Remodeling Milwaukee | Several Options

They’re going to talk about how to build shelves properly, whether it’s for your clothes closet or trailer that you’re stacking tools in or if it’s for your garage or whatever your do uses just making sure that you do it the right way, don’t end up having to pull down do years or months or days, even so. Where’s that we’re going to do is just kind of get a feel for what you want. Do you want some that looks nice and then does all? Do you want some of that just hold the 10 away? If it doesn’t have to be pretty, do you want something that you have to be able to strap stuff to it, because it’s going to be going down the road, no desire to be lockable? Do you need space for hanging stuff or what were you looking to get out of the shelving? Remodeling Milwaukee So if you’re doing something your house changed, are you wanted to look nice and the two major routes you? But you should take with this as either plywood with a I’ve, been your dad’s to cover up the where everything is seam together or melamine for the extra shelving material self. Typically, both options people go with like a pint.

Usually it’s finger, jointed inexpensively, cheaper, since most people are really care what it looks like in the closet, but if you do want to go little bit nicer, especially like a master closet where you going to be seen it every day as the homeowner, then you want to go with like a whoever type of wood that you have in the rest of the house for the rest of the positive it’s stained shelving, you’re, probably going to want to use stained cleaning to match it and that they’ll be like birch or maple or oak. Remodeling Milwaukee Whatever you happen to use for use for the rest of the closet, so once you get that kind of figured out, you kind of got to determine what you’re looking to to store in the closet. You know you want a lot of hanging room you going to need to get some closet poles and some brackets that hold the polls. Remodeling Milwaukee If you want just a lot of shelving, you got to determine you know how deep you want it, how how many you want, how wide is going to be all that sorta stuff, if you want to just a bowl or what you’re looking to get out of it and that’s going to largely determine your material list, remodeling milwaukee. So if it’s, what you really want is you know a lot of hanging space because a lot of dresses-or you know, polo shirts, whatever you got to hang up you’re, not typically need a space, at least 40 in like shirts and whatnot.

But if you you’re going to hang out like long dresses or any sort of light, long hanging stuff you going to want at least like 66 and I’m, just kind of a rule of thumb, keep in mind when you’re designing your closet there. When you, when you’re picking out you know your closet, poles, there’s a couple options to is, if you want, you know metal like some sort of heavy duty poles or if you want just regular pine supports that now you staying whatever color you like her know, there’s there’s a lot of different options. What you can what you can do for closet rods, so once you get that kind of figured out you can or want to still working on the material list, and what we usually do is figure out how many lineal feet we need of each piece by just lily measuring every every foot of space that we want are shelving to go on a hino, pretty simple, straightforward that you don’t need to be exactly who actually i, usually at least 10 20% onto each dimension, just to make sure that we’re not going to run short, nothing worse than not being able to finish a job cuz. He ran 5 feet short, so that once you get that figured out, you want to call your supply or go to home depot, whichever place you getting it from you, I’ll give him a list and hopefully have it delivered to. Let you know what the mess around with it and a lot of people get so excited.

Do there they’re shelving that they don’t do any finish first. You know like whether it’s staining or painting or whatever and I would highly recommend doing all that ahead of time. Unless you’re going to be painting it the same color as the walls, and then it’s not quite as big of a deal, but you really don’t want to get it all installed and then go to stain it. And then now you got to touch up your walls because you got stain all over I’m. So keep that in mind when you, Remodeling Milwaukee before you install lexington, why do is start marking out on the wall where you, where you going to go with the stuff and get your dimensions right? That way, there’s no confusion like you’re, just trying to guess and check where you, where you want everything and leslie you’re, going to start to install, usually start with the side walls. First, now you going to need some come out from the sides to support the shelf, and then we are because the back wall, little bit long kind of bomb president place that we get a nice tight snug, fit with a lot less separating or no capping helping any of that so sides. First, then the back wall, and then typically, we cut the shelf right away. If it’s stained her painted, we were using nail the shelf in just so that it stays put less less chance of it drooping and then, lastly, we won’t usually nail in the shelf if it’s the melamine kind of white melamine, just because there’s no good way of like passion, nail holes and usually it’s pretty sturdy, so no reason to the nail, main place.

Next thing you going to do after you get yourself cut and install weather channel to just set in place is put your brackets in. You know that way that the shelf doesn’t say I can, and you know, where else-that’s all supported blessing when he’s going to want to do a second to last after you get your brakes installed, you want to take a bracket that has the the full part portion of it and go on just trace that on the decide support, so you know where to put your rosettes that they’re going to hold the the closet, pole, Remodeling Milwaukee milwaukee and and then that way you got to hug a good guideline as to where to put your you’re, both sockets, how to get all the post. I can’t install dinner, ready to cut your the pole itself and, if you’re, going with the metal. The best way we’ve found out to kathy’s x using a portable band saw going to use for that stuff is actually just done. A 12-volt, one-handed band saw works great from milwaukee, quick. It’s fast and clean you not to worry about cutting with a grinder or something that shoots sparks all over the place. You can cut it right in your bed. Your house I’d recommend cutting it over a garbage. Can or something so you don’t end up with a bunch of metal birds in your carpet or on your floor. Is there anything like that, so something to think about? And lastly, I want to install that and keep in mind when you’re cutting those that you want to cut him a little short like, maybe a quarter inch or so that way they drop in a place you’re not trying to wedged in sochi medal because metals a lot harder to trim. Then what is let her just take off a little bit, because the blade usually tends to launder I’m. Just doing this sliver cut. Think about remodeling milwaukee