Residential Roofing

Let’s talk about residential roofing. The roof on your home is one of the most vital parts of your home’s structure. Having a quality roof is not just a good idea it’s a necessity in keeping your family dry and keeping the integrity of your home’s framing in tact. Here’s why: Wisconsin seasons as you already know are unpredictable to say the least. We can all recall a day when we walked out of the house driving in a snowstorm the morning and came home and got a sweet farmers tan in shorts and a t-shirt while mowing your grass in the afternoon. Now we as humans have the luxury of changing clothing to adapt to the ever changing seasons, but your roof on the other hand has one outfit day in and day out no matter how cold or how hot, how wet or dry, etc. I think you get the picture. Knowing that I think we can all agree that a high quality roofing product is paramount when selecting the right roofing company. Here’s a few things we do better than most and why they it keeps your family and home protected!

    • Unexpected Benefits: Lower Homeowners insurance, Save money on your monthly energy bills, Peace of mind during every storm
    • 6 full feet of Ice and water shield around all of your eaves: Ice and water shield is an underlayment that that goes under your shingles and actually gets put on like a giant, self sealing, sticker. It prevents any water that gets under your shingles from ice damming from getting into the wood decking and causing damage


  • Starter shingles not only at all the gutters but also up all of the ridges too!: Starter shingles keep the edge rows of shingles from blowing up in windstorms and also help ensure that the shingles get laid in as straight a line as possible giving you a better looking and performing finished product. 
  • Lifetime warranty shingles!: We use Owens Corning shingles exclusively because they offer fully transferable lifetime shingle warranties with options that cover not only the shingles but also any and all work done by us. We can offer this because we are an Owens Corning Prefered Contractor. 
  • Proper ventilation: While this may not be the sexiest area of roofing or your house in general, ventilation can mean the difference between a wet attic full of mold and a dry perfectly dry healthy attic. Even if you have a roof that doesn’t have a single leak in it, you can still end up with water damage from condensation if your roof isn’t properly vented. 
  • We replace all rotten and or broken roof decking: Look, unfortunately not every roofing contractor that you run into will have morals and a duty bound focus to quality. If your roof has had seeping water for a sustained period of time you’re going to have damaged roof decking. We ALWAYS replace damaged roof decking. Some contractors will try to get away with just leaving it or even putting some sheet metal over it hoping no one will notice but that’s simply just a bad way of doing it. We will always replace the damaged roof decking with a product that is comparable to what is already on your home to create a seamless patch. 
  • Every roof we replace gets new gutters: New gutters may not be the sexiest thing you can buy for your home, but they can mean the difference between a perfectly water tight home and one susceptible to ice damming. Our roofs include a product called ice and water shield which prevents ice build up from your gutters being able to work its way up under your shingles. The only way for this product to be 100% effective, however, is to make sure it gets tucked in behind the gutters so there will be no possible path for the ice to work its way under the shingles. The only way to get the ice and water shield behind the gutters is to take them off completely, which usually results in damage to the gutters, and reinstall them over the top of the ice and water shield. We have found that it is more cost-effective and results in much more satisfied customers to just put new ones back on.

Alright everyone let’s talk gutters. I know this is going to be everyone’s favorite topic and is extremely exciting! Probably not on second thought but let’s try to make it interesting anyway. Most people think that gutters are just on your house to collect leaves and keep rainwater from dripping straight off of the roof on your head when you try to walk into your home. I’m here to tell you that gutters serve a much more important purpose than just collecting leaves. Gutters are actually there to collect the rainwater runoff from your roof and direct it away from the foundation of your home. Now if you are like most normal human beings you’re probably thinking great, how does this pertain to me? Well poorly pitched gutters can actually cause water coming into your basement. I bet I have your attention now! Yes, you read that correctly, poorly pitched gutters and downspouts can be a major cause of the water in your basement. One tell tale sign of needing new gutters is if all of the extensions at the end of your downspouts are missing. These extensions that love to blow away in storms or get taken off to cut the grass and never seem to get replaced can be the difference between a dry basement or a wet one. In other words, even if you have the slightest question if your gutters need replacing give us a call, shoot us an email, or even a text message for a free roof and gutter inspection!

If you thought we were done with gutters you thought wrong! I’m here to tell you that there is another exciting facet to this beautiful topic known as gutters. Drum roll please…. Gutter covers!! Yes! It doesn’t get any better than talking about gutter covers. Listen if you’re sick and tired of getting out a ladder, scooping the nasty mess of leaves, kids toys and who knows what else out of your gutters a few times a year we’ve got you covered. Gutter covers can save you all of the headache of cleaning gutters. They are essentially a filter for your gutters, they allow the water to get in and everything else just gets rejected and tossed over the side. This may seem trivial but in Wisconsin dirty clogged gutters can actually lead to a leaky roof and here’s how. When gutters are full of junk they prohibit the flow of water to the downspout creating backups which for one is a large weight pulling down on the gutters which weren’t meant to support much more than a couple pounds. The real issue though is when the water starts to freeze in winter time. As you know, water expands as it freezes and it doesnt care whats in its way, it’ll go up down or around objects just as long as it finds a way to expand. The issue arises when it starts working its way up under your shingles. This is called ice damming. What happens is the ice pushes its way under the shingles and when it reaches the plywood that is underneath the shingles it starts to melt. This happens because generally speaking the attic of your home is going to be a few degrees above freezing. It doesn’t seem like a huge issue but when there is snow on the roof and/or poorly draining gutters you are going to need to keep a drywall repair guy on standby because it can be enough water to create major drywall repair. All of this can be avoided however by simply letting us put a new roof and gutters on your home! Call, Text or Email us today!