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Today, with the remodeling milwaukee, we’re going to talk about how to hang an interior door properly, there’s a lot of misconceptions based on what the quote on quote:experts saying what home depot will tell you when you go to buy the door, so what the project remodeling milwaukee would take a pretty big liking to doing things the right way for aesthetics, but also longevity of the product you’re going to want a door. That’s going to last you until 15-20 years, however long you own the house and then, however long the next door Remodeling Milwaukee has the house, you don’t want some, that’s just going to fall off its hinges as soon as you get done hanging it. The first step to to properly hang a door. Is you want to find the opening that you’re going to be putting it in water? That means removing an old door or starting fresh with a an opening that already prepped and ready to go.

Typically, when you’re, when you’re hanging a door, rough opening, which means the distance between the two two by fours that are actually is, the frame of the house, is going to be too in wider than the actual swinging door itself. Standard sizes, including a 2-foot 30 in 32 in 36 in those, are all pretty pretty common and usually they’re referred to how many feet they are plus the inches. So a 32 inch door would be how many called a 2-8 door, so that’s just kind of an insider tip there and then, as far as turning the right door for the opening so you’re going to measure the rough opening and subtract or two in that will give you the size of the door can’t stop. One second step you going to want to do is figure out what swing the door is, meaning when you open the door. Do you want to swing into the room out of the room, to the left, to the right and there’s there’s multiple ways to to call that in determining which swing you have so what you going to want to do is, if you find them figure out where you want the hinges to be on the jam, and you put your back to that.

Okay, once you to answer that far you going to decide. If you want the door to swing into the room on your left or into the room on your right and whichever side you pick, that’s how we’re going to call the doors it’s called a right or a bunch of but left meaning. If you want the door to swing into your room, to your right at the butt about right and likewise for a left. Now, we’ve got the door size in the door. Swing picked out where we’re going to start by setting the door into the rough opening, making sure it fits height-wise and with lies, and if it does, we will leave the pajamas and play speaking to kind of hold the door open and then pull it open so that it rests on the floor I’m going to kind of tip out of the opening, but that’s okay. It should stay there by itself, remodeling milwaukee and after doing that, you’re going to grab your nail gun, Remodeling Milwaukee cordless or corded, usually want I’d like a 15 gauge, 2 inch or two and a half inch nail to be resetting these doors. So they don’t move in till around on you, oh okay, so now that we got to get the nail gun, got the right size, nail you’re, going to take the jams and you’re going to push him up in the place. The side with the hinges is typically what we do. First, it’s a little bit heavier, so you might want to hand you don’t ask your of up buddy! You know wife girlfriend a kid whatever just to kind of help you stabilize it as you’re feeling the jam in. So what you going to do with you going to take that jam.

I need to make sure it’s flush, the drywall on each side and you’re, going to put one nail directly across from the center screw on the top hinge. Okay, just to clarify you there’s just typically add doorstop when you buy a door prehung from home, depot or menards, and you going to want to go on the side opposite the hinges. Remodeling Milwaukee So busy. We’ll split the the jam down the center of the hinges on the right side, put the nail in left side and you go and when you do that, you’re going to make sure that the door jamb is is tight to the shoulder stud, meaning, not the stuff that you see when, when there’s no door jamb in the opening put that nail, they’re going to go to the bottom of the door on that same hinged inside of the gym, and you going to put a nail at the you know about an inch, maybe 2 inches up from the bottom on the hinge side of the jam in a doorstop so best way to clean the side opposite the first nail. So he put the nail on the left side. You put the the second nail on the bottom right side about 2 inches from the floor, making sure that you’re about an inch bag from the head to the gym, because if you go out too far, you’re going to hit drywall and nails don’t hold too well and drywall. So she finish nails. She just want to make sure you’re going in about a half inch for the thickness of the drywall and getting some of the meat of the the shoulder stud okay. Now we know we got the hinge side tact in place where to go to the other side of the door, known as the strike side, because the the plate that the door knob latch is on call the strike plate and that’s the side it’ll be on.

So we’re going to call that the the strike side of the gym any going to do essentially the same process you going to go to the top. But this time we can go up to the top of the jam town called the the head of the jams and going to put a nail about I didn’t down an inch in so kind of in the top 1 inch square of the the jam you’re going to do that on the side of the strike plate is rotted out, you’ll, see exactly Remodeling Milwaukee what I mean as soon as you go to hang your first or that there’s a place where the doorknob laugh. So, on that same side, that’s we’re going to stick the proper technique. Keep in mind that the the jams on that side will not go tight to the the shoulders done right away, w a little bit of a gap for shimming. So keeping that in mind can I ball, that that gap between the jam in the shoulder stud and then you going to do the same thing, kind of hold it in place and stick attack at the the bottom that same jam nails, going to go on the same side of the door, stop at the top nail and again about an inch inch and a half, maybe 2 inches up from the ground and an engine to make sure that you’re hitting shoulders and not drywall. When you pack that now, okay, so now, we’ve got jammed, packed and place, the doors can loosely swing. Try not to put too much too much tension on it. Remodeling Milwaukee For now. Cuz, it literally is just tacked in place and it can come down fairly easily milwaukee remodeling, remodel milwaukee and we’re going to do now is some how to make sure that the door is square in the opening. A lot of guys tell you that you got to level the doors I’m a firm believer in not leveling the doors, because 90% of the house is only going to play level. Plum square, none of them are there more perfect a lot of times. Older houses are especially bad. They said all over time and new houses. It seems as though everybody’s in such a rush that nobody takes the time to make everything perfectly square in and then level up the way we do. It is basically running the the jams parallel with the closest wall. So if you got partition wall within a couple inches of the jams you going to measure from the the corner of that partition wall to the edge of the jam or you can even measure the hinge that way, you’ve got a rock-solid measurement and I going to mess your only the top and only the bottom. Now, that’s not the center hinge just because at that one has a tendency to warp as your as you’re doing the first measurements. So that being said, if you have a up a door, that’s in the middle of a wall that has no partition walls close to it i, either on the inside or outside. He kind of just hang out with the floor and make sure that it’s the own pussy straight with the other ceiling with the floor, just to make sure that when you’re standing back looking at it, it doesn’t look out of square, not a level on your real funny cocked in there and I just Remodeling Milwaukee Thought:i’d give you a good finished product. So if you do have a partition wall, what you going to do is you don’t measure up to the top hinge measure? The bottom hinge and whatever the difference is you’re going to want to shim hinges to be parallel with the wall. That way, when to put your casing on, it’s going to look pretty straight and even you’re not going to have him I’ll pick wide gap at the top or the bottom, and that’s why we don’t level because of that partition walls, not level you’re, not going to like the result, there’s going to be a uneven gaps with the casing, sometimes worse than others. So that’s that’s why we don’t level the jams