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Continuing on to our next questions on the next one we have is:how do we see your or visualize the project before we begin to make sure that we’re making the right choice? You know it’s kind of question we get just because you know it’s, it’s not a cheap undertaking come when you’re remodeling, not any room in, even if it is on the less expensive side. You know it’s still a major investment. It still can be scary because it’s going to be something you’ll, see hand or use everyday. You want it to be what you wanted to be exactly how you envision in your Remodeling Milwaukee headwithout, any hiccups. You know one of the biggest things that we recommend is start with an accurate picture in your mind of what you want before even consulting with us, or you know, as your consulting with us before we get going on the project through the best ways to kobalt that isn’t going on apps like house and then h, o, u z, z, escalades, pinterest for interior decorating or interior remodeling. A pinterest is also very good site to a ticket ideas on you can search for idiom. You dark cabinets with light floors, white cabinets to know the options are unless there’s so many different options on pinterest that you can get ideas from cena’s house before we even start will will go through with a drawing of me know. If you decide to go with new cabinets or change. Walls are around, will give you a blueprint and you’re kind of an accurate idea of what you’re going to be getting before you start so that it’s not there’s no surprises.

If Remodeling Milwaukee you’re not going to come home one day and go oh wow, I didn’t know we were going to get that cabinet in order to have that many drawers. You know someone think of that nature, just to kind of make it more of a headache, free remodeling process and we’re working on getting actual design software. So you can see a 3d rendering and actually walk through on a computer, exactly what your house is going to look like before we even take the first swing with a hammer to start the demo process. I was just wanted to offer. It was going to offer to make remodeling in milwaukee a lot a lot better part of the the vision that you’ll young want or need. Is you just try to be creative enough? Think outside of the box? Think of any time you’ve been in a hotel and saw something like a friend’s house or anything. You know where you’ve seen something you like tv show just write it down, keep track of it, because it’s all going to make the process that much easier than the better vision we can get from you guys before we start the more accurate interpretation of your dreams or visions will get as a final product. The next question that we get ally when dealing with no off your modeling is:what can we, as homeowners, do to drive the cost down some of the big ones we already kind of touchdown in the but the first question, but demo, that’s a that’s! A big chunk of cost that you can cut out with was not a lot of headaches. You know pretty much. Remodeling Milwaukee Anybody can figure out how to demo a bathroom with a little bit of coaching now I’m painting the the walls yourself that can drive up drive down the cost little bit, because when dealing with the still small room is like a bathroom, it takes a professional painter. You know anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to do the whole room, so you’re not only paying for the paint the painters time, but you’re also getting charged a trip charge, because the painters make a special trip out for a small small room so that all paint yourself, which isn’t very hard in the lot of homeowners like to do it just as a something I see on hdtv, looks like fun. It’s a great way to drop the cost as well another one, that’s kind of takes people by surprise when we suggest it is. You know, try to be easy to work with. You know if every step of the way saying hey you can come in here this week and enjoy work from noon to 3, it’s going to create a lot of headache for us, but the subcontractors we hire as well, because they also have lives and they have a somewhat set set schedule that they want to work in any any way you can be flexible for them and us it’s just going to translate to a cheaper price for you guys. Everybody wants to work with the easiest customer. Nobody wants to work with a headache, so so kind of a controversial Remodeling Milwaukee question answer, but it is what it is in. That’s what we like to do. Moving on from the common questions that we get we’re going to move into, know somehow two’s how to know creations how to demo properly how to lay tile how to set wall tile etc, just a few things that if you decide to go it alone, not hire professional to to do the work. So that being said, demo is a is one of the most common things that we see. People do on their own just because a lot of people find it if it’s kind of like a stress, reliever, it’s it’s a break from you know doing your normal. You see it on hgtv or anything like that. You know just looks like as long as you’re doing it right and i, creating more headache down the road. So the biggest thing you got to do when, when remodeling, and especially remodeling, especially when doing remodeling in in milwaukee because of the style homes that are built, you got to start with a plan, know exactly what you’re looking to get out of the remodeling, because a little bit extra prep work in the demo will save you hours and hours of time and headache throughout the duration of the project.

You don’t want to draw on the walls exactly where you going to start and stop a demolition. If you’re taking out a bathtub you going to start with drawn lines, you know what to say to make sure you can cut cut it down with a saw like a jab saw sawzall whatever, so that when you’re, when you’re, ripping out the drywall or plaster there’s a clean line for to stop at not just a mess, for you tried breaking it off and it just peeled off half the wall, and it can really create some headaches that way. So the plan by drawn drawn out exactly what you’re looking to accomplish youtube going to be a good resource for tiana and in this step of the process, because so many people offer free free help. You no answer your questions with no no cost associated with it. Remodeling Milwaukee It’s such a good place to start with the plans. You make sure you get where you’re going and on on tv. You always see people just grabbing a sledgehammer and I’m going to town. You know just wrecking everything because of a sledgehammer so commonly known as a the demo tool, but unfortunately it’s it’s more for show and tv than anyting sledgehammer can cause you more headaches and then it’s going to save you biggest biggest things. We see when people go to town with a sledgehammer as they did break through the wall and they get to the drywall and they don’t stop. You know it just blows right into the next side and for you know what you got a whole going from your bathroom to your bedroom. You could see where I would cause extra headache that is not necessary and can be easily avoided. Another thing people people don’t think about when you notice swinging sledgehammers is there is framing behind on all that drywall or plaster. Whatever is supporting your house so hitting that with you know a v ver a pound in 10, pound, sledge hammer, it’s it’s not exactly a few.

If you miss calculate the square for framing, you can crack the framing, and you know cause headaches there, because once you open up the lawn, you realize oh shoot, i, just cracked, the framing, because I was like wild bill and just swinging around and hitting anything inside with a sledgehammer. Now we got more problems that deal with it down the road, so so again begin with the end in mind and I’ll start with the plan and then use the proper tool for the job chances are. Remodeling Milwaukee A sledgehammer is not going to be available. The right tool do i, use a lil bit more delicate tools like a sawzall for a hammer that the like a one-handed hammer. You might find that funny, but it’s just the way. The way it is after you get your plans on on the walls you going to want a small hole in the drywall just enough to get your instagram onto so taking a normal camera just ever so lightly, with increasing a forca papa on the drywall. You just wanted to just test it, so you know the other side that we talked about with the sledgehammer, but you want to create a big enough to be able to get your hand in there. Cuz we’re going to do is when you have to pop the whole. Remodeling Milwaukee You can just grab onto the drywall and just pull towards yourself I’m off the wall on. What’s going to happen, if the drywall is going to break loose from whatever is holding on screws or nails, what have you and just come off in chunks rather than pieces, so it’ll be easier for you to to transport down to the turn the downstairs down to your garbage can, with whatever you get use in, to dispose of it versus you know, dinner plate size pieces if it’ll make your make your life a heck of a lot easier, instead of just destroying everything on our way when we talked about drawn-out your your plan on the walls, you know where you’re going to start and stop the demo after you got all that you’re going to want to take like a a jab saw. It is a timer for two or a sawzall and cut cut your line for stopping, but you want to keep in mind that the walls usually aren’t empty. There’s a lot of times as insulation in them or wiring piping. Remodeling Milwaukee Any sort of sort of things said that you don’t want to see, Remodeling Milwaukee but are essential to to a home’s functionality, she’s going to want to make sure you’re only cutting as deep as you need to you. Meaning that you’re not going to take out a 6in sawzall blade and put it straight in your wall. Cuz you’ll pop out to the other side. Most interior walls are only four and a half inches wide, so sick, since try a sawzall blade will will go through both sides. In there we are again patching more drywall on the areas that we didn’t want to touch. I’m still going to pick the smallest play that allah teachers, you need satisfied and then, as you’re cutting with it, you’re going to want to just hold it on a little bit of an angles to make sure that the tip of the blades cutting through the the drywall, but not going any deeper than that really necessary I’m just to avoid the the accidental cutting of wires cuz we’ve all been there and we all know electricians aren’t cheap. So if we can keep them out of it as much as possible to the happier we’ll be going through the process after you get the usually all the the walls down. The next step is typically taken out the old floor. If, if you’re, replacing it or can’t go over the top of it, whatever you decide, okay, this floors coming out, we like to determine what are we working with? What’s what’s going to be, holding it down, what’s going to be the easiest way to get it out panda? Typically, if it, if it’s in some sort of vinyl flooring, it’s pretty easy, usually it’s just the vinyl itself and then even like a quarter.

Inch half inch sheet of plywood underneath which is staples, hold it down, which sounds bad, but it did really isn’t that big of a deal I’m just a lot of pounding in once I went to get the plywood out. So this will just start at one corner or you don’t maybe a doorway opening something of that nature and get a pry bar under it or hammer what whatever you can get on there to start praying up on, and it’s just just good old forces. What’s going to get the get the plywood up, it’s not a whole lot of fun, but it’s a it’s satisfying once it does come out. You know if it, if you’re taking out some sort of tile, that was there anything like actually hard flooring. That can be a little bit more little bit, trickier being that it’s it’s usually held down a lot better. So if it’s style Remodeling Milwaukee kinda want to take a look at what area of is, was your house built in if it was built in your 50s 60s early 70s, there’s a good chance that that that tile floor send me about an inch inch and a half thick, because they used to pour concrete and mash underneath all the other tile floors, which was great? They held up long, didn’t crack, but they weren’t exactly designed to be taken out. So if you realize that that’s the case, you’re you’re, probably going to want to get some sort of a demolition rotary hammer has what they’re called and I was some sort chisel bit too young, just basically chisel out all the concrete and get down to the framing and see what you’re working with. If it was more of a a newer style house, no is to current chances. Are it’s just a simple on kino der rock sort of material with tile? On top of it, you can kind of go to the Remodeling Milwaukee same pro chas, like vinyl flooring, just find a doorway, find an opening and get something under it start chipping away with the rotary hammer, gander or what-have-you it’s just another. Wilson is not a whole lot of fun, but you just can I start chipping away before you’re done. So that’s that’s kind of the most, the biggest things to think about when you’re. When you’re done mowing. You know everything else is fairly simple, but the give me more questions you can always give us a call or shoot us. An email will be happy to talk you through the process Remodeling Milwaukee