Inside and out from the bottom of the basement floor to the top of the roof and everything in between we are your one stop shop for home remodeling and repair. It’s no secret that remodeling contractors have a bad name (yes we are all aware of how you talk about us, your cousin Becky talks a little too loud and she got the word out). We often hear about how *insert your unreliable contractors name here* blew yet another deadline and now you’re house is torn apart for your son, Bobby’s 6th birthday party. Kids are eating drywall chunks tracking dirt all over the dang house, it’s just trajic. At Hickory Creek we are here not only to repair your house in a timely manner or your money back but it is also our duty to repair the idea you have of contractors. If we tell you something’s going to be done we put our money where our mouth is and each day were late of hitting a predetermined deadline we start handing you fresh minted cash money. If you think that’s great i’ve got bad news, we don’t plan to give back money we’d go out of business if we did that! Were going to hit the deadline we gave you in the first place! If you’re a little more hard to please and a simple money back guarantee isn’t going to be enough motivation for you to invite us out for a quote, well do you one better! We will also provide you with top notch quality work with friendly service. Wow! Hope you were sitting down while reading that of you might have fainted, it’s a lot to take in! Had I been there when you read it i would have done the honors of pinching you to prove you weren’t dreaming. That’s just one more way we go out of our way to provide you with top notch service! Another way we go out of our way to provide such service is taking the time to fully understand and deliver exactly what your vision is. We won’t rest until we know we’ve done everything we can to deliver the vision you see in your head of your perfect space! Even if your vision is thought to be impossible! We thrive on the concept of impossible, mainly because we love a good challenge and spoiler alert, nothings impossible. As long as physics isn’t or limiting factor we will find a way to make things possible.


If you look around your current home, be it your apartment, first home, mother’s basement, van down by the river, or where ever you currently reside and think to yourself, man this just really isnt working out, then we should talk! We can work with you and your significant other, even if that other is your cat, to design your dream space from the ground up. We will tap into our extensive collection of past jobs to create creative, functional, one of a kind spaces that have great flow! We can design you a one of a kind home reflecting your personal needs and styles with traditional home building practices, including a full basement all wood framing home. We are also very well equipped to build you one of those really cool pole barn houses that you keep seeing on facebook and instagram possibly even Pinterest! We’d love to explain how we can build a bigger house, with better furnishings, maintenance free exterior, all while doing it cheaper than traditional construction! If you’re thinking about building anyway you would be crazy not to take advantage of our free estimates to see just what kind of home you can get with pole barn construction! When it comes to designing new homes there’s nothing we can’t do, go ahead ask for something you think isn’t possible but be ready to be amazed when we come back to you with a plan to make it happen!

Custom Cabinetry and Furniture:

Custom cabinetry and furniture a subject we could talk for hours on and never get tired of it. We at hickory creek have a real passion for doing things with wood that create timeless high quality pieces of artwork, that can be used in your home. It’s like a win win, you get to look at the artwork and sit on it while drinking your morning coffee staring out the window at whatever it is you dream of looking at. What I’m saying is, the cabinetry and furniture we provide to our customers is something you’ll want to make as a centerpiece of your home. Something you’re proud of because you had a hand in the design but can also sleep peacefully at night knowing it was made by craftsman who put quality first! We work with you to design your one of a kind, table, chair, bookcase, bar, kitchen or anything made of wood for that matter! The crazier the better! We thrive on doing exactly what people have come to accept as impossible. Go ahead try us! Wed love the challenge of creating your wild idea!