be prolonged. To do to do the extra travel time it doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but throughout the process it does add up. So if we’re able to get in and out or even do any of our mess in the bathroom, it’s going to shorten the project itself, another another major quest navigate is. Is it going to be a big mess in my going to have my house in shambles, and is it going to be uncomfortable to live in when you lying to you? If we said it was going to be a perfectly clean processing, there be no dustin, no inconvenience because, while losing a room of your house or multiple rooms at a time to remodeling, this is never convenient, so it will be messy, but we take very, very extensive measures to try to alleviate as much mess as we can when remodeling milwaukee, especially its it, can be difficult with the the style of drywall that we have any on that the plaster and lath is, is what is commonly known as it’s? Remodeling Milwaukee

No matter what you do, it’s it’s a mess, even if you’re just doing a little little area that you got to take it out it put stuff through the whole house. But what we do is um plastic off. The entire room number do I need to make sure that is little dust possible escapes while we’re working and will also put fans in the window to blow the dust outside versus into your other rooms, to try to help get the mess out of the house before it, even if it has a chance to spread, will also cover up any sort of mom ever turn. The furnace sucks into cycle for the rest of the house will cover those up if the room that were remodeling is in to stop at dallas, from traveling into your furnace, messing up your filter and blowing through the rest of the house I’m. So we’re going to take preventative steps like those two to drop down a mess. Another thing we do is will put down either painters cloth, um ramboard, it’s it’s called to protect like hardwood floors and tile services that are going to be staying if we have to walk across town to get from the the remodel Remodeling Milwaukee site to the outside, or even though there’s a plastic that actually sticks your carpet and I’ve seen it in some open houses. You been to or anything of that sort too kind of to be able to walk on the carpet with your shoes, but not actually get the mess on the carpet. So that that’s another thing that we do, that we found works pretty well to cut down on the amount to be cleaned up and make it more inconvenient for you to live. So we are always looking for new ways to do to make the process more clean and inconvenience her more convenient for you, as your you’re living through the remodel